4 Tips on How to be Successful in Football Betting

jk - 4 Tips on How to be Successful in Football Betting

In our previous post, we looked at the 3 main mistakes that gamblers make in football betting. This time round we want to go one better and share with you tips on how to be successful in football betting. At the end of the day, it can be summarized into proper information and the right strategy.

Here are the 4 tips to get you on your way.

#1 You need to have the right information

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Thanks to the internet, you have no excuse for not having the right information to help you make an informed betting decision. There are so many sports websites where you can retrieve football news, statistics, results, and so much more. It’s therefore important for you to dedicate time to retrieving sufficient team information to enable you make informed bets.

#2 Pay attention to expert opinion

In our previous post, we discouraged you from over relying on pundits. This still remains true. It’s very okay to listen to expert opinion but don’t make it the basis of your betting decisions. Carryout your own fact checking to ensure their opinions are not misleading and only use them to strengthen your analysis.

#3 Be sure to check the team news

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As an important starting point in getting your facts right, identify one or two good sports websites that ensure you have access to inside information such as team news. The lineup that the team intends to start with, list of player injuries and suspensions will give you a pretty good idea of what the team’s strength will be in comparison to the opponent. This helps you in making a prediction on who is likely to emerge the winner in a match. It becomes fairly predictable because you get to understand how the absence or presence of a player or players can potentially affect the outcome of a match

#4 Avoid placing too many bets

Most of the time, the idea of a big win may distract us and tempt us into making too many bets during the match day. This is a mistake. The more the bets you make, regardless of the research, will reduce your odds of winning. It’s therefore important for you to learn to pick a few good games with good odds and focus on them. This level of discipline will make you thrive in football betting.

It’s important to note however that football is a very unpredictable sport. Many decisions are made on the pitch during match day such as referring decisions, player injuries, change in tactics and many more, that impact results and most of them are simply unpredictable. Therefore, it’s important to learn to expect the unexpected.

Feel free to share with us your experiences with football betting.

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Top 3 football betting mistakes

fhv - Top 3 football betting mistakes

Just like any other form of gambling, many players have been known to underestimate the difficulty level of football betting. Many see it as a quick and easy cash cow as it involves just guessing right. However, this is a wrong misconception and one of the factors that contribute to mistakes in football betting.

Here are the top 3 football betting mistakes.

#1 Letting your betting be influenced by your emotions

pexels photo 206557 - Top 3 football betting mistakes

The number one mistake in sports betting is allowing your emotions to dictate your decisions. In many cases, people will opt to wager when their favorite teams are playing or when it’s a football league that is very familiar to them. This usually presents a problem because your personal biases will influence how you wager. Personal bias will often lead you to ignore the statistics as well as common sense but instead lead you to make an emotional decision. It’s perfectly natural for you to wager on your team winning even when they are playing against a much stronger opponent. As a piece of advice, never stake your money on such games. Here, you are much better off just being a fan and not a gambler. Additionally, making emotional decision will push you to make rush and uncalculated decisions such as placing a wager on a game you have insufficient information on in an attempt to recover money you lost in a previous bet. Be sure to keep your emotions in check.

#2 Failure to take odds as probabilities

Many inexperienced gamblers in football betting seldom take the time to understand the odds. To them, these are simply numbers that have been placed next to the teams scheduled to play each other. This therefore means that they already have a predetermined idea of who they are placing their wager on without giving the odds much thought. This is a mistake. Odds are basically probabilities meant to guide you the possibility of a result going your way and how much money you stand to make. Therefore, it’s important to take it into consideration.

#3 Relying too much on pundits

pexels photo 209961 - Top 3 football betting mistakes

In sports, with football not being an exception, different people will have different opinions. Today especially, sports stations will highlight different opinions from different sports pundits and all will simply give their opinions based on their interpretation of the statistics, trends, and their own individual biases. It’s therefore important not to fall for this. Ensure to do your own research and make your own independent conclusions.

