3 Important Gambling Rules You Should Never Forget

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There are many people who gamble for fun and a small number who do it as a profession. Statistics indicate that those who mostly win big are the latter. The reason professional gamblers register wins is because they approach the games from a point of knowledge and discipline. In fact, they sight discipline as the number one reason they win.

We therefore though it wise to share with our readers 3 important gambling rules straight from a professional on how they can improve their gambling experience as well as increase their odds of winning. Here we go!

DON’T stake money you can’t afford to lose

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Always keep in mind that gambling is never worth going into debt for. In fact, going into debt because of your gambling escapades removes the fun and thrill from your gambling experience. You will end up having to gamble out of desperation with the hope of making back your money and this will dig you deeper into debt and a life of depression. To avoid all this, only stake money that you’re sure you can afford to lose. You get to achieve this through only using a small portion of your disposable income to gamble. As a recommendation, you shouldn’t spend more than 15 per cent of your disposable income in gambling. In fact, if you want the best gambling experience, you can deliberately decide to save up for it, and make it an activity you only do a few times a year that’s if you’re not a professional gambler.

Learn to tell when you’re losing

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Generally, a good gambler can tell when he or she is losing if they understand the tale-tell signs. For instance, when you are in a table playing cards with five other players, regardless of the game or the rules, when one hour of play is gone or at least ten hands have been played, you should know that there can only be two winners and three losers. Therefore, if you are not aware who these winners are, then it’s obvious that you’re among the losers. This means it’s time for you to walk away. Don’t make any attempts to continue staying in the game as you are likely to lose more money. In some games, you will lose because the table has better players than you therefore you should learn to accept this.

Learn to quit while you’re ahead

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In the event you’re one of the winners, don’t get greedy, learn to quit while you are ahead. You’ll thank us later for this piece of advice. Many players get tempted to let it ride but unfortunately live to regret it because they never anticipate their luck changing in an instant and them losing all their gains. When you win, make it a habit to pocket your winnings and head straight home.

These are just the opinions of some professional gamblers and may be subject of debate depending on different schools of thought. We would therefore love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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