Top 10 Easy and Painless Ways To Die

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When people face some kind of problems like they don’t achieve something or they are cheated in love or sometimes they have a disease which is killing them slowly they try to kill themselves. Though through this article we are not advising any one to kill them but if you have made up your mind that you want to die then this is just a help to tell you easier and painless ways in which you can end your life. This article not only is telling the way to commit suicide but is telling you the way in which people die painless death. So here are the easy ways that are not painful to die.

10. Fire suffocation


This is though not the easiest and simplest way to die an easy death but it can be rather better than the other ways of dying like cutting your arm or stabbing yourself. Though killing yourself by burning under fire may hurt you a lot and it is not necessary that you will die but if you get suffocated in the fire smoke you can die easily. If you are near the smoke you will die faster as compared to if you are standing away from it. Smoke of the fire contains carbon monoxide which is lethal for you. Carbon oxide has the property of chocking away the air passage which will leave you helpless to breathe. When too much of carbon mono oxide enter your system it combines with the red pigment in blood called hemoglobin to form carboxy- hemoglobin. Hemoglobin which is responsible for carrying oxygen becomes incapable of carrying oxygen. There may be another reason why people may die in a fire is that if they are locked in a room having fire they will die due to less availability of oxygen as fire takes up oxygen creating a vaccum in the place and hence a person can die when he is unable to breathe. Thus the person die. Isn’t it an easy way to die?


9. Jumping from the tallest building

This is not a guaranteed method to die if you will choose a building with less height then it is possible that you will not die. If the building is of sufficient height then this is also a very easy and quick way to die. Drive to the tallest building and reach to its terrace. Feel like a superman and jump from the building. A smash on the floor and the game will end. This won’t hurt you a lot because as soon as you will hit the ground after you have had a nice flight in the air you will feel nothing. The timing you will take to die depends on the height of the building and the kind of soil you have beneath you. I would say if you jump from Empire State building there are fair chances of you being dead.


8. Shoot yourself in head

If you are tired of your life and want to end it as soon as possible try shooting yourself with a gun in your head. Though this method id a little difficult because then you will need to buy a gun from the market which is not available easily. But if you have a gun then this is the best way to kill yourself. Though you can shoot yourself on any part of the body but if you want a guaranteed and a painless death then aim for your head. Heart can be another option but why to take chance when you know that head is the more preferred option for you. Studies says that when you shot yourself in the head you do not feel the pain as brain processes the information a little slower then the speed of electricity and by the time it has processed the information you are already dead.

7. Carbon monoxide inhalation

Like already mentioned above in point number 10 that carbon mono-oxide is a very harmful gas. The gas has no color or odor so it becomes difficult for a person to detect the gas and at many times they inhale it unknowingly. The initial symptoms you can see are vomiting, vertigo and loss of consciousnesses  This gas is harmful as it is very poisonous and if inhale it in large amount it won’t let you breath. Eventually the suffocation will lead to your death. So if you know that carbon mono- oxide can cause your death then why wait for a fire to light up somewhere take a matchstick some charcoal, close all the windows and light up the charcoal. Soon carbon mono- oxide will be produced due to incomplete combustion of charcoal and you will die. The death is the result of formation of carboxy- hemoglobin the blood which cuts of oxygen supply to main parts of the body like heart and brain leading to death.You need to do a little work for this but this is the last time you need to work.

6. Drowning

Drowning can be a way of committing suicide and sometimes people drown in rivers even if they do not want to. There are many cases in which a person does not know how to swim and they drown in water bodies and die. When a person drowns in a water body his lungs get filled with water and he can’t breathe anymore which results in his death. person who gets drowned in water have respiratory impairment which results in death. Drowning in many of the countries in the world has become the top reason for people who die in the age below 12 years.

5. Hang to deat

This method is a little painful. You have to strangulate yourself t death. This is another very common method you must have read in newspaper through which many people have committed suicide. when a person is hanged the major reason for his death is daamge of upper cervical spine which eventually causes death. Even the law prefers to kill people by hanging them until they die. When you are strangulated you already become unconscious in some 10 seconds and in a minute or so you will be dead. When a person is strangulated his air passage is blocked and hence he dies due to choking. Due to choking his air passage less oxygen reaches to the vital organs which causes sudden death. This is easy in the sense you don’t have to buy many things from the market. Just find a rope or use a bed sheet and hang yourself from the roof of your room.