Avoid these three mistakes and you are well on your way to becoming a successful football bettor.

Feel free to share with us your experiences in sports betting.

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Gambling – The 5 Types of Sports Bettors

dg - Gambling - The 5 Types of Sports Bettors

Sports betting is becoming a global phenomenon and has presented a good opportunity for many gamblers to make money. The beauty about sports betting is that you don’t need to know how to play sports, you just need to understand the rules of the game, the teams involved, the statistics and the odds. The rest is pure luck.

Let’s take a look at the 5 types of sports bettors.

#1 The professional sports bettor

pexels photo 618613 - Gambling - The 5 Types of Sports Bettors

Sports betting, especially online is still fairly new therefore very few people can call themselves professional. However, general betting on sports has been around for a while. If you are smart, this is the category you should consider getting into. Here, as a gambler, it’s neither about having fun nor betting on your favorite teams. It’s simply about trying to predict the winner of a game through going through the stats and probabilities and counting on lady luck to be on your side.

#2 The casual sports bettor

This is the category of sports bettors for you is you don’t want to be stressed out following a loss. Here, this type of gambler will one in a while wager on games, especially if his/her team of choice is playing or when there is a big tournament that is of interest to them. In most cases, they tend to lose their bets because not much thought or strategy is put when betting.

#3 The regular sports bettor

The regular sports bettor is mostly the type of gambler who puts bookies in business. For this type of gambler, wagering becomes more or less a daily routine and they will often wager their money without much thought or strategy. For them, the thrill and admiration from their peers is what they are chasing.

#4 The obsessive sports bettor

Sports betting is just another form of gambling therefore it’s not uncommon to come across obsessive gamblers in this category. These are essentially gambling addicts who bet as an escape and keep wagering because they simply can’t stop. They will often not take into consideration the game stats and odds.

#5 The Semi-professional sports bettor

This category is fairly new and will come in between the professional bettor and the casual bettor. This type of gambler will be more strategic just like the professional by takin into account statistics and odds. The main difference is the amount of time they dedicate to this task.

The category you choose to place yourself will heavily be reliant on what your end goal is, your level of dedication and general interest. At the end of the day, in order to be able to beat the bookies, you have to invest in learning the stats, odds and developing a clear strategy.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us on this article.

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The 10 criteria for diagnosing gambling addiction

f gf - The 10 criteria for diagnosing gambling addiction

In our previous post, we highlighted some facts and statistics on gambling addiction. One of these facts was on the criteria for diagnosing gambling addiction. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV, there are at least 10 indicators used in the criteria for diagnosing addicts in gambling. As a rule, when a patient presents at least five or more of these indicators then it’s a sign of gambling addiction.

Here is the full list of the 10 indicators.

1 A preoccupation with gambling

When a person frequently finds themselves preoccupied with gambling to a point that this preoccupation disrupts them from doing important things like school or work then there is a potential addiction that’s developing.

2 The inability to stop gambling

people 1492052 960 720 h cg - The 10 criteria for diagnosing gambling addiction

When a person simply can’t stop gambling despite some of the best efforts, then there is a potential addiction that’s developing.

3 Irritability when trying to cut back on gambling

In a person’s efforts to cut down on gambling, when you realize that some form of irritability is forming as a direct result of a reduction in their gambling activities then it may be an indication that they are or have developed a gambling addiction.

4 The need to wager larger sums

When you notice that a person is beginning to raise the stakes more and more by increasing the amount of money they wager over time, then this may indicate the onset of a gambling addiction.

5 Engaging in gambling to relieve stress

As is with most addicts, their drug of choice is usually used as a means for an escape from the stressors of life. Therefore, when you notice a person using their gambling as an escape from their problems, then this may indicate that they have developed an addiction.

