Top 10 Most Racist Countries in the World

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Racism is an extreme form of xenophobia. Contrary to the popular belief race is not just restricted on geographical difference and describing the genetically different human phenotype, though it was a 19th century definition of race of which  Africans had to face the worst . In 21st century race has come to encompass the vast differences on the ground of language, ethnicity, culture, history, religion and societal affiliation.

According to the more pacifist humanitarian theorists , world is woven with a mix of fabric that gives it its  colorful contour, each weave is different from the other and even if one was to become undone the international fabric will fall into utter disarray. Pretty much explains the contemporary world situation marred by innumerable civil strife and terrorist activities.

Racism on the other hand drives the wedge deeper into these differences and that’s one reason the lines marking one group from another will never be blurred or cease to exist.  What really drives racism is the misplaced belief that members of a certain race share some common characteristics which results in that group being superior or inferior, desirable or detestable

10) India

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Should I or should I not? But prior to pointing a finger at Rwandan crisis, American and European hate crimes one needs to have a thorough look at one’s own bloodied records. In the wake of terms like Marathi Manoos, Bihari xenophobia and the incessant Hindu- Muslim division, add to it the slit throat north- south superiority competition, it becomes inevitable.

No matter how much we brag about the incredible India being secular and racially tolerant. The underbelly is encrusted with racist horror stories. Thus, be it the Delhi and Gujrat riots or segregation of north east  Indians not to mention the shiv sena havoc on fellow INDIANS from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, typecasts about Africans and Europeans thus making India a racially intolerant country.

9) Pakistan

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Close at heels is the neighboring country Pakistan. Being a Muslim majority country the only internal rivalry that seems to infest it is that of Shia and Sunni Muslims. However it goes deeper than that. There are constitutional safeguards to ensure that no incident of racial discrimination is tolerated. But it’s easier said than done. The government of Pakistan has taken no productive steps to curb it.

Forced conversion and marriage deceit, extreme intolerance towards blasphemy are some facets of racialism in Pakistan. While Americans are still tolerated, people of other countries have to face the worst of it. For years gathering support through anti-India stance has been the main tactic of political parties in Pakistan. However, witnessing two democratic terms the situation might tilt towards a good change.

8) Russia

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Racism in Russia is often targeted towards those people who are deemed as not being ethnically Russians. Fanatic racists are extremely anti- Caucasians, Africans, Chinese and Jews.  Migrants from these particular races often face racial stereotyping and consequent discrimination which sometimes culminate into hate crimes and gross human rights violation, the apex of which is the rebel war in Chechnya and Dagestan

Even though it is the duty of Russian government to safeguard the right of these minorities and combat this social stigma but it only seems to fail at it oftener than normal. It is also infamous for violating its international obligations under the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination.

7) Israel

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Two groups that face the wrath of racial discrimination in Israel are the Israeli Arabs and Palestinians .It stems from the history of the state, back in the post-world war 2 years, when the whole world was unanimously empathizing with the Jews, a state was carved for them.  The Palestinians who were the native residents became refugees in their homeland before being unsympathetically driven out of, what now was the news state of Israel.

While the Israel’s ‘law of return’ which calls for every Jew to be a part of the state. It discriminates against the Palestinians; who were born there in first place. They were brutally cut-off from their own land by the Israelis. A few months back renowned scientist Stephen Hawking supported the academic boycott of Israel.


6) Germany

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Those who think anti-Semitic feelings died along with the Fuhrer, the contemporary German neo-Nazi ideas could come as a rude shock. These groups think along the very lines of Hitler himself, of a United Germany with its glory restored. Midst the constant lash backs from the government and United Nations, these groups have taken to underground activities.  The National Democratic Party of Germany has been accused of tacitly propagating Neo-Nazi or Neo-Fascist leanings while many organization face legal issues and some like Volkssozialistische Bewegung Deutschlands/Partei der Arbeit, Action Front of National Socialists/National Activists, Free German Workers’ Party, and the Nationalist Front are all indefinitely banned.

5) Japan

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Japan albeit boast being a racially tolerant country has no effective restrictions on xenophobic actions, and foreign nationals to speak of. Moreover, foreign nationals are known to have sometimes restricted from certain services and activities. Back in the year 2005, a United Nations report expressed deep concerns about racism in the country and that government recognition of the depth of the problem was not satisfactory. The report identified three groups at the bottom of the pyramidal racial hierarchy structure:  Japanese American, Brazilian Japanese and the descendants of ‘poor’ third world countries. The refugee acceptance record of japan is highly disappointing as well.

4) Rwanda

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Rwanda and genocide are most often used in the same sentence due to the ghastly months of April and June, 1994, an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed in the time span of mere 100 days. Most of the people who were brutally murdered belonged to Tutsi ethnicity while the perpetrators of the crime belonged to the Hutu tribe
Rwanda had witnessed Ethnic brutalities in past but this particular event left even the native Rwandans lurching. Tension between the two continues to exist. It’s similar to a hearth waiting for a spark and people continue to sit on an issue on the verge of going off.


3) Australia

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Almost one half of all Australians were either born overseas or had a parent born in another country and one in five people confessed to have faced some form of racial discrimination. In the year 2009 there was a surge in number of hate crimes targeting specifically Indians. There were more than a 100 reported assault incidents reported by the Indian students out of which 23 had unmistakable racial undertones. Not to mention the Cronulla riots of 2005 which is a beachfront suburb, there were a series of racially driven mob confrontations. Though, the situation has improved comparably in 2013.


2) United Kingdom

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Did you know how Joker got his scars? He had different theories to justify ‘em but what the epic villain sported in the movie was a ‘Glasgow smile’ also known as ‘Cheshire grin’. Back in the 60’s hooligan firms were intolerant towards foreigners especially Americans which were mockingly called the Yankees. The most common crime was to give an alien the Cheshire Grin.

One need not forget the ghosts of apartheid which are still prevalent. In the year 2004, 87,000 people from black or minority community accepted to have experienced a racially motivated crime. While 92.000 white people also fell victim to racial typecasts.


1) United States of America

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Racial and ethnic discrimination has become a major issue and embarrassment for United States of America within the International fora.  African Americans, Asian Americans and Latin Americans also European Americans are still disregarded by those who think of themselves as native Americans ( far from the fact that the Red Indians were the original Natives of what we now know as modern America).

Even though America maintains a tolerant outlook  under an African-American leader, ground reality is far from being a homogeneous society, the racial tinges are inextricably infused in the American culture and continues to occur in employment, housing, government welfare programs , education and lending.


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  • abs

    to be honest i dont think the uk should be there because the uk isn’t rasict like other countries that you missed out

  • comic book guy

    my list.

    10. Japan

    9. North Korea

    8. Malaysia

    7. Saudi Arabia

    6. USA

    5. Central African Republic

    4. Burma

    3. China

    2. Israel

    1. India,

    • human

      i don’t know about other countries, but India must be number one. We fight in the name of cast, religion, region, and language.

      • Jema Ndibwile

        Very true. I am black African, I studied in India for two years, dudes there are way too racist. Living in India is unbearable. Indians discriminate each other basing on their caste, religion and skin

      • Steve Bakewell

        No you’re all missing the BLOODY POINT! ALL INDIANS ARE THE SAME RACE! Thus India can’t be No1 in racism because of its own social issues.

        • human

          Scientifically we are indeed different, but over a period of time now it is hard to differentiate. Secondly after the independence government has discouraged such race study. But I agree with your point, more than racist, we are castist. And I hate when people hate each other by race, caste, color, language and region. I have excluded religion specifically for a reason.

          • Steve Bakewell

            “Race” is a social construct and it doesn’t exist in India(Thankfully) but ignorant foreigners don’t realize that.

          • Christopher Carnell

            For the love of Buddha…. please shut up. Please. Your semantics make me want to punch a baby seal.

          • Steve Bakewell

            The go do it.. i’m not going to stop because of some internet twat like yourself.

      • Jane

        I also heard egypt is quite racist. They will never invite a non-egyptican to their home for dinner, even the govt states this, so they never mingle or learn about other cultures, quite sad.

    • proud to b Indian

      what if i told u that we are taking about racism not secularism

      and what if i told u that India have 2 thousands language and various kinds of religion

      and what if i told u that India is the country having maximum population of Muslim with negligible racism between them about Shia and Sunni

      and what if i told u India is the only country providing reservation on the basis of religion & population about more than 50% on every sector !!

      • Rudra Vikrama

        I like that.

        • Ujjwal Sundas

          Me too.

      • comic book guy

        What if I told you, that India is racist and even though the Shia and Sunni population may coexist harmoniously in India Muslims, dark skinned people , bihari people, people from the north east and discrimination against someone’s caste cask IS racism. Indian is the most racist and discriminatory country in the world.

      • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

        Its funny how you said “we are talking about racism not secularism” and then went on to try to show that India isn’t racist because it is accepting of religion.

      • Rashan

        This is the classic case of you being blinded by being born in your own country.
        I wouldn’t put India at the top of the list, but I’d put it about 5 or 6.
        Racism can manifest in ways other than obvious hate. It can also manifest in patronizing attitudes to ‘foreigners’.

    • supppppppp

      Malaysia? they are definitely not really racist.
      and the US should be at top, the inter mixing stirred up high tension and as a minority in the states I can definitely feel that.
      And China? they are absolutely not, race in China is not a major problem and people usually dont talk about it, it is just a cultural thing, they just do not have interest in it, not because it is a hot issue, it is just not a common topic, it is one of the issues where Americans talk about a lot and kind of a forgotten topic in China


        malaysia is definitely racist.. im malaysian.. i dont know if it deserves to be in top 10 but its definitely racist.. just like everywhere in this world

      • comic book guy

        Malaysia not racist…hmm lets ask a non Muslim or ethnic Malay that question. China…ask a Uighur what they think about Chinese discrimination.

      • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

        Its not in issue in China because there is no racial diversity. We talk about race in America because we are the most racially diverse country in the world…

    • Ujjwal Sundas

      Countries with Hinduism are the most racists as they are the followers of caste system and untouchability. Hence, India 1st, Nepal 2nd and Bangladesh 3rd, ( the hindus in B’desh follow it till date). Then may be Italy and others ???. From my view point may be US and UK could be least racists.

      • jeetesh

        “Ujjwal! Can I borrow your brain? I’m building an idiot.

      • Steve Bakewell

        i smell a jihadi.

    • sadaf youzbsh

      I do agree with you more than original list. I think this is not fair to know us or uk as the most racist countries because they are the most multicultural regions .I’m from a middle eastern country and I’m living here. I think if some day the different cultures and races witch are living in america and Europe now want to move in such countries like Malaysia , Arab countries or Israel they would see 100 times more racism and inhumanity in these countries. I’ve never been out of my country but I see and feel how racist these countries are. believe me.

    • Jane

      Wow none are white nations!!

  • cameron

    What a ridiculous list. I guarantee you the most racist countries are those most isolated and with the least amount of immigration/ethnic mixing. Just because there are racial tensions in the UK and the USA doesn’t make them the most racist, it simply is something that can occur when you have people of different backgrounds lumped together in a big melting pot, and these are two very mixed countries. I live in the UK and there is no way that it’s the second most racist country in the world, if it were true London would be in chaos!

    • madeofwords

      ur white. you don’t experience it. duh. in other words, you’re ignorant.

      • WeAreONe

        madeofwords…I’m white. In fact, I’m a white male. In fact, I’m a white Christian male. I am an American (obnoxious arrogant pig), white (cracker ass slave owner), Christian (hypocrite, holier then thou), male (superior sex who deserves to get paid more then a woman). Now that I’ve degraded myself with racist comments, I’ve lived all over the world and have been on the receiving end of racism, directed toward me, many times, all over the world. Here in America, in Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Texas (lol). Don’t allow yourself to get so high and mighty that you think you are above it all, or to think that no one else, other than those of “color”, have been a victim of racism. Based on your comments to “cameron”, you come across as racist and ignorant yourself. You don’t know everyones story so don’t be so quick to judge another. You don’t know his, no more then I know yours. Don’t assume because someone is white that they aren’t victims of racism. Jews are white and look at what the Germans did to them or the Rwandans have done to other Rwandans. Peace.

        • madeofwords

          It’s interesting how I’ve been affected by racism and it’s “always” white people who do such acts. I live in Canada. I wonder why. I’ve been to an all white school and guess what happened. Then I moved to a diverse demographic and guess what happened, no sense of ignorance, racism is ignorance and fearing seeing the one is better than another and treat such ways. What does this show you. White people are ignorant. There’s a difference between hate and ignorance. MOST (80%) not ALL are NOT AWARE of what OTHER people are going through. I wonder where this HABIT came FROM? UPBRINGING = CULTURE. Yes white people invented and innovated many things, obviously you’ll feel great when you’re in an environment 70% of white background in north america. So you are curious WHAT other colours have contributed to society, you use the past (events) to weigh the present. When a person talks about a problem, when it’s a white problem, it’s labeled a male, but if it’s a person of colour, it’s has to be labelled black, hispanic, or asian right next to the gender so they can associate the problem with the colour.

          • WeAreONe

            It’s interesting that every time this “white” person (me) has been racially discriminated against, it was from Asians, Blacks, Hispanics and other WHITES. It’s universal, meaning ALL kinds of people are guilty of it, everyone. It lives in race, religion, groups, education, social status, and on and on. You are throwing out numbers and statistics that are absolutely made up in your own head and you are stereotyping, everything. You mentioned things about “Habit”, “CULTURE = UPBRINGING” as if to insinuate all “White People” are raised to be racists, but no one else is. Really? That is completely ridiculous.

            You’re comments show me 3 things about you. Number one, you yourself are racists against “White People” because of your own personal experiences. Is that a generational thing that was passed down from your parents because of their experiences or was it learned because of your own situational or personal experiences? Number two, you use those experiences to lump all of one group (whites) in to one category. Number three, because of one and/or two, you yourself show your ignorance on the subject.

            I don’t mean that to be demeaning or to put you down. My comments are only meant to share my perspective, not to hinder yours. Please read on.

            It seems that, based on your comments, you are insinuating that “White” people started racism. That all white people are elitist, fascist, are “NOT AWARE of what OTHER people are going through and the person’s culture”, and are the root of all evil in the world. That is absolutely ridiculous and factually incorrect. Learn more history, experience life…life other then what the liberal media tells you about and shows you. Step outside of the “history” books and learn for yourself. Because most of what you wrote is so one sided, factually incorrect, speculative and narrow minded, you don’t know what you are talking about.