4. Use Anaesthesia

The meaning of the word Anaesthesia is no sensation. Anaesthisia has certain side effects which can be severe if a person has heart disorders or some major issues. When taken in improper dosage anaesthisia is fatal for your life.You must have seen in hospitals that when a doctor performs some operation on his patient, he first gives him anaesthesia so that he does not feel the pain. So if you do not like any other option on the list and you want to stab yourself or hurt yourself to death and you don’t want to feel the pain too then first give anaesthesia to yourself and then do whatever you want to do. Taking anaesthesia in a large amount can also kill a person. So this can also be a good option.

3. Lethal injection

Lethal injections are given in case where a person is willing to die by himself and if the government approves it then the doctor gives three doses of this injection which kill the person without causing him any kind of pain or suffering. This is a way if a person wants to die immediately. This killing people through use of lethal injections are approved in many countries in the world but still there are many countries that are against this method. It was first introduced on 17 January in the year 1888


2. Sleeping pills

This is the most preferred way to die or rather kill someone. You must have seen in television the most common way people try to kill themselves is by consuming sleeping pills. If these sleeping pills are taken more than a mentioned amount it has the capability to kill a person. Not only consuming pills can help you die easily but if you take poison that has power to kill you in a minute will help you if you want to die. Potassium cyanide is the best poison if you want to kill yourself in a minute. It won’t even take you full 60 seconds to die if you consume this chemical. Sleeping pills have the side effect of getting addicted to it.

1. Dying in sleep

This is not a way of killing yourself but this is the most painless way in which people die. Some people die when they are sleeping and hence they do not feel any kind of pain. It is called as Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome or in short SUNDS. SUNDS is the sudden death when they are asleep. This was first seen in the year 1977. If defibrillators are used then the risk of this disease decreases.  This method is really the best method on the list.


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  • bitter stone

    Thanks for your ways chhanda. I’ve tried one time for suicide by sleeping pills.But I still alive.Firstly, my heartbeat rate became faster and my mouth was yeasty.I still can’t breath in. I so freeze. And I remembered nothing at all. I was shocking in hospital. The doctors’ve tried to absorb all of drugs from my mouth with a tube. Now, I hate everything and fuckin hate these doctors. I admit that I’m afraid.
    How can I do the lethal injection? Can I ask any hospital?

    • shanthi

      u have lot options to live but only one option to die..
      don’t choose yourself to die because ur not the person who gave birth to yourself .. ur mother struggled a lot to gave birth to u, not thinking u will become a great person but at least to help one person before the god take u ..
      “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

      • pinklady

        Remember that you make your own choices in life. You can choose to die or you can choose to do something with your life. I’ve had thoughts but it hurts me more the pain I would leave behind. Their lives would never be the same again. Do we have thoughts of ending our life because we feel that no one understands? I believe that if we really do something, a treck or visiting all those places we don’t even know are right in front of us we will become active and naturally we will find something on the way. I walk my puppy and I take him to a place where I can see the beautiful green views of nature, the feel of the wind blowing on my face and it’s a wake up of just how amazing the world can be. It’s ok to be and feel alone. Enjoy the world and and it’s natural habitat and just maybe you won’t feel so lonely again. I feel so sad for everyone who is thinking of ending their life, I truly do. So please at least try this. I wish everyone all the happiness they can possibly achieve in the future :0)

        • Jim Morrison

          Most of us not only tried, but gave everything they have to get at least a moment of peace and love… but that never happened…..

      • L.pestaina

        mothers i will be her 3rd loss but the least to matter wont even affect her, tut they are not all they make out. i tried for last 5 years and most of my growing up years to turn around and find that success but it doesn’t happen, i cant do it alone and thats not going to change so thats my answer

  • thebigbeast

    You are stupid!!!!!! Y’all will be lucky if I don’t turn ALL of this in to the police!! God made you for a reason go to a church and ask them to tell you about God!