6 Gambling more in an attempt to recover losses

One of the major red lights to indicate a possible addiction is when a person keeps wagering more money in an attempt to recoup their losses. This often results in the falling deeper and deeper into debt but they still don’t admit to having a problem.

7 Lying to people close to you about the severity of your gambling problem

pexels photo 846747 - The 10 criteria for diagnosing gambling addiction

An addict will seldom admit to having a problem therefore the moment a person opts to lie to those close to them about the severity of their problems be they financial or relationship as a direct result of their gambling, then they could be addicts.

8 Borrowing money to settle gambling debts

When you notice that a person has begun a habit of borrowing money frequently for the purpose of settling gambling debts, then it may be a tell-tale sign that you are dealing with an addict.

9 Putting your personal or professional relationships at risk for the sake of gambling

For an addict, getting the high takes precedence over everything else including their jobs or their family. This is the same for gambling addicts as they are always likely to put their relationships on the line just to get their gambling fix.

10 Committing crimes to enable gambling

As is the case with any other addiction, a gambling addict may resort to breaking the law for instance stealing money or any other valuables to get money to gamble with.

Checking 5 or more of these is a clear sign that you are dealing with a gambling addict.

Do share with us your experiences with regards to gambling addiction.

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5 Gambling Addiction Stats and Facts you Should Know

fbf - 5 Gambling Addiction Stats and Facts you Should Know

When talking about gambling, you can’t fail to talk about gambling addiction otherwise referred to as compulsive gambling which is a global problem faced by many gamblers. This is basically an insatiable desire to keep gambling in spite of negative effects that may result from the person’s gambling habit. Psychologists list gambling as a chronic mental condition that is in the same line as alcoholism and drug addiction.

Here are 5 gambling addiction stats and facts you should know.

#1 The prevalence of gambling addiction

In the United States of America, it’s estimated that gambling addiction is experienced by about one per cent of the population. This is equal to about two million Americans. In addition to this, it’s estimated that two to three per cent of Americans which is equivalent to four to six million Americans are at risk of turning their gambling into an addiction as their gambling habits have already started affecting their day to day life.

#2 The gambling addiction time frame

In most cases, psychologists believe that male gambling addicts will begin presenting signs of their addiction early in their teen years, whereas women will begin presenting signs much later, mostly between ages 20 to 40 year. It’s however noteworthy that compulsive gambling may affect someone at any age.

#3 The criteria for diagnosing gambling addiction

According to the manual of mental disorders that is referred to by mental health experts, there are at least 10 indicators used in the diagnosing of addicts in gambling. As a rule, when a patient presents at least five of these indicators then it’s a sign of gambling addiction.

#4 The complications associated with gambling addiction

When a person is addicted to gambling, it’s common for them to experience mental disorders not limited to depression and anxiety. As a matter of facts, they may end up experiencing much sever problems such as alcohol, drug and other substance abuse and in extreme cases even attempt suicide. This is usually because they are unable to bear the financial stress on themselves and their families.

#5 The treatment for gambling addiction

Professionals in mental health disorders will affirm that it’s a known fact that gambling addicts tend to live in denial and will resist treatment. In most cases, it’s only pressure from their friends and family that will make them admit to having a problem and accept treatment. All in all, it’s possible to treat it as long as the affected person receives adequate support and is determined to go through the treatment program.

We trust that this is helpful information that will make your gambling experience much more knowledgeable. Feel free to share with us your thoughts.

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These are the 4 Benefits of Professional Gambling

v - These are the 4 Benefits of Professional Gambling

Gambling is a thrilling activity that many people do for fun. However, there is a small number of people who take it more seriously and do it as a profession. This is why they are known as professional gamblers.

Professional gamblers will either gamble with their own money and pocket the entire win or will gamble with someone else’s money and get a percentage of the win. It’s mostly down to their preference as well as reputation in the gambling circles. At the end of the day, to them it’s about making money therefore they go for the option that will get them the best returns.

Let’s take a look at the 4 benefits of professional gambling.