            As far as the labeling of people, you’ve done it, I’ve done it, everyone does it to some extent. Is that racist? No. It’s descriptive. Only when it’s done in a derogatory way is it or could it be considered racist. “WHITE” people always “associate a problem with a colour”? Really? Come on, man.

            You assume that whites are not stereotyped but EVERYTHING you’ve written about white people is a stereotype.

            I agree that there should be a better balance of color taught in our history books. I agree with the fact that racism comes from fear of the unknown. Look at Rwanda (non-white), the hate that is being perpetrated on the blacks by other blacks. Or Afghanistan, non-white Muslims against other non-white Muslims. Look at the Germans (the “Super Race”) and how they killed 10 millions Jews (white). Look at the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, Asians against Asians. Whites owned slaves in America for 300 years. They bought those slaves from black Africans who captured and enslaved other black Africans. Don’t sit there and preach that “80%” of this or “100%” of that is the cause for race issues. Or that White Politicians are the only corrupt politicians. Barack Obama (to name a few) is just as much if not more corrupt then any of his “white” predecessors. How long will people of “COLOR” continue using race, racism and their “plight” as a crutch?

            I don’t know what happened to you and your story. I grew up in the American south during the 1970′s. I never understood why at that young age, I would here the “N” word from my grandmother or father’s family. Why people around me in the 80′s made comments about the “Spics”, “taking over” this, or that. I don’t know how I escaped that, because some of the hero’s and people I admire in my life are men and woman of color. To name a few, Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis and Jackie Joyner Kersee (I love track and field) General Colon Powell (because he did not allow race to interrupt his life, he’s an amazing man), Herman Cain, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mohamed Ali, Bill Cosby, and my first grade teacher Mrs. Washington. People inspire me. Their character, lifts me. Their perseverance and determination push me to be the best version of me that I can be.

            I understand that in today’s world, how a man like Donald Sterling can get banned from the NBA and forced to sell his basketball team for making racist comments. I get that. But, on the flip side, men like Spike Lee and Al Sharpton can go on TV and spout out what ever they like, intended to divide, separate and perpetuate racism and nothing be done or said about them. Both are equally wrong and should be stopped in their tracks.

            You mentioned about being asked “how many people will get shot today”…I’ve got news for you, unfortunately for all us, we all, at some point and time, will be a victim of racism. The question is do we have the integrity, grace and character to rise above it? The question is how do we react to it in a negative light and can how do we overcome it?

            I didn’t like the times when I couldn’t get hired because I was not Hispanic, or hated because I was an American living in Australian, or because I didn’t speak Japanese. I didn’t like the comments or the looks I got when I dated someone outside of my own “race”. I hated it when my own family members would make crude comments about another person who was not white. But those few fools that treated me poorly were the minority. I don’t have statistical data to throw out but from my own personal experiences, the majority of the people were gracious and embraced our differences. That is what makes us come together, not pull us apart. By what I can see, hate lives in the minority, not the majority.

            Look around the world and you will see racism perpetrated against everyone, everywhere, all the time and for every excuse possible. It will never stop because where ignorance lives, fear festers and grows. It seems to me that we both have one thing in common, we hate racism. Therefore, we only have one true choice to make. Rise above it. Be the example for others to follow. That is what we are called to do.

            I wish you the best in your life. Peace.

          • stjacobs

            I have to say i understand where ‘madeofwords’ is coming from, being a black man and all..especially from Nigeria..hell! even most blacks are racist to Nigerians ‘lol’ so don’t get me started on people from other continents. but i completely agree with ‘WeAreONe’,

            i can go into how i have experienced it all and how the shocking rise of UKIP and other far right political parties in the 21st century Europe worries me greatly about the future of humanity, adding to the already impressive arguments about the problems of the past and present sharing my views and blames when i know very well that no one is immune from blame.

            i believe humanity is becoming insane “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” pointing fingers instead of looking in the mirror and asking what can i do to help humanity grow, what can i do to help solve the problems that i know obviously exists, how can i raise awareness and break the circle of madness.

            people are still dying of hunger, curable diseases, lack of clean water, global warming killing the planet, and yet people still care about color of skin, what language you speak even accents. i have to say .. i am disappointed in humanity, it seems the older we grow, the more childish we become, fighting/killing over whose religion is better, who is raciest and who is not…the truth is that you are more likely to become a raciest while trying to prove others are.

            ‘honesty’ and ‘truth’ are now regarded by many as being naive or cruel, even so called best friends this days would rather lie to you (yes! go on ‘X factor’ you have a very good voice) than tell you the truth. So many married men and women all over the internet looking to cheat, that ofc if they haven’t already cheated on you with your best mates lol (if it not working..break it up and do what you want then) no more trust in the world! sociopaths control the world and psychopaths control it military, those are problems worth spending time on not color of skin.

            anyway my point is that yes! the world needs major surgeries…’don’t just keep talking about it’ become a surgeon and inspire others to do the same. after all we are all human and we all bleed red and sadly i know even if there is only one race in the world they will still find an excuse to hate..because the truth is that we all have it in us to became Monsters or all a matter of choice,so please don’t let the past and present mistakes of humanity pave the road to your future, instead learn from it so that you don’t make the same pointless mistakes too and remember only the weak give in to hate, make the choice not to become the abuser because you have ‘been’ or ‘being’ abused. break the circle promote peace and unity!!!

          • Tom Forrest

            I hear you there man from Nigeria……i watched as a group of black American men bash a black man from from south america, saying “you ain’t black, shut up”. When I was in the army , I saw black men making fun of another black man who was very dark skinned. Telling he was a real “ni**er and keep his black ass out of there area. They poked fun at this man every chance they got. I thought it was weird!

          • Overmind One

            You are so full of it. White people INVENTED racism. They created the divisions of “race”, they created the race groups, they created pseudoscience to give credibility to it, and they used “race” to justify racism, genocide, murder and other sociopathic behaviors. YOU CANNOT EXPERIENCE RACISM. You can only experience reactions to it. What you are callinf racism is actually people of color blaming you for the ACTUAL RACISM created by your ancestors to hurt generations of humans worldwide. You trying to play victim and whining about “reverse racism” (what a joke!) is just making you look pathetic and in denial.

          • Joel William Laramay

            amazing and I totally agree!

          • Laide Lawal


          • Jas

            also white people stole Christianity in 1100 bc e misappropriate other cultures like they tried with max muellers Aryan invasion theory which got debunked stole Indias swastika and altered and changed the definition of the word caucasian in the year 1785 by a german philosopher named christoph meiner which the stolen west adopted the NEW definition for racist immigrational purposes such as passports government id census etc.

          • Rashan

            You are talking nonsense
            Racism was not ‘created’ by whites.
            This is like saying that evolution is a one way path instead of a bush with many co-developing branches.
            Racism has been around ever since there have been races.

            There is no such thing as ‘REVERSE- RACISM’

            Why don’t you call it what it really is:


            I have looked into history and what whites have done.
            Racism has been across the board ever since human tribes and war has existed.

            I find it laughable that you pretty much imply that white people are just not capable of understanding racism.
            You are implying that whites do not have a brain and do not see hear or speak.

            It is very similar to the argument that the Southern Slave Traders used to justify the superiority of whites over black slaves. They compared the black men to baboons.

            Is that what I am to you? In idiotic baboon? Throw that attitude at anybody and your going to get nowhere other than angry.

            As a Yoga instructor, I am often prejudiced against by Indian students about my level of knowledge in the field because I am white of skin. I have even had some of them try to correct my own name from Rashan to Roshan (my name is Iranian, not Indian!).

            This is the same way that you are treating me right now.

            It is racist.

            Oh, that’s right, I am not capable of fair thought, I’m not an Egalitarian at all!

          • Rudi

            Frankly that was brilliant.

          • Christopher Carnell

            I hope you have evolved some in the past two months since you posted this drivel, but I don’t have high hopes. The only responsibility I have is to realize that you are a sad, sad little troll with anger issues who is blinded to the racism in your own withered, unforgiving heart. The only person I hear whining is you about how white people are apparently the worst racist and ignorant scum on the planet. You probably worship the ground that racist piece of shit Farrakhan walks on, too. You are so ignorant and uneducated it’s laughable. Chirp chirp chirp. You’re nothing more than a rookie armchair philosopher and a parrot.

            I’d love to see how long you would last in ancient Japan, you know, since apparently there was no racism there since no one was white. Thank you for the chuckle, clown. It was very inspirational. You were one hundred percent right about one thing. There is no reverse racism, just racism in general of which you are a prime supporter. You probably think the reason you only have 28 up votes on your post is because you’re surrounded online by a bunch of racists. Couldn’t possibly be because you’re wrong. That probably doesn’t even compute. I’m sorry kid, you’re not getting any sympathy or reparations from me. I’m Irish. Your slave ancestors got it MUCH better than mine did. My ancestors were cheaper and more disposable, the first slaver in the U.S. was African, and an Irish slave was worth only 10 percent of what an owner could be recouped for a killed black slave. My facts are historically documented. Are yours? The Irish had been treated like subhumans, traded back and forth as possessions, and have been victims for various other crimes against humanity as much as black people have for several centuries before the transatlantic slave trade even existed and ended years after Lincoln abolished slavery in America, so don’t try to spoon feed me this bull that whites can’t be targets of racism.

            Please, come at me with more of your whiny, butt hurt B.S. I welcome it.

          • Tom Forrest

            You need to study the ottoman empire, anybody can discriminate, white people are the only people who are racist?is just crazy. Somebody fed you a load of shit and you are just eating it up

          • HolyDiver

            I’m a black male who was born in the USA and raised in the UK and i agree with WeAreONe on almost all facts pointed out. Hate to say this as it goes against my own nature but…black people perpetuate the hatred and racism as much as whites have done. The issue is that we all need to stop living in the past and accept that in 2014 (going onto 2015) no one should give two shits. Its proven scientifically that we are essentially the same thing under the skin and while i have been subjected to racism, it hasnt soured my view of the race as a whole. Hell, 80% of my dating past has been with those of other races (i know, that in itself fits a stereotype). At the end of the day, i have experienced more racist comment from people of my own race than of those of other races and i still hold no prejudice or hate for these people. I happen to be a big geek who was raised amongst my white counterparts and have always been welcomed amongst my white friends families, often hearing “You are the most genuine, polite and respectable guy ive ever had the luck of meeting” The biggest thing that needs to be torn down is the perpetuation of stereotypes…blacks/hispanics/asians/caucasions and all the others i have missed, can all be intelligent individuals. Lol, my rant is done but if there’s one thing you take away from this is, the amount of genuine racist radicals doesn’t compare to those of us who don’t perpetuate the hate. Love and be loved

          • Jas

            you are smoking a pipe dream. unless whites leave and stop governing non white lands whites will be extinct sooner than later.take it how you want to but that is the gist of it.

          • WhiteBoyCracka

            Hey, retard! Whites won’t ever go extinct. We keep making babies. We have the strongest militaries. We have the most money. And we control the world. If blacks wanna piss off white folks, we could arrange for their extinction

          • Zama

            Another retard going straight to hell

          • dan

            its just a matter of time, there r more non white on earth than white,,,

          • dan

            Its not about militaries, its the gene…whites dont dominate genes…note how mexican americans are changing the face of the ol’ boy USA

          • Professora

            Really, the majority of world is not white. Loons like yuou are the problem.

          • PROFESSORA

            “…black people perpetuate the hatred and racism as much as whites have done. Really? Really? And what are the structural consequences? Who controls this country on the macro level? What’s wrong with you….go back to you geekness.

            Did Black folks enslave themselves? Did Black people carryout Jim Crow laws? Did Blacks hang, torture, murder, and rape other Blacks for over 350 years? Did Black people
            burn down prosperous Black townships?

            You need to enroll in an African American History course and learn something, anything about Blacks in America. I’ve never heard such nonsense except from a racist.

          • Christopher Carnell

            Um, yes. Africans sold their defeated enemies to the transatlantic slave traders. The first LEGAL black slave owner in the U.S. is historically documented as black. He owned one black man and four white men, more than likely my ancestors. That would be the Irish, by the way. So try again, clown. If you have one glaringly incorrect fact, it’s very difficult to believe anything else you might have to say whether true or not. My ancestors cost less than yours, so kindly shut up before I spit more hard to hear truth in your direction.

          • PROFESSORA

            A LITTLE IRISH WHITE BOY complaining about how bad his ancestors were treated….POBRECITO, you’re breaking my heart. Get an education!

          • person

            Couldn’t the same be said about African Americans talking about slavery of their ancestors? A little hypocritical don’t you think?

          • Professora

            White man always looking to exploit ANYBODY!
            So many Whites always want to deflect from the real issue and blame the victim. America is racist….get over it and do something about it instead of perpetrating systemic racism. The sooner White people own their racism, the sooner we can eradicate it. I’m just not sure that’s what Whites really want to do, at least the right wing tea bag nuts…Congress.

          • Tom Forrest

            No …….other blacks conquered entire areas of Africa and took slaves and sold the white man. Who do you think they bought the slaves from , white people? Is is getting to be a dumb discussion.

          • Jas

            non whites don’t have the systemic power to be racist and by the way racism,colonialism,fascism,sexism,feminism,imperialism,classism,jim crows law,segragation aparthied land theft,concentration camps all are white inventions.

          • eric

            Thats not what racism is. Thats an internet myth of what racism is. You mean institutional racism, and there are places where there is institutional racism favoring blacks.

            Youre ignorant as shit and in being so, youre also racist. You could learn, not that you will.

          • WhiteBoyCracka

            Because colors and niggers suck ass. They don’t have the power to oppress

          • PROFESSORA

            Ignorance is bliss!

          • Christopher Carnell

            You would know, my friend. Oh, yes you would.

          • tonsmorecowbell

            my guess is that if you are black, then black people can’t do racist things to you. it’s really a matter of quantum physics.

          • Jas

            actually white people were not responsible for technology it was India. india invented the number zero,counting,the laws of gravity 1200 years before Isaac newton RE-DISCOVERED IT WAS (bhaskaracharya) the revolution of earth 1000 years before Copernicus it was Aryabhatta in 5th century(400-500 ce)stated that the earth revolves around the sun. india originated the swastika (Vedic -svastika) india invented sathanam dharm(Hinduism) and Buddhism(gautam budh),yoga,shampoo (Vedic-champoo),lipstick, mathematics,the radio(jagdish Chandra),spices,the first university in the entire world(Takshashila university located north west region of india) without that there wouldn’t be traffic lights,microwaves,internet,tv,cars,aircraft,refrigerator,electricity,watches,clocks,ovens,computers,lights, video games..