    • bitter stone

      But how can I do lethal injection?

      • thebigbeast

        YOU DON’T!! Try to remove yourself from what ever is hurting you. Do something like take a vacation or get a message or read a book (reading a book should calm your mind) or go to your doctor and tell them that you are feeling very depressed and/or suicidal. Don’t end your life of something that CAN be fixed. DEPRESSION IS TREATABLE!!!! Your life is special and you are loved dearly. For more help you and anybody else can email me at and I would be glad to help!!!!

        • Blessedbe

          Try to remove myself from what is hurting you… The entire world is, my brother. In order to remove myself from it I would need to either build a spaceship or blow out my brains. I don’t have the money to build a spaceship…

        • Yosmar Nascimento de Sá

          man why are church people always so half minded and such blind fools? dude shut the fuck up your god is dead long ago look around the so called afterlife is the only thing that cpuld give us the answers wether it was all bullshit wether it was not , I heart inbeded in Pain and hate has no hope left a person with a heart like that as seen the world the same way you do now and had as much or even more hope then you had before but they went troigh so much and seen so much and found out way to much in such small time , also lost so much and cryed to much , basically they are already just walking corpses waiting for they’re final death , this world is not the same anymore God failed wether he is real or not , its only logic to try the last resource of information and find out why we even existed why they really suffered so much what was the true point of all of it if a person as to suffer so much because they didnt believe in god they he is not a father just another vicious king or president a true so stop your monsence and wake the fuck up the experience we had is over yours your mot teaching or telling anything new to us , but your the one learning but even so reading what we say wont be enough for you to understand you have to go throufh the exact same only then you will finaly realise and understand so in other words you never will be able to understand your already to blind by the bible

        • L.pestaina

          yes if you can concentrate on books etc good but not so easy when you are depressed, even so that only taes away 5mins of your life then what. my doctor told me to read the newspaper when thinking too much, yeah right that will save me pfft. seriously??? if after 33 years it isnt fixed then i doubt it will be. life special?? speak for yourself and no one loves me apart from pets so???? sometimes you need to see it from a different perspective ,if only it was so easy

        • stavik96

          Don’t you think people try that. I am depressed, I go to school and forget what makes me feel that way, after school I take the bus home, while i’m at the bus I think about all the things that makes me sad, I get home and play video games which takes my mind off the depressing stuff once again, when I am done playing I start thinking about it again. I go to bed and lay there for 30 min, 1 hour, maybe up to 2 hours, thinking about how I have wasted my life, no goals, no future, how I get to live yet my brother, whom would most likely have lived life in a better way, is buried 6 feet below, I think about how one day I will have to face the death of both my grandmothers and parents. After crying myself to sleep I sleep a peaceful night and I wake up in the morning, within 5 minutes I will start thinking about all those things yet again. The past 2 months have been especially terrible due to the fact that I found out the only girl I love, is in love with my friend, I also managed to ruin my friendship with her and she now hates me with all her heart. I try to forget her, if I manage to do it someone will remind me of her. Day after day after day…

      • thebigbeast

        Where does it say that in the Bible????

        • Blessedbe

          In the bible, it says that God loves us with an everlasting love. Nothing can separate it. If you aren’t strong enough to love in this world, he will still love you if you chose to leave it and be with him.

          • Cheshire

            I wish that too. To escape this depressing world in a spaceship.

          • Blessedbe

            Everyone is given certain strengths. When you feel as if your strength doesn’t exist, you feel like giving up. Understand that giving up is a lack of hope, and that is perfectly normal. Every human that has lived on this Earth has experienced the pain of a lack of hope. You feel scared for the future and you see the world as a dark place. The world seems like an unconquerable challenge. 7 billion people and so much pain and suffering among all of them. This exact thought has led many to depression. But know that you have a God on your side that can change the world in the blink of an eye. And if you put your hope and trust in him, NOTHING in this place is impossible. Do all you can, and let God do the rest. Because this life is temporary and as soon as you leave this place of suffering, everlasting life awaits.