You get to make money and have fun at the same time

safe 3125637 960 720 - These are the 4 Benefits of Professional Gambling

There is no better combination like fun and money. Many people desire to have professions that enable them make money while at the same time having fun. This is what professional gamblers get while on the casino floor. They not only enjoy making money while playing their favorite games but also get invites to play at exclusive venues only frequented by high rollers. Many people would kill to have such access. However, the downside to this is that you spend many days away from your family and may get depressed when you have a couple of losses under your belt.

You’ll seldom gamble with your own money

Most good professional gamblers always gamble on behalf of other people who are mostly high rollers with lots of money but with little knowledge about gambling. They therefore get a professional to do it for them at a commission. This means that for many professionals, their actual money is never at risk as they are gambling with someone else’s money.

You get to learn to control the game

roulette 1253622 960 720 - These are the 4 Benefits of Professional Gambling

The more frequently you gamble, the more your knowledge of the games increases and the more you learn how to control them. From experience, you will learn that gambling is not just about luck, the skill of the player also counts in most of the games. As a professional, once you learn to overcome the rush of playing, you will learn to approach the game with a more sober mind and good strategy which ultimately give you an element of control over the game. This is what separates a professional from an amateur.

You learn to tip the odds in your favor

Professional gamblers will tell you that they don’t always win but at least they can tip the odds in their favor by at least 50 per cent. This is significant because they end up having a one in two chance of winning in a number of games that they play which is a really good probability. In such instances, it’s your luck that will ultimately decide whether you win or lose and on a good day, lady luck will be on your side. On other days however, luck just never favors you.

We trust that this is some helpful information that will help enhance your gambling experience.  Feel free to share with us your thoughts.

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3 Important Gambling Rules You Should Never Forget

pexels photo 347135 2 - 3 Important Gambling Rules You Should Never Forget

There are many people who gamble for fun and a small number who do it as a profession. Statistics indicate that those who mostly win big are the latter. The reason professional gamblers register wins is because they approach the games from a point of knowledge and discipline. In fact, they sight discipline as the number one reason they win.

We therefore though it wise to share with our readers 3 important gambling rules straight from a professional on how they can improve their gambling experience as well as increase their odds of winning. Here we go!

DON’T stake money you can’t afford to lose

pexels photo 545065 1 - 3 Important Gambling Rules You Should Never Forget

Always keep in mind that gambling is never worth going into debt for. In fact, going into debt because of your gambling escapades removes the fun and thrill from your gambling experience. You will end up having to gamble out of desperation with the hope of making back your money and this will dig you deeper into debt and a life of depression. To avoid all this, only stake money that you’re sure you can afford to lose. You get to achieve this through only using a small portion of your disposable income to gamble. As a recommendation, you shouldn’t spend more than 15 per cent of your disposable income in gambling. In fact, if you want the best gambling experience, you can deliberately decide to save up for it, and make it an activity you only do a few times a year that’s if you’re not a professional gambler.

Learn to tell when you’re losing

casino 1107736 960 720 - 3 Important Gambling Rules You Should Never Forget

Generally, a good gambler can tell when he or she is losing if they understand the tale-tell signs. For instance, when you are in a table playing cards with five other players, regardless of the game or the rules, when one hour of play is gone or at least ten hands have been played, you should know that there can only be two winners and three losers. Therefore, if you are not aware who these winners are, then it’s obvious that you’re among the losers. This means it’s time for you to walk away. Don’t make any attempts to continue staying in the game as you are likely to lose more money. In some games, you will lose because the table has better players than you therefore you should learn to accept this.

Learn to quit while you’re ahead

game bank 1003137 960 720 - 3 Important Gambling Rules You Should Never Forget

In the event you’re one of the winners, don’t get greedy, learn to quit while you are ahead. You’ll thank us later for this piece of advice. Many players get tempted to let it ride but unfortunately live to regret it because they never anticipate their luck changing in an instant and them losing all their gains. When you win, make it a habit to pocket your winnings and head straight home.