          • James Milb

            Nice try… but, uhhh— no. Americans & Europeans have undeniably has the most profound impact on science & technology in the last 200 years, out of any other race.

            Lets put it this way— go point at some technology around you. You’lll have a ery easy time pointing at things invented by whites, or heavily contributed, vs finding things that weren’t. THAT is the real challenge.

          • Rashan

            Yes and no.
            I’m a white guy (jus so you know :-))
            I lot of the inventions that were ‘invented’ by people from white-skinned cultures were merely stolen ideas backed up by white money and power.
            Who knows how many ‘inventions’ Edison stole and patented from people of different cultures – and who knows how many of the whites that sold him some of those ideas stole those ideas from other cultures to make a quick buck.
            That’s Victorianism for you – bloody conquerors giving the rest of us ‘whites’ a bad name…

          • James Milb

            Sorry, but you’re full of shit. Name me some of these so called stolen inventions, and how does one “steal” an invention? Did we have a worldwide crusade to steal inventors blue prints & then throw them off the bridge? Or do you refer to the sharing of cultures? Where differen’t people give and take ideas? That is a natural phenomenon that has greatly benefitted the entire non-white world that uses our political systems, technologies, medicine, business techniques (finance & accounting), plumbing/elecrical grid/city planning– you name it.

            So, if we were just getting the ideas from other cultures— the latter fo my points— why didn’t these people invent these items independently and spread them to the world? Why only white people? Where is your evidence of this?

            PLease don’t be ridiculous—- have you been watching those cracked out afrocentric videos online filled with invented history and lies or something? It’s a lot harder to think of something that white people DIDN’T invent, than what they did. Go on, look around and google it— give it a try.

          • V_ger

            Actually, it was the Mayans that invented the concept of ” zero”….. But….. Whatever

          • halk

            I guess he is pointing towards the usage of Zero and not its invention… Indeed was done by Olmecs

          • WhiteBoyCracka

            India also sucks major dick. America don’t got poverty.

          • Christopher Carnell

            Know what’s sad? Their democracy is a joke and makes things far worse. Takes five months for their congress to O.K. that it’s safe and in the common best interest for someone to wipe themselves.

          • vidz

            get urself educated. If you have ever attended school, I’m curious as to what you studied because i can see that your head is full of nonsense and emptiness and that is why you think in such a way. Cut open yourself and another black person and see if you have anything different , see if you have some special colored blood. I thought Americans were nice people but you, my friend changed my opinion. I can tell what I want because I’m neither black,, white nor am I from India. Do you know why america is in such a good state now , because they have the money to buy human resources and not because americans are particularly clever or something. According to my knowledge , most of the people who work as engineers are indians and pakistanis. Also even though america dropped the atomic bomb on japan it was not an american who invented it. It was a Jew. Think before you talk brother…. White or black ,, all of us are human beings.

          • Rashan

            Sounds like you don’t like white people very much – I feel sad for you.

          • Tom Forrest

            In all fairness the guy who went crazy and killed his co workers at the navy ship yard and the guy in Ohio who killed the people in the front office were black.
            And the the fort hood shooter was Arab. So not everyone who goes crazy and kills people are white…..mental health spans the entire human race, are you saying that one race is worse or better because it is affected or not affected by mental illness.
            And Canada….. are there racist people there too? News flash haters are everywhere and have always been and will always be and it doesn’t matter what color or culture your from every culture has got em.

          • Tom Forrest

            That’s a big brush your using to paint an entire race……..white people? What does that mean who are these white people?

        • Erhan Caner Yazici

          nice thoughts

        • Bowler Hat

          Your smooth arguments and thought process have a neat and impressive logic but lack a more in depth analysis. It’s clever to turn racism into a black and white issue. No intelligent person would argue that racism is the exclusive trait of the so called “white” race. That would be a silly stereotype. However, I do not believe that a person as obviously intelligent as you are is being sincere to suggest that this is the sum of the black African complaint about racism. The question is not whether you hate me because I’m white or black, pink or yellow in isolated cases. We are all entitled to our private opinions. Indeed, the question is even not whether because you hate my race you attack me, or I can’t rent an apartment from you, or I don’t get a job I’m better qualified for, or any number of other scenarios where a person might be treated differently in isolated incidents. Don’t misunderstand me I am not saying that the latter is right, I’m just saying that it happens and can happen to anyone regardless of being black or white. The real problem is who holds the major balance of power in a nation, a continent or indeed the world. I might hate you but if I have no real power then my hate is feeble at best. There is little if any deeper psychological effect. The real problem is black African countries are at the bottom of the economic and military pile. Further people of black African descent (wherever they may be) are usually, as a whole, the poorest people in the country. The real question is what ideological force (apparently controlled by a small minority of people), if anything, is keeping black African people at the bottom of the economic and military pile and what has kept them at the bottom of the pile for centuries? You yourself have mentioned great black thinkers and athletes. So it’s not that blacks are genetically lazier or lack intelligence. Even if blacks are racist against whites, as a whole, which is highly unlikely, they have no power. They can bark but have no teeth. Even when a country is black run and managed it can still be heavily influenced by nations that have vastly superior economic and military might. If you don’t realise this then think again. I’m not suggesting that black racism against whites is any more palatable, my argument is that its effects are on the surface less profound on the white race. Racism is more frightening when you share a disproportionate amount, of poverty and lack of opportunity in the world so that racism can have a massive profound psychological effect on your race. This is the perspective that makes the racism issue a bigger challenge for black African (wherever they may be) people as a whole in the world. I don’t know what the answer is but I don’t think the starting point is to say that we are all capable of racism so “suck it up”, as you seem to be suggesting. The fact is although the world is generally not fair for anyone, black Africans, and their descendants seem to get it the worst, and this has to have taken and is taking a massive underlying psychological toll on the black race generally. Take a close analysis at access to life saving drugs, education, technology, right across a whole spectrum of serious issues. Further, before you say it, black Africa’s problems are not just down to corruption, diseases and famine. That is again too shallow an explanation. Take a more balanced deeper view yourself instead of flipping the argument around. You are deliberate dumbing down the 2000 pound gorilla challenge in the room. I love all people but there is no denying the bigger psychological challenge of racism for black Africans or for people of black African descent wherever in the world that they may be. We are all one indeed, and whilst the black race has a massively disproportionate share of poverty and oppression we should all be working peacefully together to do something about it. Thank you.

          • Jas

            it is! non whites don’t have the systemic power to be racist. and it aint racist to be pissed about what atrocities whites commit and the hypocrisy in them telling other immigrants to leave the countries which belong to non whites examples aboriginal lands african lands maori and aborigenese lands etc. whites are also ruining and stealing resources rom those countries as well as staling raw materials which was never theirs from the get go.yet whites have the audacity to call these races third world sh holes GTFO!

          • WhiteBoyCracka

            HAHA!!! Weak niggers can’t oppress!!! Monkeys couldn’t sail a boat to uncolonized lands. Monkeys couldn’t build a gun. Monkey niggers are only proving their retardation.

        • Laide Lawal

          I agree with you. You’re all the things you describe yourself to be. You came here looking to be a White hero hoping people would agree with your outlook and in typical white fashion, got upset when they didn’t! Take off your arrogance!

        • Evelyn.

          And? Ethnic people in America still face more racism. Just because everyone is hostile towards you in other countries (after all, white folks have been notorious for invading other countries in history, slaughtering people, and leeching off of their natural resources -Caribbean, Mesoamerica, Africa, to name a few) doesn’t change shit. Billions of ethnic people are being discriminatrd against, killed, and deemed as inferior race, having lower IQs, and being shamed-most of which is by the hands of white people.

          And Rwanda, like other African countries, was left in pieces after the European countries withdrew. That’s what they’re good for. Interfering in societies, making a mess of things, and leaving the affected ethnic country in ruins, while they sit on their fat, weak asses and get rich off of blood money.

        • PROFESSORA

          One white male…how about structual/institutional racism.

      • Stephen Burke

        you’ve probably only lived in america. you dont experience it. duh. in other words YOU’RE ignorant.

        so you think that if you travel to europe or asia you will experience less racism than in america, the country with one of the most populations in the world? wrong.

        one of the things that makes the U.S. such a strong county is our ethnic and racial diversity. we are taught in school to not be racist, and there is constant news about racism and a lot of awareness. it’s far from perfect, but in countries like china for example, there is absolutely no awareness of why racism is wrong. i’ve traveled to several countries where when a majority of the population are asked about black people they say “they cause all of america’s problems.”

        • AJ Prasad

          Finally some common sense. There maybe racial tensions in the United State but we call ourselves out on it and know that it is wrong. These other countries just accept it. I too feel the author was not born and raised in the USA

          • Tristory

            Hmm you sure American calls out racism when it happens? I think not. The fact is that America was basically built upon racist systems that have never really changed. And right now it’s a very racist situation going on with the killing of black people and nothing being done. And a lot of white Americans walk around all high and mighty as if they are better than everybody especially the one withs money. But racism is not exclusive to white people because everyone can be racist. I see black people be racist against black people but to say American calls people out on racism is not true in my opinion.

          • AJ Prasad

            True, but we share it in our history class and discuss why it was wrong. We acknowledge our wrong doings unlike other nations. As far a violence against races is concerned, There are more crimes committed among people of the same race. IE: More whites kill whites, more blacks kill blacks, etc.

            But in the end opinions are like a holes…….everyone has one.

          • Jane

            Also some parts of Canada despise other parts that are white. West coast whites hate east coast whites. East coast whites were the first whites, but the people who settled are diffferent races than who settled out west. The maritimes has been 2nd class for 75 years now by central canada. A newcomer to canada is treated better than someone from nova scotia or new brunswick. I know a dr who was so harassed out west he had to move back. Another thing if u settled in small town alberta anything that happens u are suspect since u are the new one in town- does not matter what race or color u are-cowboy days have not left there I take it. If you move to BC dont let them know you are an easterner-you will be fired
            rig ht away!

          • The Oracle of the Pyramid

            Wait, are you sure you know what “racism” means? It means discriminating or otherwise classifying others by “race”. Only one group invented “race” and that is white people. Specifically, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach in 1785. Prior to that, NOBODY belonged to any sort of “race”. People were nationalities. If you were a black skinned person in Italy, you were still just Italian. Same in Greece or Britain. But in 1785, white males invented “races”, and the fun began.

            Go ahead and look up what I just said. The fact is that white people cannot experience racism because they created it. You are not “white”, you are human. Every time you identify as “white” or even think of yourself as a white person, you are reinforcing racism.

          • Tristory

            Excuse me… I hate when people comment on something before understanding the persons point of view. I never said white can be discriminated against I was pointing out the fact that white people are not the only racist people in the world. As I said I have met racist who are black and other minorities that are racist that’s what I was saying. Me as a black person I know all too well the history of racism.

          • cameron

            That is the most ridiculous post on anything I have ever seen EVER 1. Racism is the belief that the human species is divided into different races based on colour, and that these groups have significant genetic differences. You are talking about discrimination. 2. Race is an earlier construct than nationalism (both being artificial), and Italy wasn’t even a united country in 1785, so you clearly don’t know what you are talking about. People have been designating groups of humans based on appearance since time immemorial. 3. You are so adamant that we should not identify as ‘white’ people, yet you use that very term at least three times in your post, contradicting yourself. Caucasians/white people can definitely experience racism just like any other ethnic group can, to say otherwise is just stupid.

          • Jas

            non whites were hue tribes.whites never existed so technically no lands were theirs as the caucas region were brown Caucasian which are not white at all nor anything to do with white European.

          • Jas

            whites are not americans nor Canadians the word Kanata is native and whites are illegal in America since 1492.

          • Jane

            Canada comes from Acadia- the first white settlers in north america. Canada used to be called Acadia. I am one. The very first colony was acadians and micmaqs in nova scotia who started the global fur trade, timber trade and salted fish trade in the early 1600s. Acadians are the canadians.

          • Jane

            Blacks kill each other, 224 black teens were killed by other blacks in gangland shootings in chicago in 4 months this year!

          • Tristory

            Lol your point is…?

          • kk

            ha u suck dick

          • AJ Prasad

            It was Actually that was your mom sucking my dogs. Come and get her bro. Fido is tired

        • Laide Lawal

          Other countries don’t claim to be civilized or leader of the world like the USA does. It’s hypocritical to keep claiming civilization when many Whites in the USA behave like untrained animals. Spewing hate, attacking people over race and just being downright nasty. When people of color react to their hate, they call us racist. If you claim to be civilized, act civilized.

      • cameron

        Talk about ignorance. I went to school where whites made up about 5-10% of the students, so I’ve experienced racism, contrary to what this omniscient knowledge you seem to have about my life tells you. Your other comments show that all your conclusions are derived from your own experience, which, not to say is wrong, it doesn’t really show the whole picture. My point is anyone is capable of racism, but it decreases in time as people assimilate (as long as it goes smoothly) and get to know each other, realising that humans are all the same, and its culture that makes us different.

        • Nat

          I believe you are referring to prejudice. racism is a systematic way of oppressing a certain minority, much how the US denied blacks to housing loans, college loans, and work training in the 50s, which is directly tied to the building of the middle class; your personal experiences either being looked at differently are not a systematic oppression or denial of rights given to others. Look at our jails, at e rates of death row inmates, that is racism.

          • cameron

            Racism is the belief that humanity is irrevocably divided into races, some of which have superior characteristics and qualities to others. Prejudice is judging people based on your previous experience with that ethno-cultural group, something we ALL do to some degree; but we are not ALL racist. I can’t say that I know anything about the situation in the US, but my point is that racism is more abundant where people don’t actually interact/assimilate with people of other cultures and ethnicities, thus basing their opinions on hearsay, folklore and deceptive propaganda (this is also the case in the early stages of diversification, before miscegenation and assimilation have a chance to take place). I’m sorry the situation is so bad in the US, but aren’t all those things you mentioned due to racism at the highest echelons of power, and uneven distribution of wealth, rather than the country as a whole having racist attitudes?

      • Sarah

        It doesn’t matter whether you are white or not. I live in London and the African people, Asian people, European people and White people (English) I’ve seen are perfectly happy and I’ve never heard a complaint of being discriminated by anyone. I’m not fully white myself; my mother is from Algeria and my Dad is from Syria, and I have never been discriminated or racially abused. Watch what you’re saying. London has got to be one of the most multi cultural cities in the world.