          • Osvaldo Perez

            So here’s the deal, I don’t feel God’s love. And if there’s a God he’s been mocking me my whole life. Stop talking about something that’s not real for the rest. LOVE hahahaha…yeah sure….

          • Blessedbe

            Do you want to feel God’s love?

          • hank

            Come on people, you all know the bible is nothing but a fictional piece of work. There is no diffrence between the harry potter series and the bible. They are both entertainment and fiction. It just so happens that closed minded and veurnable people are brain washed by religion. Aka cothlisism, child molester preists.

        • Jim Morrison

          Please stop commenting here because you will never understand us.

          • Blessedbe

            I’ll never understand you? Bro, you misunderstand who I am. I’m a 17 year old that has been depressed for the majority of my life and found a way out. I’m not trying to shove my religion down your throat, I’m trying to help you because I don’t want you to suffer. I know what it’s like. You view me as a blinded person who doesn’t understand your pain, but Bro, I’ve been there so many times.

          • stavik96

            Sorry, but I simply cannot belive in something that can’t even be proven, the whole concept of “God” is ludacris to me. I am sorry if this offended you, but this is how I feel. I am happy that you managed to find happiness though.

        • Death becomes us

          Fucking bible n bullshit pray go on holiday it all sounds shit I just want 2 fucking die a painless death rite now no holiday or fuckin money will help my feeling n reading a book I’ve never heard so much shit

          • Blessedbe

            If you’ve never read it, how do you know it won’t help?

          • L.pestaina

            what i said

    • Dr Kran

      You’re only saying that because you know that sleeping pills aren’t illegal…
      You can report all of your problems to the police, but you don’t know that those so called police are actually people too. When it comes to saving a life they’re always too late.
      You don’t know what these people are going through, yet cruel people force them to live their tragic lives.
      Some of these people suffer rape, lost a love one or friend, unable to work…
      Yet you’re quick to threaten those that can’t cope with their horrible reality?
      Your so called god let people suffer like this every day, and gave murderers and rapist free will.

      Suicide or violence?

      • hank

        First of all thebigbeast, stop being a dick. People like myself struggle every waking hour. Why do you even bother to post anything here? Doesn’t your church and imiganiary god teach you to love thy neighbor? And show good will? And god made you? You actually believe that shit? Last time I checked its takes a man and woman ie egg and sperm to create a human. Jebus and god are fairy tales like santa, the easter bunny, and tooth fairy. Grow up douche bag. And I suppose you tink god made the world in 6 days to? Science tells us that the world is billions of years old… not 6000 as your fiction novel suggests.

    • PickleDragon

      I love your stupidity.

  • babynaaz

    It’s easy to say go to church go to temple etc… but the one who suffers suffer . .. I want to die and want to die soon. I think sleeping pill is the best.. but which one is powerful I need to know

    • Srdar

      No church but just talk to me pretty girl.

    • veeravalli mythily

      hello i want to die..plz help me any one hw to die are anyone there to die i wiil also die with u guys

  • Name

    Sometimes I wish no one knew me & that I didn’t have relationships so that if I died no one would care. Then I realize that even though people know me and interact, they still wouldn’t care.

    • Shauni Biagini

      Exactly. I totally agree with you 100%.

      • hank

        They would totally care, people love you, your friends, family, parents animals if you have any. When one takes their life its the loved ones we leave behind that suffer terribly, if it wasnt for my mother and my very loyal dog , I would take my life. When they are gone… then I will act. But not before, I wouldnt want to put them through that. I have struggled with PTSD for a few years and its awful. But not as awful as what the people who care aboutyou will have to endure

    • stavik96

      I am in the same situation, this past week all I could think of was if my parents, sister and grandmother all died in a car accident, I would then have no one else with me, and thus I could end it all without worrying about anyone suffering for my suicide. I think I might go for the “bleeding to death” method though since I am a bleeder.

  • PickleDragon

    God loves us? Well…

  • girl

    My auntie tried killing herself but failed so now she is in a wheelchair for the rest of her life :[

  • rose

    yes i could go there…..

  • To Be Honest

    kinda sucks that i can’t leave this hell trap….if i knew what was on the other side i would’ve been ended this shit…i just want to be free thats all..