These are just the opinions of some professional gamblers and may be subject of debate depending on different schools of thought. We would therefore love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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The 2 Main motivations Behind Gambling

pexels photo 347135 1 - The 2 Main motivations Behind Gambling

Gambling is a global phenomenon that has remained a puzzle in behavioral science. In as much as many gamblers know that the odds are never in their favor, it doesn’t stop people from showing up in a casino, staking their money, losing, yet still coming back the next day or weekend to try their luck once more. Puzzling! Isn’t it?

As we seek to look into the statistics in gambling, LISTCRUX has also delved a bit into the motivations behind gambling as this is part of what informs the statistics. Here are the 2 main motivations we found out.

People have a desire to make money using the least effort

pexels photo 545065 - The 2 Main motivations Behind Gambling

The number one reason a gambler goes to a casino is to make money. The fact that you can stake some money, play for a few hours and possibly double, triple or even quadruple your money sounds like a good proposition. In as much as it never plays out this way for most gamblers, the feeling that they will pull it off next time keeps them going back for more. It’s for this reason that casinos and other gambling establishments will run lots of ads dangling jackpot opportunities with the intention of roping in more players into their casinos.

The adrenaline rush gained from gambling

Gambling is often a high stakes game. The fact that a player is always a few moves away from potentially making money that will transform their lives results in an unexplained adrenaline rush that never goes away despite a player not achieving the big win they had anticipated. It’s the search for this rush that keeps players going back for more and even turning their gambling into an addiction.

Ultimately the fact that gamblers feel that ever player in the casino has an equal opportunity of winning makes it much more attractive. It brings about a level of uncertainty and unpredictability that makes gambling thrilling and very difficult to stop once you start.

Feel free to share with us your gambling experiences especially your motivations to gamble.

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Gambling – 3 Reasons Why You Rarely Win

pexels photo 347135 - Gambling - 3 Reasons Why You Rarely Win

Every gambler wants to win. This is the bottom line when it comes to gambling. Whether you’re doing it online or at a brick and motor casino, your main motivation is to make money. However, many gamblers rarely win, this is the reason why there are many casinos still in business today.
As a gambler, before you learn how to win, you need to learn what affects your chances of winning. Here are the 3 main reasons why you rarely win.


The casino has to maintain its profit margin

pexels photo 169647 300x167 - Gambling - 3 Reasons Why You Rarely Win

The gambling industry is big business world over. This industry is believed to rake in at least $100 billion annually. Keep in mind that these are only figures reported by registered casinos. What about the unreported revenue? All this money is made from what gamblers lose when they stake their money hoping to win big. The honest business truth is that if gamblers registered more wins, then casinos would run out of business. It’s this huge revenue potential with great profit margins that inspires investment in the industry.


cards 1437776 1280 300x200 - Gambling - 3 Reasons Why You Rarely Win

The odds never favor you the gambler

We all did math in school and we are familiar with the concept of probability. When in a casino, every game you play has odds that never favor the player. The probability of you winning is always very low and this is not a secret. In fact, this chase for the big win which is always out of reach is what draws gamblers into the casino with the hope that they will be the exception to the rule.


The house advantage

home 3150484 960 720 300x167 - Gambling - 3 Reasons Why You Rarely Win

This is related to odds. As a rule, the house will always have the advantage over the player in any gambling game. This means that you are more likely to lose your money in a casino than make it because casinos invest plenty of money in putting up measures to ensure they don’t lose and if they do, it’s an acceptable loss. This means that the number of people who actually win big, pale in comparison to those who lose.
Keep in mind that these factors don’t mean you can’t win, they just mean it’s much harder for you to win however with good practice and a good strategy, you can tip the scales in your favor.
Feel free to share with us your gambling experiences and how you have overcome the house advantage.

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