        • madeofwords

          “I’ve seen are perfectly happy and I’ve never heard a complaint of being discriminated by anyone.” that’s a typical ignorant comment. What’s the first thought you have in your mind when you hear the word ex. “Asian” or “Black” I bet it’s a negative thought. It’s a conditioning (depending on the country you live in) that the society or town you live in will constantly tell you, which you will start to believe. Racism is a social construct. Since I grew up in North America, NA is full of racists and 70% of North America is white. Why do you think it’s a big deal when Obama become a president. The reason why he was a big deal was not about this accomplishments or leadership, but #1 is about the colour of his skin. The media conditions, which is a white dominated environment. Heck Hollywood is one of the most racist industry to for, they feed on stereotypes. Why do you think they pick the most unattractive minority to play certain roles, but pick the best looking white people to play simple roles. You make think white people are good looking people, but there are unattractive ones as well. It’s environmental conditioning, that’s why minorities start to hate how they look because they are conditioned by white looks. and some white people like this so they can feed their ego of being the best race… in an environment thats 70% white of course they’ll think like that. People will always categorize people based on their colour. People are treated differently because of the colour of their skin unless the person has a really good character, which will override the treatment.

        • Jas

          that’s not what ive been hearing . ive been hearing Londoners are fleeing areas and set up in their own ethnic enclaves.

        • Evelyn.

          What white? Syria is in the Middle East and Algeria in Africa.

      • james thompson

        Maybe ur right we cant judge because i haven’t experienced it. But what i can tell you is that 87,000 figure is tiny. Using population and demographic statistics from Wikipedia that would mean just 1.07% of non-whites or 0.14% of people had experienced a racially motivated crime in their lifetime in the year 2004. If that is not how u would expect the second most racist country to act. Also don’t act like the racial bullying you experienced in school can compare with the genocide committed by other countries LOWER on this list (i.e rwanda) you ass. U really think the racial bullying u experienced is comparable to genocide?

        • Jas

          what about the genocide of Mexicans and natives which whites brought diseases and guns (small pox) etc? and rape as well? what about british stealing diego Garcia and gassing the chaggos pets with carbon monoxide and relocating the chaggos 1200 miles away from their home and leaving them homeless? what about the oceana pacific islands like Fiji Australia new Zealand falklands malvinas) stolen

          • james thompson

            Wow you are missing the point.
            1-Talking about events that occurred well over 100 years ago as evidence of an entire nation being the 1st or second most racist nation today is just dumb (btw Im not sure about what Mexican Genocide you are talking about but I am assuming it is over 100 years in the past).
            2-The Falklands were uninhabited when discovered and not stolen from anyone (also even if they were it would not be a race issue).
            3- Diego Garcia was not about race, it was about strategic importance. Had the public been made aware they would have opposed it.

        • Rashan

          Of course it’s not comparable; but it is still racism.
          And kids are our future – what they learn in school, they will carry for their whole life – who knows how many movers and shakers come out of school – Oh wait – a hell of a lot of them

          • james thompson

            But scale matters, the list looses all meaning if it is not correct.

          • Rashan

            I agree – scale is very important of course.
            And yeah, I don’t agree with the list – it is obviously Indiacentric and biased.
            My point is that pointing at the big picture doesn’t mean the little picture does not exist.
            Of course genocide is more serious. Again – you are treating me like an idiot because I have white skin.

      • Duhi

        No he is actually right. I am black and I can tell you that perhaps some of the most racist countries are the ones with monoethnic groups such as Japan. In addition, other places still have backward caste systems such as India. The US is perhaps one of the most tolerable nations. Your average white american doesn’t have the same level of spite against other groups as your average Japanese or Indian individual in their respective countries.

        • Jas

          caste has nothing to do with racism. caste is different sects of menial jobs. such as shudras kathri Brahmin etc.

          • Rashan

            It’s still a cruel system that has been banned in India for good reason

          • Jane

            Hum like blacks shining the white man’s shoes! What is the difference!

        • Steve Bakewell

          WTF Is up with people lumping caste system with RACISM? What does caste system have to do with racism?

        • Christopher Carnell

          Preach it.

        • Jane

          Indians are very racist!

      • Micheal Duncan

        The US is not more racist than Russia or India

        • Paul Homsy

          I disagree. The U.S is far more tolerant than Russia or India.

          • Micheal Duncan

            Then how are you disagreeing with me you just said what I said just different. II’ll say it again “The US is not more racist than Russia or India”

          • Paul Homsy

            My mistake, I didn’t read properly.

          • Big fletch

            silly paul

          • Jas

            ever occur to you that Indians don’t like whites because india got their independence back in 1947 which isn’t even a century ago? ever occur to you that india was invaded by whites in 1498 and 1849 by british and Portuguese and portuguee tried ruining hindus way of life by forcing converts to catholic religion led by white missionaries. my your ignorance is just overwhelming. you too wouldn’t be happy if that happened to your race im sure.

        • Jas

          actually every race has had racism from one race and that is whites.

          • Jane

            YOu are talking about over 100 years ago and ENGLAND. Whites make up hundreds of different races, we are all very different! Just like blacks are very different, it depends on where they are from too.

      • The Oracle of the Pyramid

        Okay? He is clueless and he will never understand.

      • Rashan

        This is absolute nonsense. Racism can be thrown at a white person as much as it can anybody else.

        I’ve been prejudiced many times for my white skin here’s two examples:

        1) An aboriginal (this is the politically correct term in Australia) came up to me and asked me for money while I was eating a pie. I only had about $2 left. I told him that I was too broke.

        He got angry at me and called me a, “Captain Cook arsehole.”

        2) I was in a stretching class where someone let off a massively loud fart. Later on, I asked who it was, the group told me and we all started laughing about it. The person who farted arrived later looking upset.

        Apparently, she was upset with me for making a joke about it and de-friended me forever despite my efforts to tell her that it was just a damn joke.

        I found out later what had happened:

        The lady in question was from the Philippines. There is an ‘honour-system’ there that meant her honour must have been compromised by the joke. The only thing is:

        a) I was in my own country of birth

        b) I have never even heard of this honour system until recently; most Aussies just learn how to laugh at themselves and that is it.

        c) If I had of known about the honour system, I would have respected it.

        This lady was being racist by expecting me to understand the Philippine honour system in my own country of birth.

        I am sure that if someone acted like I did in the Philippines they would have been dealt with angrily for not respecting their culture.

        • Hick Stockton

          lmao, um how is the second example an attack against whites as you claim? That is racism against white people to you? A culture difference which had nothing to do with race but rather country of origin? Pathetic that you implythat australia is a white person country. How racist. You clearly have not experienced racism if that is all you have to show for what you have dealt with as a white person.

          • Rashan

            So you are claiming that nothing I have shown is racist?

            I think you are blinded by hate.

            Use your brain.

            And check out my other messages before judging me on just one.

            I did not say that those were the only two incidents; they are two of 100′s. Check out my other messages on this blog. The point was to show two mild examples. It is obvious you have no interest in anything but pointing your finger – next time use your brain.

            HOW DARE YOU belittle my very dangerous, very life threatening experiences with racism in a hillbilly town where guns is the norm. I have the injuries and scars to prove it.

            For having an Irish background instead of German. That’s 4 years of constant racism thrown at me. I had to literally fight to get any respect at all, and even then, I was called ‘O’Donnell’, word dripping with obvious contempt for not having a German surname.

            And believe me, there are a hell of towns like that out there.

            And yes, the second is a very clear example of mild racism caused by a cultural difference. Anger thrown at someone for not following the etiquette of a culture that they are unaware of is racist. Seems to me like you need to take a closer look at yourself.

            I could tell you of many times I have been beaten up for being racially different. I thought you might have noticed that from my other messages.

            Oh wait – You didn’t read them.

            And NO. I never implied that all of Australia was white. I was merely giving you an example of one mild and racist incident. Frankly, I was getting sick of reminding myself of the hardcore ones, but I see that they are the only ones you are interested in.

            I am proud to be in such a diverse country as Australia, and for your information, hate lover, I am totally against the way that Asylum seekers are treated here. Someone that throws everything away to chance rejection in another country has a bloody good reason for it, and I’m not second guessing that.

            I have friends from many different cultures/races, and I think you’ll find that I am considered fair minded to all of them.

            The fact that you attack my message is a sign that you are the pathetic one, not me.

            In fact, I’m noticing a hell of a lot of hatred thrown towards white people in this whole blog.

            That is racist.

            HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A RACIST!!!!!

            I’ve been standing up against it for a lifetime, hell, one of my friends nearly took a swing at me a couple of months ago for pointing out that he was being racist.

            And for your information, I don’t call Australia Day Australia Day, I call it Invasion Day, like the Aboriginals do here – gets me in trouble, every Year; and I’m goddamn proud of it!

            Word of advice – next time you want someone to take you seriously; don’t throw so much hate at them. And use your brain. Just makes me see red. Like a normal human being; I guess you’re secretly saying ‘whites always say that’ right? That’s not racist?

            I have friends of many different creeds and backgrounds, whether it be religious or racial. They are all treated by the way they treat me – does that sound racist to you?

            It is laughable that your whole argument is based on one message when you obviously haven’t looked at my other messages.

            You need to realize that there are many levels of racism, whether they are subtle or overt. It’s the subtle ones that are harder to notice and often more insidious, as you have so clearly illustrated with your brainless response.

            It is hypocritical to imply that a cultural difference causing a hate filled response is not racist.

            My message to you; look beyond the hate – you’ll start to think clearly then.

          • Jane

            I am half irish. Canada has 10 million Irish here since the great potato famine when the english wanted to wipe ireland off the map. Ireland lost half of its population or more. Irish here are not treated with equal rights like other non-white minorities are. In canada newcomers who are not white get free education, free housing, free medical, jobs because they are not white (called affirmative action) and loads of other things. If you are Irish-first off we were not allowed to keep our langauge so no one speaks it. We are lumped in with english just like scottish people. Irish built most of canada in construction, such as the rideau canal. We have no rights in hiring-that is only for non-whites and french. The french makeup 20% of canada. That is another story! 88000 govt jobs in ottawa, 90% are french people from quebec who dont even live and spend money in ontario-they get to steal all the jobs from the enlgish! Ontario has more chinese than french!

      • Tom Forrest

        Try being white and poor, you’ll get discriminated against. Discrimination is not related to skin color it is something an individual does to another. I saw how some African Americans treated a south American who was black, they belittled tho guy on front of an entire group, telling him he wasn’t really black and that he don’t understand what its like to be black……..when someone else said to cut the guy a Break, they just said shut you white motherf****. So are black people racist too. ….the answer is no….but the black people who where hating on that guy were…

        • Jane

          Just ask the singer Stompin Tom Connors who had to hitchhike at age 3 with his mom so they could eat!

    • Kristine A

      Your entitled to your opinion. Ask a white Brit how he feels about Indians/Pakistanis… if he/she answers honestly your ears will burn. The whole world is racist. It always has been, always will be. We just have to learn to live together and try not to kill each other. It’s ok. Believe in YOUR God, I’ll believe in mine. Do your ethnic thing, ill do mine. In the end just be happy.

      • Jas

        ask a brit of what countries they stole like 90% of the globe

        • Evelyn.

          And a Spaniard.

        • Jane

          You seem to forget the roman empire! And what about the persians!

      • NAYAN

        My name is Nayan Patel. I am Indian. I am 30. I work in a media and publishing company “Forbes” for its commonwealth division. I have been in Germany for 1 year, London for 5 years, France for 2 years. What I have felt about racism in all these countries ,,,,not ready to share here. I have been reading this entire page and comments from all of you friends for the past two hours. I have made my analysis. And honestly, whatever Kristine A have suggested is 100% practical. i would say that everyone should read his comment once more. This is the most practical comment. Racism is not easy stuff to remove from the mind of the person because it is taught by parents, by friends, and may be in school. A 5 year’s kid never know about who is black, white, brown or yellow skin ??? He neither knows about God, Bhagwan, Allah or Jesus. Only one thing i want to tell ……All the humans are “asshole” !

    • アソコ

      wtf japanese is racist?

      • Best_Reviews

        People who are not Japanese are not allowed in many places in Japan if you didn’t know. Landlord refuse to rent to people of other races, and can not get citizenship in Japan unless you are Japanese. Ever ask yourself if that’s racist?

        • mpmp

          >can not get citizenship in Japan unless you are Japanese.

          This statement is so untrue. There are a number of non-Japanese people who gained Japanese citizenship.

          • Best_Reviews

            Besides 2 football players on their teams, and a few super wealthy half-Asians, can you actully count all white Japanese passport holders on 2 hand and all black Japanese, well now, there is 1 token. So yes, there is a dozen caucasian humans who have Japanese passport (since they dont allow dual citizenship).

        • みにごりらさん

          they are allowed to live a life in japan unless they have their own job. and most of landlords don’t refuse them. at last, why do you think they non-japanese can have lots of citizenship(like attending the politic in japan)? of course human rights are guaranteed. one of Europe country was robbed of their region by foreigners.

          • Jane

            Japan did the same thing to other asian nations and they went into korea and other nations and took their women as sex slaves, thousands of them.

        • Jas

          what did whites do to japan in Nagasaki and Hiroshima?(atomic bombing) what did whites do meddling in korea during the forgotten war? what did whites do in Vietnam and whites lost? what did whites do to cvhina during the qings dynasty era opium wars in forcing and humiliating Chinese into signing a unequal treaty and stealing their gunpowder?

          • Best_Reviews

            Japan since Atom bomb became a global leader in technology and one of richest countries in the world.

            North Koreans risk crawling over mine fields and under electric fences to get to South Korea where they don’t have to live in shacks and boil grass for their daily meal.

            Vietnam today is throwing off the communist nonsense slowly and is asking USA to reopen its military base to protect it from China.

            In China whites created Hong Kong which the Socialists are trying their best to grind down even today but the locals, who experienced life under the white man’s democracy are fighting back, check the news dumb ass.

          • Rashan

            Yeah, I agree, and I don’t blame the reaction – those two bombs are in my opinion the most evil singular attacks in human history.
            I think that the Japanese hatred of the US stems more from the Perry attack on their Harbor (Pearl Harbor being a revenge attack of sorts to some of the Japanese) that forced them to open trade to the west, but those two bombs were the icing on the cake.

          • Christopher Carnell

            Wow, you’re usually a learned individual, but.. really? Japan was highly nationalist and racist as hell LONG before those bombs were dropped. Long, long, long before.

          • Rashan

            Erm – did you not know that the Perry attack was in 1853?

            And I am not questioning the racist ideas of Japan before that; I’m merely putting forward the reason why the Japanese government held a special hatred for the US since then until WW2

            The idea that Pearl Harbor was a revenge attack of sorts comes from the Japanese high command (some of) at the time.