  • Cheshire

    I’ll try the sleeping pill option. I have no ties to this world; I’m not a good person and plenty of people who have done good have left the earth far sooner than I. It’s not fair that I live when my very existence is the cause of my misery.

  • ~Depressed currently~

    thank you the building idea sounds better and actually kindve a fun way to die (i mean that in the most sane way possible). school is harder, my parents are disapointed in my because my grades have dropped and they praise my sister who has a cool job as a manager and went to college and stuff. i know that if u suicide that is a sin and u will go to hell and hell never ends……..i want to go to heavan. i know i will like it more than earth but im scared i wont get into heavan and that is the one of the few reasons why im not going to kill myself.

    • Srinu Sri

      i want to die easily

  • ~Depressed currently~

    i love how people tell depressed people(not me no1 knows im depressed im known as that one girl thats always happy-im good at acting) to JUST STOP being depressed. to just be happy. to tell anorexic people to just eat. to tell people with bulumia to just stop throwing up. to tell people who cut to just put down the blade. to just stop. i hope some1 understands that its not that easy! saying that is like telling a fish to just learn how to climb a tree! stupid, pathetic, and alot harder than it may seem!

  • bi-polar

    I like how people are saying…take a vacation or go to a doctor but when you are unemployed that is not an immediate option. Also, if you are replying to a depressed, bi-polar, etc person, you have to consider that their brain is not functioning like a normal brain was designed to function. Cut them some slack with the “stone casting”!!!

  • AnonPhilosopher

    This comment is intended to those who are suffering and would like some help…
    I am a guy who has suffered a lot. Most of my family that was good with me has died. I’ve lost most of my friends. And I looked this Easy and Painless ways to die because I just thought that dying is the best way to end my suffer.
    But I’m not right.
    I know there is a lot of people who suffer, and I also know that most of us would feel alone and just want to end this life. Let me tell you something. Seeing these 22 comments have made me realize I am not alone. Maybe we live apart. Some may live in different continents. But we are NOT alone.
    I think I know a way to feel better. Travel. Maybe you don’t have the money, however you have all your country available. Get away of your problems. Escape from everything. Only then can you find yourself. And that is how you will find happiness.
    I don’t believe in God. I actually admire the ones that do, because they have something to believe in. But I do believe that there’s always a rainbow after a storm. Don’t kill yourself. Take this advice from someone who JUST realized it is not the way.
    Don’t think about anyone. They don’t matter. Think about yourself, travel and make friends. Have a new family if necessary. But trust me, you are not alone. Somewhere out there is suffering, just like you are, don’t let him/her suffer alone.
    One last thing. – times – equals +. That means that if you find someone that suffers, you can help each other out and be the most happy people ever. You are here to make a difference in someone’s life, and you are here to love and be loved by someone. Don’t let that someone love the wrong person.

  • kazzzy

    I dont find anything easy herer?

  • Emo girl

    I wanna die not by suffering but I been cutting my self hoping one day I cut to deep but I wanna know how to die fast I need to know

    • stavik96

      I’ve been thinking about that but then I just think about how painful and slow it must be.

  • camyak1

    I just want to die, have no meaning of life and seriously don’t want to live anymore. I have no one or support, I self harm but the time has come that I want to end my life

    • L.pestaina

      I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL, there too, thoughts with you

  • margaret.young

    if anyone knows HOW TO GET PENTOBARBITAL please let me know.

  • Fancy Dent

    My life sucks and the worse part is im only 13, my friends backstabbed me, I got mixed up in the wrong stuff with wrong people, failing school when I use to be the best in school, my dad hates me, my moms a druggy, I was child molested at 6.. and my bestfriend is dating my ex… and I still love him.. I have depression I got tested at the doctors, I don’t take my pills because I don’t want to be fixed, I now why im depressed and pills aren’t going to help my problem are always going to be here. So my only option is to say goodbye.. I choose dying in my sleep with sleeping pills, easy to go and my dad will never know till morning.

    • RedHacker

      Don’t do it! Things will get better it’s not the end of the world for you it’s only the beginning.

