5 Gambling Addiction Stats and Facts you Should Know

fbf - 5 Gambling Addiction Stats and Facts you Should Know

When talking about gambling, you can’t fail to talk about gambling addiction otherwise referred to as compulsive gambling which is a global problem faced by many gamblers. This is basically an insatiable desire to keep gambling in spite of negative effects that may result from the person’s gambling habit. Psychologists list gambling as a chronic mental condition that is in the same line as alcoholism and drug addiction.

Here are 5 gambling addiction stats and facts you should know.

#1 The prevalence of gambling addiction

In the United States of America, it’s estimated that gambling addiction is experienced by about one per cent of the population. This is equal to about two million Americans. In addition to this, it’s estimated that two to three per cent of Americans which is equivalent to four to six million Americans are at risk of turning their gambling into an addiction as their gambling habits have already started affecting their day to day life.

#2 The gambling addiction time frame

In most cases, psychologists believe that male gambling addicts will begin presenting signs of their addiction early in their teen years, whereas women will begin presenting signs much later, mostly between ages 20 to 40 year. It’s however noteworthy that compulsive gambling may affect someone at any age.

#3 The criteria for diagnosing gambling addiction

According to the manual of mental disorders that is referred to by mental health experts, there are at least 10 indicators used in the diagnosing of addicts in gambling. As a rule, when a patient presents at least five of these indicators then it’s a sign of gambling addiction.

#4 The complications associated with gambling addiction

When a person is addicted to gambling, it’s common for them to experience mental disorders not limited to depression and anxiety. As a matter of facts, they may end up experiencing much sever problems such as alcohol, drug and other substance abuse and in extreme cases even attempt suicide. This is usually because they are unable to bear the financial stress on themselves and their families.

#5 The treatment for gambling addiction

Professionals in mental health disorders will affirm that it’s a known fact that gambling addicts tend to live in denial and will resist treatment. In most cases, it’s only pressure from their friends and family that will make them admit to having a problem and accept treatment. All in all, it’s possible to treat it as long as the affected person receives adequate support and is determined to go through the treatment program.

We trust that this is helpful information that will make your gambling experience much more knowledgeable. Feel free to share with us your thoughts.

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