            By the way, thanks for calling me learned :-) even if it was to point out something that may not have sounded as such :-)

          • Rashan

            It saddens me that your are only focusing on the evil things that ‘whites’ did. The world was becoming bigger for everyone back then. The concern here is the scale, right.
            What if the Mongols had succeeded in invading Rome?
            It was only the death of a family member and a tradition that made them leave.
            Otherwise, it was practically a sure thing.

            “Whites” as you say it, or ‘the west’ may have never existed, at least, not at the power level that it became.

            Instead we would have Mongolian descendant, (mixed with the local culture) and very different ways of living.

            It just happened to be the western culture that had enough umph and gall to invade countries at such an unprecedented level before.

            There are plenty of nations and dictators that, if given the same chance, would have done the same thing if given such power.

            Anyway, I agree that it was a terrible thing to oppress nations by stealing their resources; and the world is vastly unfair as far as economy goes, and that the western world pretty much tricked the rest of it into giving away (or just plain slaughtering and taking). I agree that it is unfair.
            My point is this, Jas, and always has been (this is directed to ‘white-haters’):

            Stop telling me that I cannot understand racism because I have white skin – can you see the hypocritical nature of this comment?

            Point the finger at the governments and people who run the show. Not at someone for having white skin.

            I’m an O’Donnell. We started off as the Donnellys (The Clan). The O’Donnells have been fighting long and hard against the English then British nation to this very day (O’Donnell is considered an IRA supporters name in Belfast – my mother got frowned upon by the local law enforcement for just having the name as she was passing into Belfast). Precisely because of their invasion policies.

          • Rashan

            I think you are mistaking whites with the US government – China excepted; but in China’s case, I was the ‘powers that be’ of the West (pretty much what is the US today).

        • Rashan

          Yes, Japan is a very racist culture. I went there, and I don’t know how many times I was called ‘Gaijin’ – because I was a foreigner. It is also well known that the more friendly you are treated there, the more of an outsider you are.
          Lucky I was ignorant of that part back then, I found the politeness refreshing and a thing to be admired.
          There is an old Japanese saying: “An assassin is always the friendliest before they attack.” (please be aware this is a paraphrase).

        • Jane

          Same for Iran- no immigration at all! In s. arabia one can never become a citizen even if you are there 500 years!

      • estiver gringoz

        yes japan is very racist. but i cant blame on them, most of Japanese people wont even know what does mean the word ”racism”. They will say that foreigners are ”weird” or have ”different habits” or no manners, therefore they will generalize everyone as being gaijins. Japanese TV is so full of racism that its undeniable that they have no concerns of posing as racists. Other thing very clearly in japan is that there is a clearly separation of races, foreigners only stick with foreigners and Japanese with Japaneses, with few exceptions of those Japanese who wants to learn English, but even so, they will restrict their relation ship with only purpose of learning English and nothing beyond that. Or will mix up just with people of countries they want to travel to (US,UK,Germany). The rest will be treated like lower class citizens. Needless to say that there is no anti-racism laws in japan,they don’t recognize racism as crime, they thing these are ”just cultural” differences, no racism! I lived in Japan for sometime until i get my graduation, i noticed that the most hated are Chinese, Brazilians, Filipinos, Koreans and Afro-black people. I think Japan should be the 3rd of this list, being Greece the 1st and Korean the 2nd.

        • Rashan

          Yes, I agree; I was engaged to a Japanese lady who was very ignorant of her racism indeed. You should have heard what she thought of the Ainu. According to her, they were, ‘Not Japanese.’ Even though the Ainu had been living in what is known as Japan well before the ancestors of the modern Japanese even arrived.
          Also; she really, REALLY wanted me to try whale. Imagine the political argument I had with her then. OK, I admit, that might be a cultural difference, but I just can’t bring myself to eat whale.
          For the record, I didn’t eat whale.

      • estiver gringoz

        wtf??? of course japan is racist!!!!are u nuts??? thats so obvious… JAPAN = RACISM COOL

      • Jane

        I heard in japan you cant use the same washrooms outside-they are seggregated.

    • Margaret

      I don’t know about the UK but America is definitely racist speaking from personal experience aka I live there.America is 3 kinds if racist .The first one is the serious one where people are actually scared and hate those people who are a different race .The second one is the WTF racism l where people think just because America was really racist to there ancestors America is in debt to them for ever commonly know as Oh!So you won’t do this beacuse I’m this .And the 3rd the funny racism where those people who are a different race are the people who make funny let me emphasize on funny.race jokes that are funny and don’t hurt anyone

      • Roy Roberts

        Margaret, WTF are you talking about? What are you a effing’ comedian?

      • Hick Stockton

        lol this old hag. The only people who have ever made racist jokes about me were white. I hang out with asians, I hear no racist jokes to anyone. I hang out with whites, I hear jokes about noodles rice and blindfolding asians with floss.

      • Jane

        So true. I am canadian. My friend here a white man around 60- he used to run security for all of ottawa. In the late, 80s they had to be some token nonwhites. He had two blacks,one a very good working older man and he hired a younger guy in his late 20s. The younger guy (not from canada) was sexually harassing all the women in the building. My friend started getting complaints. He warned this guy 3 times to stop as he could be sued. This black guy kept say ‘the girls they want it” and my friend said NO THEY DONT!. Finally he had to fire him. He had his older black man (who was his best worker) beside him. When my friend told him I gave you 3 warnings, I have 11 women with complaints of sexual harassment- u continue and wont stop, I have to fire you. The first thing this guy said is”Your firing me because Im black”. My friend said James, what color is george beside me, he said black. My friend said, what color were you when I hired you, he said black. So then James said ‘hes an uncle tom!!…then my friend said’ I fire your black ass out the door!! (there was another minority who was a moslem lady-she applied for be a secuirty guard. She had no training but he had to hire her, as he knew she would scream racism (but for whites they have to have a course and experience!) She told him she only wants the job because she likes one of the guards, and she only did rounds when she ‘felt like it”. Then she told him she did not want to use the radio or carry it. I think she only stayed 2 weeks.

    • Steven999

      You idiot

      • cameron

        If you’re not going to contribute to the discussion why say anything at all?

    • Overmind One

      Typical response from an isolated white person. The United States of America is the most racist country on earth. It is the only first world nation (perhaps the only nation) to have “race” institutionalized on the governmental level. Government forms still have Black, White, Asian, Native, etc. Race does not exist. It is a construct, and the United States maintains the construct long after it has been proven that “race” is not real. The only way you are going to know this is true is if you travel OUT of the United States. You will find yourself explaining why the US is so backwards. You are not “white” in Europe. You are merely European. In the UK, perhaps the black/white division does not exist, but I have personally seen the racism against Indians in the UK. This is based in culture though mostly. I do not agree that the UK is anywhere near as racist as the US. But it is still racist. Is this sociopathic behavior where people lacking melanin want to be separate from the rest of Humanity something genetic?

      • cameron

        Isolated white person? I live in London and 90% of my school (and the friends I’ve ever had) were 2nd gen immigrants (parents migrated here) from all over the place, so don’t assume things. I don’t know enough about the situation in the US to comment on what you’ve said, my original contention was with the UK being second. Yes I have also seen the racism against Indians in the UK, as well as Indian on Black, Black on White, Indian on white, and every other type, because racism is ignorance and ANY ethnic group can have ignorant individuals. What makes you think only white people want to separate from other ethnic groups? Also you haven’t been to Europe if you think people identify as ‘European’, unless talking about travelling or the EU, the idea of Europe doesn’t even cross most people’s mind.

    • Bayz

      So the racist countries are those without racial tensions due to isolation?

      The UK does have a lot of racism going on, especially intrinsic systemic racism, and extreme jingoism against continental Europeans, fed mostly by the BBC language of hatred against foreign populations.

      What is true though is that I would not put it on the second most racist country, nor would I put America over Japan, a country where foreigners can’t even get the same benefits as the native Japanese population ever…in my experience America is the least racist of the English Speaking countries I lived in (UK, USA and Australia), with the UK being in the middle and Australia as the worst one, my experiences in aussie land are comparable to those in Russia which are bad but not as bad as the ones in Japan.

      I don’t disagree with the countries that are listed, but the ranking’s order seems a bit off,..

      • cameron

        Yes exactly! Racism is the belief that humanity is divided into races, with genetically specific abilities and traits, and that is far more common a belief in isolated areas where there is very little miscegenation and interaction with other ethnic groups than one’s own. I wouldn’t say this is a blanket rule as some cultures are more tolerant and welcoming than others, but generally, just because they don’t have the opportunity to discriminate and act on their prejudice doesn’t stop them being racist.

        While there is some institutional/street level racism in the UK I am confident that on a person by person basis, people hold less racist beliefs. No way should it be second. You are the first to say it is worse than the US, can I ask where you have lived in both countries to come to this conclusion?

        Also, I agree with most of the countries listed, but Italy, Spain and Portugal should definitely be on it. The US and UK have the most discrimination/racial tension because they have undergone the most rapid demographic changes in the last century due to international immigration and so people have found themselves living amongst different cultures which the average person would find hard to deal with at first; on a person by person basis they hold less racist views than the other countries on the list.

      • Jas

        the racist countries are those who are illegally occupied by whites like the british aiding the fake jew khazar European germans in taking Palestinian lands in the year 1947.

    • Egg

      You are wrong. United states is the most racist country in the world because of many facts. The internet is full with racist comments comming from north americans, they want everyone to speak english, they believe they own the world, etc. Even though i am white, i get weird looks when i speak spanish in the US. You get mean looks by black people if you are white and viceversa. You are supposed to get along poeple ONLY of your race, asians with asians, latinos with latinos, afro with afro, and white with white, i hate american people. PERIOD.

      • Rashan

        You are forgetting that in Japan, being super polite (outside of business deals of course), IS a form of racism.
        Often, the more polite, the more contempt.

    • Jordi

      Care to revisit your idiotic statement?

      • cameron

        Care to contribute to the discussion? Please look up definitions of ‘racism’ and ‘racial discrimination’ and then explain why my statement (not sure which one you are replying to but I argue the same point in all) was idiotic.

    • Αρχιμήδης Μαθηματικός

      London is different from the whole UK. I live in England for 4 years and I can tell that British are racist.
      In London there are more foreign people than british.

    • afjido


    • EsqObike James
      • cameron

        Great, a video of a few dozen scummy football fans posted in a discussion about racism and its prevalence in the world as a whole: you’ve basically just won the entire argument. Why don’t you email it to the admin and tell him to post this instead of the original article? Why don’t I don’t also tell you about my bad personal experience with an Arab a few years ago, and thus prove to you that all Arabs are racist? And yes I am white. Your point?

        Look, football fans are often ignorant and trashy (though definitely not always), and when abroad often they will band together under any possible banner just to feel safe. Unfortunately it was racism the other night, but we still don’t know the whole story. Maybe they were singing it ironically, after ALL being accused of being racist after one/a few people did something despicable: hell, maybe even it was a misunderstanding. I know white people can be racist, most of all football, fans. So your video has little (almost none) significance.

  • Addiye

    I have lived in Italy, Spain and the UK and I would say Spain and Italy are more rasict than the UK. I’m from Nigeria.

    • the big D

      I agree I think that Italy is by far the most racist country in Europe

    • Eduardo Tobias

      Sicily is probally the most racist place on earth.

      • Christopher Carnell

        Japan might give them a run for their money. Might.

      • Jane

        It is strange you say that. I lived in toronto in the early 1990s and everyone wanted to live in either little italy or little greece as they are very friendly funloving, laidback people.

  • America

    What a joke of a list is this? America is the most Racially tolerant country on the planet. Of course it exists here but they aren’t killing each other over it.

    • Tyler Hamel

      Your argument is now invalid. Look at what is happening / just happened in Missouri.

  • Blake

    the biggest genocide in the entire history of man kind is going on right now in Rwanda and the US is ranked most racist country by a website that claims all self-pround natives Americans dislike africans and asians?!?! Even if we base this on inter -race violence, the US is by FAR one of the most, if not THE most tolerant country in the entire world. PLUS we have full and absolute legal protection based on race, which a TON of other countries don’t even have.

    • BrA1N Ma!tEr

      ITs good to be a proud american but face it we have neo-Nazis KKK and other racist organizations not only that the U.S has the most disproportion of love (equality of races) There are Plenty of Jobs where a White male would get paid more then another race even though The other race my have the same and possibly better qualifications then others now take this we have protection but under freedom of speech The kkk and the Neo-Nazis are protected So SAY THANKS TO BEING VERY TOLERANT WITH THIS next up do your research before posting stupid shit and bye…

      • Blake

        You fucking dipshit. The US doesn’t even have the highest proportion of hate group members in the world. And you’re totally right, paying a white make a few more dollars than a black male is TOTALLY more racist than GENOCIDE. (that last part was sarcasm is you didn’t pick up on it)

        Congratulations for making yourself look like the biggest idiot on the internet! (btw, freedom of speech is a great thing, even when it’s used to say mean things to others. I will go to war and get killed for my country’s men and women to say racist/bigoted thing about me)

        • Nick Phonix

          typycal american mother fucker

          • Christopher Carnell

            Typical twat. See? This game is fun!

      • Blake

        Oh jesus christ, I will never get those braincells back that I lost while reading this lol.

        • Christopher Carnell

          LMAO.. I can feel them slowly slipping away but it’s like a train wreck or a deer caught in headlights. I..can’t… look….. away!

    • the big D

      I agree Rowanda is the most racist country in the world and my list would be:

  • RealOne

    Pakistan ain’t racist country tho.

    • fernando

      I am Dominican, I’ve. been to Europe, Mexico, Africa, the USA ect. and to my personal believe is that almost every 3rd world country is way more racist than the USA or the uk the only difference is th9at it doesn’t get reported as in the USA. in the USA they catch people crossing illegally to the USA and they get deported back home, in Dominican republic we shoot the Haitian when they cross, in African countries they still sale slaves and kill in the name of religion, Mexican when have you seen a native Mexican on TV or on a telenovela never and you do c one they are the maid of something. America has been on the forefront of racial equality go ask the jews

    • Nick Phonix

      But most shitiest country in the world

  • RealOne

    they don’t know a shit, they just posted the article. stupid fucks

  • ‘Murica

    How could this list have forgotten South Africa?