    • Jim Morrison

      Wow… look at you’re profile pic.. wtf?? you should kill yourself… I will too…

    • Jim Morrison

      oh and being depressed because of unhappy “love life” is just stupid….

      • stavik96

        Why exactly is that stupid?

    • stranded

      Sounds like the best part is ur only 13. You have so much more to experience. U think ur life suck now ? Ur just starting your life. Believe me when I say it will get better. Your failing school? School grades don’t matter until your in high school. Ur mom’s a druggy? Tell her to go fuck herself. Ur dad hates u? Doubt it. Ur friends back stabbed u? Been there, Ull get new ones. Mixed in with bad group of ppl? Get the fuck out, tell them to fuck off. Best friend is dating ur ex? Get the fuck over it, ur 13. U didn’t love him any more than Juliet did romeo. When ur 45 and single then worry about it. I can’t say much for the whole “molested at 6″. I’m 19 years old. Live in bumfuck iowa. Work at a dead end job. Barely made it through highschool. Been suffering from depression since I was 15. I’ve thought about ending myself everyday since labor day weekend 2010. My best friend (whom I was in love with) ended up fucking and dating one of my other friends that I at the time and still today consider my brother. It has eaten at me everyday. I can’t get her out of my fucking mind. And now, the guy is my roommate and is still dating her. I could hear them fucking Sunday night. It ate at me at first. But as usual I just brush it off. Carry on with my merry fucking way. Just as you should. Say fuck it with them. But ending yourself now would be like u leaving the party before 8 (if uve ever partied). God I hope uve never partied. I didn’t get into drinking and smoking pot til I was 15(still before all that stuff happened). Although I did start smoking cigarettes when I was 12 (not the best decision I’ve made). Anyway, I hope u read this and change your mind. Or at least delay your intentions. I’ve told myself a phrase since I was 13. “It could always be worse”

    • Dharam

      I’m late, but I strongly hope that you are alive!

  • LastStraw

    My single parent (the only person who cared about me) just told me that I should of been aborted. I’m 16, no friends, handicap.

    • Jim Morrison

      If my parents said that I would have agreed with them…

    • L.pestaina

      i understand how you feel. you still have time to meet someone who will make you matter

  • yes


  • sai vishnu

    i wish i am dead

  • Samrat Singh Rajput

    I will try sleeping pill twice but it doesn’t effect on me… now what gonna I do… plzz tell me.. I want to die in easy painless way…

  • wesley b

    Im only sixteen years old and all ive been abled to think about since i was 9 was ending my suffering. Im always sick and uncapable of eating or drinking(sometimes for 2 or 3 days). The only reason im not gone is because i cant do something like that to my mom. But i think its time…….. soon

    • Insaf Jaleel

      I have no right to tell you not to end your life but consider that maybe I am wrong but I think you just are in a bad spot. No one knows you as well as you know yourself. Watch this video and see if you and i may feel a bit better

  • Dharam

    I will, probably shortly join this list. Life is fuking tough to live :( :( :(

  • jake

    i am a father of four and have tried to end my life many times but at the last minute i cant go through with it because of them.they have their mother so i dont matter. i have put myself in situations over the last 15 years where i have been run over/stabbed or badly beatenm these ays do not work as im still standing im in desperate need of a way in which i can end it and my brain wont interfere……………………………..

    • L.pestaina

      ITS SO DIFFICULT ISNT IT. I HAD 2 KIDS, And with the help of my mother lost them to their father and her. i made mistakes but not the sort to lose your kids forever, they have worked on my kids so badly that nothing i say matters/. yet we were inseperable before this i couldnt even go outside my front door without my daughter hanging on me or following and in a school project saying she would want to be like me, caring helpful,good friend, good mother good/caring with animals just a month before leaving. now 5 years on im still heartbroken . i took a massive overdose just 3 months after they left but was found against all odds. why they didnt leave me alone because this is not living. i have struggled this far in hope they would see the light and because i have pets but i am now on a countdown to the day i give up. not long now although long enough. again because even though im on my own i still dont want the kids christmas’s with the thought i commited suicide but again wont be long. i hope you feel better real soon and something gives you hope. i have given up. take care

  • prince

    how to try step one?