  • guestuer9931

    poor article very badly written

  • Peter Rhodes

    This list is BS , if the UK is so racist how come most refugees and asylum seekers want to live there, usually bypassing most other central European countries to get there? Germany also has many refugees from many different countries .And how come Italy, Holland and Belgium don’t even get a mention? Ask a Romanian how the Italians treat them. Whoever runs this web page needs to go and do some proper research .

    • Marcel

      Romanians in Italy are treated well, black people are those who are treated like shit in Italy.

  • Marcel

    Why is not Italy on the list? Italy is the most anti-blacks racist country in the world and Italians are hardcore anti-blacks racist.
    Italy is full of crazy fascists, it’ s a freakin’ dangerous country if your skin is not white.
    UK number 2 and USA number 1? Oh please that’ s ridiculous, they don’ t even have to be on the list.

  • Kristine A

    Ummmmmm where’s Brazil??? Brazil had more slaves than the US. Approx 10M, slavery ended in the United States in 1965, 1888 for Brazil. I would rated the United States, 3rd, or 4th in this horrible top ten. Behind Brazil, Belgium… (Yes BELGIUM They invented cutting off the limb of Africans… Look it up good ole King Leopold at one period of time owned what is now Congo) South Africa (lets not forget those friendly people) and maybe then the US. Just my two cents. Feel free to disagree with me. But looking into Brazil, Belgium, and South Africa. You will see Brazil and Belgium can rival Nazi Germany on the whole Genocide path to ethnic purity. America has done horrible things… Native Americans, Black slaves, Chinese worker etc… but not on the scale of these other countries.

  • MyOwnOpinion

    What dishonest, uneducated or biased persons made this list? It’s laughable! Where are the muslim countries, (they should cover the entire list). If you want a real assessment check out this link:

  • Pedro

    You’re forgetting France.

  • Ray

    Christ! Who put this sh*t together.? Major shoulder chip.

  • Tricia

    You kinda forgot about South Africa

  • Fen

    You forgot…everywhere!

  • fernando

    some people that never been to a 3rd world country don’t know what ‘s racism, half of my family is Dominican the other half is white spanish, I been all over the world south America Europe and the Caribbean and let me tell you something the USA is by far the most racial friendly in the world, we Dominican are 80% black, Dominican hate Haitian because they are black and the ignorant part is that we are black. black African American don’t know how good they got it, we have to stop complaining about racism. the first slavemaster? black and what’s going on in south Africa? mass slaughter of whites, and you dont see no body talking about it. there a lot of messed up countries in the world where only the few have opportunity, but here in the USA doesn’t matter you race you’re religion all that matter is the will to fight if you dont believe me go move to a 3 rd world country an you would see.

  • fernando

    oh and another the only reason minorities complain about racism in the USA is because they have a voice here, in our countries we dont so we can’t. yell bloody murder.

  • fernando

    1:south africa 2:russia 3:germany 4:Pakistan 3:india 4:Spain 5:France 6:Holland 7:Brazil 8:Argentina 9:UK 10: usa

  • Muhammad Ali

    Pakistan and India shouldn’t in a list..however it sad that these two nations has so much conflicts and bad image for each other ..But there isn’t any internal racism in religious,colors and others point of view…….

  • Rhys Kunigin

    so biased against the west and russia

  • Rhys Kunigin


    • Steve Bakewell

      it only proves that people are racist towards Indians lol

      • Christopher Carnell

        You are just a living facepalm, aren’t you? It’s cool though. Every group should have a clown around to lighten the mood.

        • Steve Bakewell

          Just stating the facts.. the real clowns are the people who want to vilify Indians just because they’re racists themselves.

  • Womb Raider

    This list wasn’t too good. I knew America would be #1. America’s short, amazing history will always be clouded by the racism felt by the natives, blacks, Hispanics and, Asians. If this list was based off internet trolling, then America definitely deserves to be #1. Much of the racial filth comes off the thumbs of some American with nothing else to do but blame everybody else for their problems.

  • James Milb

    I knew these dumbasses were gong to slight the US and call them the most racist country. What a load of crap. Recent studies show US and UK to be the LEAST racist in the world— with India, Jordan on top for most racist, based on asking the population questions such as “Would you be ok living next to people of other race?” — this is a dumb opinion peace based on no fact. To think these idiots would put US in front of countries like Sudan, Rawanda, Cambodia, Yugoslavia which ahve all had recent ethnic genocides… not to mention the middle east where the governments of Iraq gassed the Kurds and killed thousands of their own people because of their race. The list goes on and on/

    • Alicja

      Okay if UK is the least racist, then 1 in 3 isn’t a lot is it? Honestly you wouldn’t know until you actually had to deal with the racism.

    • Steve Bakewell

      History speaks for itself.. slavery&racial segregation in the U.S proves that it IS in fact the most racist country on earth.

      • James Milb

        You are idiotic beyond belief. You MUST be an American— am I right? What sheltered life do you lead, free from knowledge of what’s in the rest of this world, to be so ungreatful for the freedoms you have & to actually believe the US is the most racist country on earth? Slavery and “segregation”— oh my! No country has ever dared to do THAT before!

        Lets give you a history lesson to take you out of your liberal guilt bubble.

        Slavery is as old as man itself. Today, with Slavery abolished for over 200 years in America, there are more slaves on earth than there ever were during the trans atlantic slave trade. India has the most, at 12 mil, and China second place for 2 mil. Africa and the middle east, uncountable. Slavery roots from the word Slav— Eastern Europeans, who were enslaved by many empires over the years. Barbary slave trade enslaved millions of whites from Iceland and the coasts of Europe by African warlords, more recent than trans atlantic. While the US imported 600,000 slaves total, South America & Carribean island had over 10 million. Islam imported more than 100 milloin slaves, and had done it for over 1000 years. The slaves the US bought were already slaves from African chieftains, who sold them to us for whiskey, firearms, and trinkets. US slavery was brutal, but nearly as bad as South America, where millions more had to be imported since so many died, or Islamic slaves that were forced to be castrated. From Persia, Rome, Greece, China, Hawaian & Aborignee natives, Africa, Genghis Kahn, to the middl east, EVERYONE HAS HAD SLAVES.

        Next, you bring up segregation. Oh my!! The most RACIST thing on earth! Never mind Rawandans genociding Tutsis by the millions with machetes, because they think they are cock roaches. Never mind Sudanese butchering millions in DARFUR over racist beliefs, never mind middle eastern countries showing kids cartoons that Jews are murderous theiving animals that need to be genocided. Never mind that in Italy, the players throw bananas on the field to taunt black players and call them dumb gorillas, or in Germany Blacks will die if they walk down a bad neighborhood. Korea and Japan still do black face and think Blacks are savages. South African apartheid rule was only 30 years ago, and WE are the most racist ones. What a joke!

        I could literally go on and on—- but NO, US is sooooo racist because we shared some racism in our past like every other people on earth who have trouble integrating different cultures. Few countries share our civil and human rights, discrimation laws, college diversity quotas, liberal media, and progressive agendas.Few countries are as racially diverse as America— where our PRESIDENT who had majority vote IS BLACK.

        Get learn some history before you spew your nonsense

        • Steve Bakewell

          Ha ha personal insult is the tenant of the intellectually deficient..

          I also love how you’re trying to blur the line between racial segregation&discrimination with various other forms of ethnic&religious discrimination.

          In fact it is only USA which groups people by their race even today no other country i know does that and the “Modern slavery” isn’t the same as the old institutionalized slavery where a human being is like an item with no human rights nevermind the fact that in US slavery was race based.

          Your mental gymnastics only makes you look more desperate… USA is one of the if not THE MOST racist country on earth.

          “Never mind that in Italy, the players throw bananas on the field to taunt black players and call them dumb gorillas”
          That’s still not comparable to subjugating millions of people and destroying their culture..

          • James Milb

            Blue the line between segregation & discrimination? No— I’m trying to show you how other countries treat their minorities. America has very progressive policies to keep things fair between races/ethnicities, & most other counrties have no such thing. People are routinely discriminated at best,butchered at worst, for their race & ethnicity. Since you are so adamant that race is a social construct, why do you differentiate between a country discriminating against, or worse, BUTCHERING, ethnicities of their choice vs racial discrimination?

            Why do you act as if slavery in the US is some isolated incident? Slaves have been around for thousands of years, and virtually NO country on earth enslaves its own people. They enslave people of other race and ethnicity. Blacks were slaved, not because they were Black— but because Africans were selling them shoreside by the millions for whiskey and trinkets. Did you forget that part?

            I can’t see how you turn a blind eye to ISIS beheading Kurds & Europeans living in the area, putting propaganda to children that westerners (whites) are evil and they should be killed, but call USA the most RACIST place on earth… a land where Blacks can get into colleges wtih 3/4th the score of whites, where Corporations desperately try to hire Blacks to satisfy the needs of their “Chief Diversity Officers”, where white businesses are routinely, frivulously sued for legitimately firing Black staff for legitimate reasons, where we have dumb lawsuits; such as the recent “The Bachelor” case, where they were sued for not having a Black “Bachelor” contestant, where billions of dollars of benefits are spent giving Blacks affordable housing, wellfare, food stamps, and other benefits…. where are schools teach us from kindergarden onward the joyous ways of diversity and the evils of racism. South African Apartheid was more recent than the US civil rights movement— what of them? Today, South Africa has genocided most of the white farmers left on the land. Zimbabwe has taken all of white people’s property away. What of the racist path of these countries— from both the whites and blacks who once dominated, or now dominate, the politics? What of hitler mass murdering Jews, gays, and minorities by the millions 60 years ago?

            Calling USA the most racist country in the world is the most profoundly ignorant statement in the world. Slavery is, and always has been worldwide and existed since the beginning of time. To say that the slavery in the US was the worst in history is another idiotic statement. We imported 600,000 slaves, vs 11 million to Sotuh America & Central America & Carribean, and 100 million to the Middle East. Sheer numbers aside, the treatment of the slaves in these lands was FAR WORSE than in the USA. The treatment of the whiet Slavs, or the recent enslavement of whites from Iceland by the Barbary slave trade, were also profoundly more brutal and dehumanizing. What of those countries?

          • Steve Bakewell

            No blurring the line between RACIAL discrimination&segregation with other forms of non-racial discrimination&segregation.

            “trying to show you how other countries treat their minorities”
            THAT’S IRRELEVANT as long as its not racism this list is about most RACIST countries.

            “most other countries have no such thing”
            Most countries i know don’t even acknowledge separate races.. in america if you fill a basic form you have to fill out your race of ASIAN/BLACK/HISPANIC etc i much prefer a govt which doesn’t do that..

            “Since you are so adamant that race is a social construct”

            lol when did i say that? all i said was that govt needs to treat all citizens as equals without segregating them into more groups…. racial segregation is a thing most govts don’t give a damn about except for USA of course.

            “NO country on earth enslaves its own people”
            LOL WUT? African slave traders were the ones who sold the blacks to americans.

            “putting propaganda to children that westerners (whites) are evil and they should be killed”
            They have all the rights to be mad at USA for destabilization&balkanizing their middle eastern countries! you meddle the with the world now stop playing the victim! americans are the biggest terrorists in the world.

            “a land where Blacks can get into colleges wtih 3/4th the score of whites”
            You mean the same country where they were they were one slaves? yeah that’s really grateful of you people though it would be nice if you guys stop using the N-word to insult them and remind them of their past.

            “Today, South Africa has genocided most of the white farmers left on the land”
            I guess that’s just karma huh?

          • Christopher Carnell

            Don’t bother. Some morons haven’t evolved to the point where they can understand how to be insulted.

        • Jane

          And England had 18 million white slaves from Ireland and Scotland. Okay- its payback time! Affirmative action for Irish and scottish! Want to know something. The poor irish men were the first to be called niggars! Long before the africans were slaves!

  • Larry Longneck

    So, the writer is Indian and ranks his country last. That’s interesting since India is well known for its use of a cast system. I have been to India and felt very unwelcome even though I was treated well. It was the looks and whispers behind my back that made me feel that way.
    I have visited many other Asian countries and felt the same way. During the Korean war I know babies produced from a mixed relationship were shunned. Even orphanages refused to accept them. A good friend wanted to marry a Korean girl but her family forbade it because he was white. Her father told her he would kill her if she went ahead with it.
    In many parts of Africa white people are not welcome. A missionary friend was severely beaten because he was white. Another friend was attacked when he visited with his new African bride. She was told she would be killed for being with a white man.
    Yet the USA and the UK are tops on the list? The two countries in the world where you can go and do these things and live a decent life, yet they are the worst? The two countries in the world where these people have a voice yet they are the worst? Yes, there is racism. It’s not going to completely go away. There will always be ignorant, pitiful people. But it is better than anything else I can imagine. This is why I think this list is wrong.

    • kelly

      italy is the highest racist in the world

      • TheBusterMan

        No offense,but Italy,or any other country,begins with a capital letter,it’s ‘they’re’,not ‘their’,and when you start a new sentence,after a full stop,you always use a capital letter.Now who’s uneducated?

    • Steve Bakewell


  • Nick Phonix

    americans are the biggest racist jerks ever

  • Lonetraveller

    US is not that bad, I’ve been in the US for 8 years and I only encountered few incidents. But on my fourth days of traveling to Japan, well, those subtle racism are enough to ruin your trip.

  • tonsmorecowbell

    Any list without Italy is a joke. They are the only country I know of to chant ‘There are no black football players’ to their own black citizen, Mario Balotelli, and throw bananas on the field. F&&&&&& BANANAS!!! are you serious?

    • Rashan

      Yeah, I agree – wasn’t Italy fascist back in WW2?

  • sndfdw

    You’ve got to be fkin joking me. I’ve lived in 6 if these countries for extended periods if tjme,. By far more racist are Singaporeans over the Germans, Australians, and Indians. What truly defines racism is fear – something a shitty country like Singapore is well versed in.

  • Rudra Vikrama

    Chaitanya Khanna is an idiot. He is a traitor. He does not know what racism means.India should have been nowhere in the list. Racism is a totally European concept. This idiot does not even know that Hindus and Muslims of India are no different races. Also the Marathis and Bihars are no different from each other racially. Indians do not know racism. The disputes between Marathis and Biharis is a cultural one ,not racism. Likewise, the Hindu-Muslim dispute and Gujrat riots were the result of religious differences. The so-called “slit throat north- south superiority competition ” is totally rubbish. Its a matter of great shame for you Mr. CHAITANYA KHANNA that being an Indian YOU question the secularism, racial tolerance and incredibility of India. It would be better if you leave India and go some where else because you are not worth calling an indian.