    • stavik96

      Sadly I don’t think that’s something you can just try, I think you need to have that certain thing they mentioned to get it.

      • prince

        do u know how can we get defibrillator? what is it?

  • aswin patel

    life is a gift so dont spoil yourself

  • Windlsr Struck

    me also looking for a way to sucide . i feel lonliness and i work far from my country i was soo unlucky that i dont have a gf .my problem is i work in soudi arabia this coundry is like a jail and i have to work here till my age 34 . now i amk 30 yr old man feeling soo shame i dont want to go back to my country at my age 34 as an unlucky man . If any women who is thinking about sucide . can we meet each other ?? before ending our life can we create a bond so some thing will change for ever . anyway my option of sucide is after saving some money i will go to any coldest and lonly place and will walk untill i die due to hydrothermia . i think its most painless and easy way . also i never seen a snowy place before so i think i can enjoy some travel experince before i die

  • disqus_4lbFjQlPvv

    I want out – and soon – considered the rope – but is there a better/quicker way?

  • L.pestaina

    with u here, ive lived 34 of my 44 years feeling like this since my mum
    accussed me of my brothers death on my 11th birthday after she left him
    in the bathtub alone he was already braindamaged then 5 years ago my
    kids left me with help from same said mum after 15 great years together
    where my life was devoted to them ,i did make mistakes at the end but
    who doesn’t. i can’t live without them and the other guilt. i have had
    no life since they left, they were my life. life has spiralled out of
    control,been one thing after the other. so i now have a time limit so
    they dont get the news over christmas but it wont be long after. i have
    had therapy and meds ever since but nowt helps

  • Rio

    I have been thinking about the easy way out for about 10 years now. A year ago i drank wine and took about 70 tramadol pils, it messed up my body big time, but still survived. You truly now who your friends are, and who really is your family, when you have done evrything for them when you have had money. then, when life gives you a kick up the ass, and you find yourself with nothing, not even family support. noone will miss me, so whats the point in carrying on……. i wish every night that i nerver wake up in the morning. I have too many medical things going on too, in lots of pain. So if anyone can tell me the quickest and less painfull way taking pills and not waking up again , will be gratefull. I have Remron, and ativan i think

  • Claude Jones

    Sleeping pills and burning coals is how I will die tonight

  • L.pestaina

    i took 239 pills (antidepressants, sleeping pills, paracetamol etc etc, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of white lightening and wine and am still here, not so easy

  • Why UCare

    Thanks for the suggestions.. I’ve gathered about 30 Silenor but I heard these sleeping pills are weak, and there’s no way I can tell how many I need so I won’t wake up. Either a tip or I’ll have to wait to get more. Thanks again.

  • Srinu Sri

    i want to die easily without pain

    can u tel me any one can………………

  • hello

    Which sleeping pills are the best for killing yourself ? I can’t wait to kill myself I’ll be freeeeeeeee!!!!

  • Niina Hupponen

    You know it isn’t that simple. I’ve been depressed for over 10 years and I have reached out for help. Nothing is better. In fact it’s worse than it ever has been. People with mental illness fall through the cracks if they don’t have enough $ to pay for therapy and expensive treatment centers.
    I’ve had it with society and life in general and just want to be rid of this pain.

  • christy

    I wish i will never exsist .but if i die.

  • christy

    It will be a better choice

  • anon

    Sometimes I just want to die so bad…everyone in my life has betrayed me..but I know there is a way to better my life then die…but its so hard…I just read these things and then I snap out o fit eventually…sometimes I wonder if i’m really gonna do it…I almost did the other night…but then stopped because I know one day I will feel ok hopefully..

  • NeverHappy

    I am never happy! even when I think I am happy or if i’m having a good time I still think about death. Why? I just want to be happy. That’s what I pray for happiness yet I have no clue on how to obtain it. So the best way is to not exist and continue being a burden to people. I feel like my life infects people. i’m a waste of space!

  • i don’t have a gun

    the title promised painless methods which drowning and hanging hardly are