  • Ferguson

    The dude is right about America being racist, but its different then what you think, used to it was black people were discriminated against but now its starting to sorta go the other way, sure people say that they target black people left and right and frame them but think about it like this, if a white guy killed a black dude and got away with it, it would be national fucking news, riots would erupt instantly, hint the Zimmerman trial, if a black dude killed a white guy, doesn’t even make headlines, if he gets away scott free and white people protest they are seen as racist motherfuckers, its sort of a case of reverse racism, that’s really getting disgusting, but also, u put America as the most racist country? Bro, you just said Rowanda killed 800,000 Tutsis, and u are saying America is the most racist? The fuck, we may’ve had slaves at one point but that is over and behind us, we didn’t fucking massacre people or start a genocide for Christs sake u dipshit

    • Mehdi

      what the fuck are you talking about? white people get away with all sorts of crime here in the US. when a minority commits a crime here they are labeled “terrorist”, “Gangster”, “Nigger”, but when a white person commits a crime they get away with because they have “mental problems”.

      • Hick Stockton

        They yell “CHINK” out the window then drive off like a bunch of pussies.

  • suparna

    Please add New Zealand to the list. It is far more racist than Australia. I have lived and worked there so can comment. I have interacted with Australians who do not come across as racists at all- even have friends there who have never faced racism. Much of the racism in Australia is media hyped.

  • Johnny Schneider Antoine

    Who ever made that list has no Idea what he is talking about Germany USA UK in that list. Come on people. Where is spain and France?

  • amin

    Pakistan is the least racist country. Look at the survey .

  • Hillary

    Racisim is all over the world. I dont care where you live its all over. I have a european back ground. Some people think europeans are stuck up. Theres just nothing you can do about it except treat people the way you want to be treated.

  • ethantoanlam

    A lot of posters here are missing the points. Racism is not just about ethnic. Put the powerhouse certain Arab country in here & ask the women or the poor to hear what they say to name a few. India should be the number one that fit the above descriptions (gender + rapes + against the poor) + ethnic!

  • 4thaugust1932

    If you meet anybody from India ask him “What Is Your Caste?” If he answers it, then you’re doomed. Because he has already injected Cancer into your Country. Caste is like Cancer. It cannot be Cured. It has to be Cut-Off.

  • Best_Reviews

    Your list is nonsense. Does a single black person have Japanese citizenship? Can blacks even enter a 5 star restaurant in Japan without a japanese chaperone? Is the official name for blacks ‘monkeys’ used on official documents in Ukraine? Is the official word for Jew in Poland ‘Greedy’? On most popular comedy-soap opera in Mexico does the part where everyone throws bananas at the African member of cast get biggest applause? What is the only country in Middle East to allow Muslims and Jews to serve on Supreme Court and Parliament and gives blacks, arab muslims and jews citizenship with equal rights? Only Israel. Is the US president black? Did black president get re-elected? Can blacks call whites ‘cracker honkeys’ in US and keep their job but whites calling blacks ‘darkies’ immediately get fired?

    • dwiteprivilege

      on the last part. I say this to my white friends all the time. Unfortunately your ancestors were just so racist that you can’t get away with a lot of things other minorities can. It is what it is. White people have to carry that over their head just like black people have to carry all the negative stereotypes they have to deal with. At the end of the day though people are individuals and I treat everyone as such. I don’t care what skin color you are. Do right by me and you are ok with me. life’s too short for that dumb stuff.

      • Best_Reviews

        So let’s look at Russia. Not a single black man or woman has ever been a slave in Russia. Russia’s most famous poet Pushkin was half African, and 200 years ago was a nobleman. Russia had no colonies in Africa. Russia supported every anti-colonial movement in Africa in 20th century. So let me ask you, how racist were the ancestors of the 200,000,000 white Russians alive today, and what do they owe the black man?

      • Best_Reviews

        Millions of Russian Americans in USA who come from a country that never had a colony in Africa, never had black slaves, spend billions arming every anti-colonial movement in Africa, plus most beloved poet in Russia from 200 years ago, was a mixed black and also an aristocrat. So what is it exactly that their white ancestors should be ashamed about?

    • Hick Stockton

      isreal treats nonjews like complete dog shit. Their whole state is built on an idea of a country for jews. I guess you forget how arrogantly and demeaning they treated the berbers when they first arrived. I guess youhave looked at their laws banning marriages between religions. PLease stfu.

      • Best_Reviews

        So how come 84% of Muslims in Israel want to continue living under Israeli government over Palestinian government? Are they all retarded or is it that you like sucking off ISIS imams each morning?

  • Lou

    Guys we are all humans and therefore we should treat each other equally! Above list please remove U.K and U.S from the top list, I do not think they should belong there! Others should be further investigated and must not be ranked at all! A simple mention will help them improve. But most of all, each and everyone in this forum must promote respect and equality on religion, races and nationality no matter what country you are in! – A simple advise!

    • Alicja

      1 in 3 Brits admit they are racist.

  • don don

    How is the US the most racist country?
    THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED IS BLACK!!! however wrote this article is not very bright.

    • Tyler Hamel

      Just because we have a black president doesn’t mean a single thing. To be honest, racism became more prevalent when he came into office. One time a group of people holding the confederate flag came out telling Obama to come out with this hands up. What does that tell you?

      • Kk

        What it means is that more than half of the country, which is mostly white, elected a mixed race president. This is even more surprising because he isn’t black, but both. Racism is so against this from all sides that they came up with a word to single them out, mulato. They are even more hated than black or white.
        After the election the racists got louder but they didn’t grow in population. Racism isn’t more prevalent just more irritated.

    • Jane

      Because he is anti-white!

  • Tao Te Ching

    I’m a black Australian and the idea a relatively small amount of racist abuse of Indian visitors (abuse that I condemn like most Australians do) is somehow worse than the Rwandan genocide is completely surreal. In my personal experience, far more racial abuse occurs between different ethnic groups in Mumbai every day.

  • Erris Brownie Brown

    The UK leads the world in interracial dating percentage. About half if not more of the white women there date black men sooo…

    • Alicja

      Yeah but if you are white and foreign, you’re fucked…

  • Shengli-zhe

    Argentina, Spain, Poland, anyone??

    • Alicja

      Poland is racist against stupidity and doesn’t tend to allow various religions, but 1 in 3 people in the UK say there are racist so…

  • Gabon Dessoliers

    A very accurate list indeed.If people would only marry each other and have babies from all the different cultures and just keep mixing it up then we would have have super human’s with attributes from all these nations.They would have more power than He Man and Castle Grey skull.I would like to kick start the big mix up in Ireland by having sex with as many females from different cultures as i can.Any volunteers?

  • moo

    Uhh multiple countries that continue to commit genocide or recently stopped committing genocide are less racist than US, UK, and AUS? only WASPs can be racists right?

  • junaid

    totally bullshit
    Germany is not at all racist.
    I am an Indian student living here in Germany since last 18 months and I never experienced racism here.
    Please dont make your decision with past and don’t misguide people with your holy crap,

  • shone1209

    How did he make this list?
    Where are reliable objective quantitative scientific bases ?
    What about sources ? pfff
    This list can be racism per se.

  • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

    After having traveled to many countries around the world, I’ve realized that America is actually one of the least racist countries there is. I’m a liberal and I used to think America was horribly racist. In fact, it is one of the most diverse and accepting countries in the world. When I lived in Thailand, I had friends of Indian descent that were refused from jobs and were told flat out that they were not getting hired because their skin was too dark. This would not happen in the US.

  • Brian Parker

    Rwanda does not belong on this list. However, it could be on a list of countries in which some of their people are very stupid. The Belgians and the Americans contrived to have Africans kill other Africans. Rwandans were apparently too accomodating to people not of their race (Belgians and Americans) as I believe they are to all peoples not of their race.

  • Angelov

    WTF…..I’m sorry, your list sucks. You put the country with probably the most diversified society in the world 1st and you put people standing in front of the skulls of their neighbors somewhere in the middle. I think your list discriminates against common sense.

  • WayneofOZ

    So what data or statistics is this list based on. The USA, Australia, Germany & Britain are same of the most multicultural countries in the world. This list is garbage.

  • cristiana

    This list is ridiculous! Absolutely Pakistanis are not racist there are also people who are African Muslim!
    My husband is Muslim and Pakistani and I am Brazilian, he is the most tolerant person I’ve ever known.
    Just because one is a Muslim means that you know how many racist people who go to Catholic and Protestant practice brotherhood and do not even have the courage to shake your hand!
    This is just hypocrisy!

  • Mei Chan

    come on, I don’t think USA is the most racist country

    • dwiteprivilege

      i do. but I live in America so…

      • Hick Stockton

        lol sir you must live in boston

  • AJ Prasad

    The list is skewed as the USA celebrates LEGAL IMMIGRATION. For a nation to elect Obama means that more than half voted for him, a good portion of the other half that didn’t, just did not agree with his policies, only a very small amount went against him based on race.

    No other country is as diverse as the USA which means of course there are going to be racial tensions but, despite what you see on internet comments the majority of the USA are good people who have no problem living side by side. with other ethnic groups. That’s the American Way.

    Just look at the last Olympic Games. While most nations generally have athletes with the same ethnic background and skin color the USA is as colorful as ever. Black, White, Red, Yellow, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if we had green people in a year.

    There is Racism in the USA but to say its more than India or Japan is just idiotic. In India dark skin is frowned upon (which is stupid seeing as the people are naturally dark). They have commercials for products to lighten skin so your life is better.

    In the media and movies the light skin indians are the heroes and good peple and the dark skin are usally the villains or comic relief.

  • Amrit Pal

    Countries are not racist..People are racist in every country.

  • enrique

    Where the hell is Zimbabwe? White people are killed there by the order of the president.

  • David Tollisen

    India is not much racist. Israel and Iran on the top.

  • Gatteo

    Qatar? Saudi Arabia? Sauth Africa with apartheid?
    Argentina? South Korea and North Korea?
    France with the Banlieue?

    Hungary and Norway with hte most extreme right wing governments?
    What about Belgium that has stopped to give working visa from a couple of months?
    What criteria did you use for this ranking? Is not reliable!

  • VinnyVendetta

    Ethnic Background does not equal Racial makeup.. The conflict in Rwanda dealing with The Tutsi and the Hutu is not a conflict between two different Races more than it is two different ethnicities. This is more of cultural prejudice than it is racism.. Thats like a Peruvian showing hatred towards an Argentinean

  • Broadfall Productions

    dumb…countries aren’t racist , people are and people aren’t groups they are individuals.

    • dwiteprivilege

      countries are made out of groups and individuals…

    • Christopher Carnell

      You semantics nazis are really starting to piss me off.

      • Tom Forrest

        I think you meant to say anti-Semitic nazis…. Other wise that makes no sense at all…..semitic nazis????….would mean Jewish nazis……

  • cistiana

    I have to laugh on pakistan is the list of countries most racist?
    My husband is Pakistani and I am black,
    I laugh that they have put Italy.
    Italy is also a country of racists, I talk about that I lived eighteen years in Italy!
    I have to laugh that they put blacks and Asian countries as racists! Everyone knows who the real racists on this Earth!
    The human being should be ashamed to be so self-righteous,
    At the end we are all born in the same way and in the same way we die!

  • Gaforjia Rocovic


  • Liz

    Can’t say for sure, but looking at the world through my own lens and the places I’ve actually visited and lived, this ranking seems pretty accurate, but that is self-centered

  • claire

    Most of the misery in the world today comes from white racism. From the moment the white man put his foot outside of Europe in Africa, North America, South America, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand , India, SE Asia, et al., the rivers of blood and tears have not stopped. Our lands, our customs, our identities, our languages,our religions, our way of life,our treasures. Not a ‘please’ or ‘thank you’. Is it not the white man that has upset the balance of our world? As far as I know, it is only Japan, Thailand and Ethiopia that the white man has not colonized and stole from. Can you believe that? The inversion that now the white person is victim of racism is to be dismissed entirely. Their racism is now so hidden and sophisticated, that we get side-tracked by the right winger who blathers hate speech. As a note to the compiler of the list, Apartheid South Africa had taken racism to the nth degree of hatred. Never has there been such an awful system in the world such as Apartheid. How could you miss it? It is to make one go mad to think that so so many people on our planet Earth suffer the most unbearable and unimaginable pain.

  • rocket625

    were #1 were #1 and not by a small amount.

  • pozoh2

    Racism and hate is mostly prevalent in Asian countries, especially towards black people. I so much feel the hate that I sometimes want to throw up when am in an Asian country. It is mostly common among the Indians and Malays. The Chineese are more tolerant and knowledgeable than others though.

  • dwiteprivilege

    I don’t know about rankings and all that America should definitely be on the list lol

  • Jema Ndibwile

    stupid list I have ever seen. You need a lot of research before you thruough up some bullshit like this. IGNORANCE

  • Muscles>VanillaIndyMidgets

    Italy, England, Japan, Russia. Sweden, Denmark, Germany, India, China and Brazil are the 10 real racist countries in this world. PERIOD.

    • Hick Stockton

      forgot israel

  • Rayfu06

    soo hey. i am a muslim and an asian on top of that. have always wanted to study abroad and get a job abroad but still scared about how i will be accepted there. any idea the best place there is for me? i mean, in us and european area.

  • Alanoud AlThani

    I’m an Arab. I can’t say I completely agree with this list. I personally don’t think that there still is racist tension towards blacks in the UK. I’ve been there , and I haven’t seen any of that.

    In my opinion. There is no such thing as a ‘racist country’. Every country has its good and bad.

    Except Israel. Those are raised amongst the belief “we are the chosen people of God” and that they are better than everyone else. Anyone remember the racist protest in Israel? “I am proud to be racist!”

  • Nina T

    I feel the most racism in the United States. I think the list is correct. I feel strong racism in South of U.S. such as Texas.

    • Hick Stockton

      what racism?

  • Tomos Burton

    It might just be that the grass is greener. I tend to think the UK is more racist, especially towards East Asians, than people are willing to admit and Japan isn’t as bad as people say but then maybe I’ll go over there and start thinking it’s really bad.

  • smok wedsmok

    wheres switzerland on this list?

  • Not Real

    The top 3 are all Anglo countries – how predictable.

    Unfortunately for your argument, the statistics say otherwise. Take a look:

  • Laide Lawal

    I agree that the USA should be number 1 on the list but the UK & Germany should not the on that list. This is my list from 1 -10: USA, Russia, Ukraine,Turkey (towards Kurds), Israel, China (towards Africans/Blacks), Spain, Italy, South Korea, Japan. We see a lot of these pigs in many parts of Africa, making money and enjoying life, and they never face racism from Africans so fuck you all. Africans, let’s start doing to these pigs what they do to us in their nations. This is why I don’t live in their darn countries. I live in mine. Do them them what they do to us!

  • Hobbes11

    The list is cheap bullshit to attract clicks. Developed countries such as the UK and USA have equal rights legislation ‘coming out of their ears’, allowing individuals to get legal redress and generous compensation if they feel discriminated against for race, sex, gender. Guess what? None of the third world countries listed above plus Japan have anything like that. Put this list upside down with Japan at the top and it might be a half decent stab at the top 10. As it stands it is BS.

    • Alicja

      Just because there is a law doesn’t mean you an actually do something about it. The whole point of white glove racism is because it’s hard to prove…almost impossible even.

  • Cloud9

    All people are racist in varying degrees. Period.

  • 4thedition

    Bullshit. America is probably one of the LEAST racist nations on Earth. Literally ALL of Europe and Asia are more racist. Japan does not allow immigrants for the purpose of racial purity.

  • Fatosh

    You dumb people forgot the Netherlands. I live here. Born and raised. But originally from morocco. Here in the Netherlands, we Dutch-Moroccans people are being treated the same as Jews before.

    Remember how calling someone a ‘Jew’ was an insult. The same here in the Netherlands but the with ‘kut Marokkaan’ meaning ‘Moroccan cunt’

    It took me years to friggin find a job because my name is obviously Moroccan so they basically ignore your job application and put a stamp on you. I was fuc king born and raised in this country.

    Moroccans in the Netherlands=Mexicans in USA.

    • Hick Stockton

      no…unless you guys have Moroccans that illegally immigrate to the Netherlands. We only dislike mexicans that don’t follow our immigration laws.

  • Kk

    It’s a little odd to say that racism in America is about how Native Americans feel about everyone else who lives here. It’s like saying that a small family of mice hates the large community of cats that rule the area. They may dislike the cats but it is a rare moment that they can actually discriminate against them.

  • dirkbruere
  • Norman Macdonald

    When Aliens finally make their presence known, by landing in every corner of this World. Human rule will come to an end,

  • Alicja

    Finally someone isn’t afraid to say that the UK is racist. Let’s be honest they are racist, but they wear white gloves. Do you know what that means? It means that they will crush you like a bug until you can’t stand it a second longer. It means that they will make sure that you can’t get a decent education as long as you are foreign and there is a slight chance you might become someone here in the UK.

    Honestly, I have lived in England for 10 years. I am a foreign, white woman. That means I don’t only have to deal with the racism towards my nationality, but also the fact that I’m a woman aka sexist jokes on top of the woman are easy remarks.

    Thank you for exposing them for who they truly are…much appreciated.

  • Rashan

    OK – I don’t agree with this list – it is obvious that the author is romanticizing his own country by putting them at only number ten in the list.
    Anyone who goes to India, and notices the poverty the coupled with the caste system that, although may be banned, is still very much in place, will realize how racist it is over there.
    It should be much higher on the list.
    It is laughable, then that he would put Pakistan next on the list, implying that people from India are just that little less racist than their neighbors, is a racist judgment in itself.

    I’m an Australian and I am white. But I was brought up with an open mind towards all cultures, creeds, etc.
    For the record, the majority of Australians do not agree with the way that the asylum seekers are treated. It is the governments policies that are racist.
    It just seems that the list is also prejudiced against anything that is either; white, European, or not Indian.

    Here’s a quote for you:

    “Most racists think that they are not, and justify it with racism.”

    I think that the only real way to be a ‘non-racist’ it to sit down and look at yourself honestly. What influences are there in there from your upbringing or culture.
    Then ask yourself:
    “Is there anything racist in there?”
    If the answer is no, then you probably are. If the answer is yes, then you are examining this aspect, now it can be improved.
    If you said yes (if you said no you are already blind to it) then ask:
    “Do I act on this racism?”
    If the answer is no, then you are probably not a racist.
    If it is yes, then at least you have admitted it to yourself (this is the hardest step and it takes, real, genuine humility). Finally, you can do something about it.

    • ThisIsMe

      India is more about social class, not really race. U=You said it yourself… CASTE. That’s why it number ten, while America is number one, not because of money, but because of actual race.

  • Ian M

    lol usa number one

  • black knight
  • Baron Bifford

    I think America and the UK are actually among the most racially tolerant countries on Earth. Compare USA & UK to countries like Russia or India and Myanmar and they are a near paradise of tolerance by comparison. In India every now and then we get ethnic massacres. In Russia, extreme right wing thugs roam the streets pouncing on any foreign looking person they find.

  • Eduardo Tobias

    Where is Mexico? I myself am Hispanic born in the US from Mexican parents and I cannot go visit over there. They hate Mexican Americans because they claim they have forgotten their culture and the language. I hear they stone chicanos.

    • Eduardo Tobias

      Also it’s pretty ironic that they hate Mexican Americans considering that many of them want to move over here.

      • Christopher Carnell

        The spit at the bottom of a couple of my ordered drinks and being kicked out of more than one establishment after stepping one foot in the door will attest to the validity of your posts. I think the biggest laugh I had while there was being “asked” if my order was to go. At least they fed me and the spit quotient was minimal, lol.

  • ThisIsMe

    At this point with all the decisions for not inditing multiple police officers, I would say that America is the most racist country, not because of the over excessive racism, but because there is no progress being done when America is supposed to be the country that sets the standard for every other one. At this point, we have hit the all time low, going back to slavery times. I would almost say that slavery times were better than now. At least slaves understood what was happening, now killings are completely random. Every young black teenager is scared. There has been so many names within the last year that this issue cannot be ignored. A 12 year old was shot last week by police officers. I’m pretty sure that they will also be indited too, especially now that one of them has been called unfit. This situation is getting out of line and it needs to be solved. Obama is definitely not going to do anything, though this applies to half of him and 2/3 of his daughters.
    Personally, though I haven’t been susceptible to much racism living in New York, I still do not enjoy living here. It’s not because of the stereotypes, but because of the segregation between the races. Whites are with white, black with black, etc. The only place that I have really seen a very diverse community was in Canada. Though I am sure there is some racism there, all I saw where people of different colours, personalities, situations coming together. In New York, that is almost never seen unless it is in a high school or other place where everyone is forced together.
    I am so fed up with the way that this country is going, and I really can’t wait until I can finally move anywhere else.

  • gondal

    I was born in the UK and my parents came here as children. I lived here all my life and pay my taxes but because of my brown skin, I have suffered racism all my life, whether that’s walking down the street, on the train, at work, in the gym, in cinemas, restuarants etc.. I have come to the conclusion that I will never truly be apart of this country but I deal with it. Maybe Ive just got used to it. I suppose it’s all that I can do. I’ve been beaten up many times as a child on my way home fom school. No child should ever have to see their parents being threatened by racist thugs. It stays with you all ur life and hurts as much even years later. Not may people would try their luck now that I am older and can look after myself. I think racism is caused by people’s own lack of security and as a result it causes people of minorities in any country to become insular. Constantly being the victim of racism can either make you paranoid or very angry. The UK is racist but I think Eastern Europe is far worse. I blame the media. Especially the tabloid newspapers like the Daily Mail and The Sun, who with their hype fill people’s minds with stereotypes.

  • arnavrawat

    You people believe or not india is most racist and worst country in the world (yes i am indian ) my fello black people from Zimbabwe they study in delhi everyone looks at them like they’re trash no one talks to them they usually hate whoever is darker than them worlds Most Dangerious country fot blacks cause every day they gets racism from everyone even teachers im from tamil nadu usually im dark by skin but im few shades fairer no one belive that im south indian They think im north indian when i say im from south india they practically say that ur not that ugly you could have understood now they think every black skin tone ppl are ugly in bollywood you don’t see any tanned skin people even though that tanned skin ppl are hot even they promote skin bleaching by a actress and fair and handsome by an actor and i ‘ve been to usa washington la they treated me good im feeling sad for my black fellos they’re good people why a nation with 1.2 billion population be this racist and this poor mumbai is 1 city for slums

  • James FT

    No way! The USA is no where near the #1 racist country in the world and any American who thinks otherwise hasn’t put down the remote, gotten off the couch, bought a plane ticket and traveled to experience the world. Crux is either being unfairly biased or they got the list backwards because other such publications and sites doing these comparisons shows places like Russia, India, Rwunda and Australia as far more racist and the USA somewhere around 9th or 10th place. Yes some of the central states in the USA are still racist but I have traveled alot and I have friends of different ethnicity who have traveled a lot. Europe is very polarized against blacks and asians! Far more than the USA. Most of Asia is very polarized against blacks and hispanics and even sometimes against whites. Many asians are polarized against other asian groups. Black people got it rough everywhere but there are places far worse than the USA.

  • Michiko

    I completely agree with the choices of top 3.
    I am really being surprised by each time like “wow, I can be discriminated by white people even on the internet!”

    Anyway, Japan should be registered to be a “special rank” where there’s a government emphasizing “There’s no racism in Japan” “So we have no need to take care of it” this is a reason that Japan needs a “special awarded rank” for its unconsciousness.
    FYI, Abe’s FB page is always filled with those comments made of racial animosity to Korea and China, and he never tends to make it improved. No matter being pointed out on Diet before, about his ugly web page.
    A so-called citizen activist group is not arrested for ranting “K*ll all the Korean!” “R*pe all the Korean girls!” in the street, and the authority keeps giving them an official permission to present their “performance”.

  • Hasan

    Sorry dude your ranking is wrong
    I have latest news of Daily times and Washington Post
    Pakistan is one of the least racist countries in them so…….Plzzz

  • Ethan

    No south africa or zimbabwe? You have to be having a laugh.

  • Tom Forrest

    That comment makes as much sense as this article. I like how the article lumps every one together and makes a general statement. What country do you live in? if it is the US then are you racists too because that is what the article says…..are you contributing to the hate? I always find that people who run around telling everyone they aren’t racists and everyone else is……well its like telling your buddies constantly that you aren’t gay… After a while they might wonder why you keep telling them that…….(relax, I’m just using an example, I’m not anti gay…oops I said it)
    Anyway, my point is everyone is an individual…..most people I know are not racist (what ever that label means anymore)
    The media has everyone fooled into thinking we should hate each other, when in reality people generally get along with each other until the media or the government tells us otherwise. Most regardless of their race are just trying to make a living a get a piece of the ever shrinking pie. Articles like this do nothing to address the issue or offer a solution because their will always be haters, but that surely cannot be everyone. Treat people how you want to be treated and nobody would be having tho conversation.

  • Dayton Waters

    Another Ameirca-hating pseudo-journalist. Click on the name and read some of that “quality” journalism. Waste of my time.

  • matt

    what about south africa ???

  • Dee Town

    The United States is not the most racist country in the world. You forgot to mention Arab countries.

  • Dean

    Your comments about Australia being racist and the examples you use show absolutely no understanding what so ever.

    The Indian bashings happened in highly dangerous areas late at night notorious for violence. The gangs were Middle Eastern, mainly Lebanese and not Caucasians or Asians. Indians are actually under represented in the victims of violent crime statistics.

    The Cronulla riots were, again, in response to Middle Eastern gangs threatening, bashing and robbing locals and tourist. This had been going on for YEARS and the locals finally got sick of it and fought back. I made the comment a year before the riots that something was going to happen and it did.

  • Kevin

    This is ridiculous, the UK is one the most tolerant countries in the world. I’m mixed race (half white & half black) and I grew up all over Europe since my father is a diplomat. I came to the UK for uni 4 years ago and I can honestly say that I’ve never lived in or even visited such a open-minded nation such as Britain. Of course, there are some ignorant people everywhere but in no other country will you see so many interracial group of friends, couples etc. Institutional racism is a completely different topic but British society itself most certainly is not racist in general.

  • Poo

    I can tell you why USA is 1st because Martha luthia king had a dream that one day black will be treated as whites and they killed him just for that

  • Bill Cutty Kimball

    Anisha Srivastava is an young idiot. Not only is the USA NOT the most racist country in the world, it is in fact one of the least racist countries in the history of the world. Any east asian country, any middle eastern or african country is racist to the filthy core. Pieces of leftist shit are always manipulating statistics to show nonexistent discrimination (yeah, they are), or like to deal with facile abstractions like “native” Americans “disregarding” other Americans. Now how would this pea-brained ignoramus know that? Is she American? If so, then she should wonder how she made in into such a “racist” country. If she isn’t then she is a parrot.
    If I ever ran into this little cunt I’d razor her fucking noise and ears off.

  • anne

    malaysia isn’t racist….if malaysia is racist,maybe just a few of them..don’t judge the whole country because just a few of them….

  • colonel coover

    I believe that there is not such thing as race because we are the same. What is diferent you’re ancestors genes

  • Stephanie Bender

    I completely disagree with this list ! I have faced far more racist attitudes in the country where I have been living for the last 19 years than in either Germany or England ( both of which I have lived in ) and yet the country where I live is not even mentioned ! It’s a fake concoction with no factual base. You need to live in a country to see racism .I actually think Britain is pretty tolerant and open-minded!

  • RajuCharles

    India first then France——————————————————————————!

  • Richard

    I am really quite excited by this insightful and edifying list. I am definitely going to move to Rwanda from the U.S. Or perhaps I will move with my Jewish friends to Saudi Arabia; oh no, they won’t let them in. Whoops. Boy, they didn’t make the list. I think they should move to Palestine where they will be warmly accepted, if they don’t mind the daily beetings for Jews. Or to Egypt where Jews are quite welcome. I guess I should encourage my Tibetan friends to move back to China too. Maybe Rwanda isn’t such a good idea, since they kill people there. Perhaps the Sudan. They love young white people there especially as slaves. My daughter should love that, but at least she’ll fare better than in the U.S.

    I wonder if this list was made on a computer that reshuffled things backwards.

  • Rosey

    I think since i worked with multi national hospital in middle east, it doesnt matter which country u are from to be called a racist… Each country has its own form of racism. Each one of us sometimes can not avoid to be a racist. At first, i dont like indian men, they are so proud, lazy and demanding but i met some which are’nt. i hate Pakitstanis because most of their men are sexual maniac, (i’d been harrassed by pakistani one time) since then i hate pakistani! But, i met pakistani doctors and some professionals and they were nice to me. I hate chinese, they seems so unfriendly and proud. I even afraid being on my own country because theirs a lot of horrible addicts out there. I’m not that good in english, but i hope you get what im trying to imply. Peace everyone!

  • greg

    You are a moron.

  • Drbixnood

    Whites are the best!

  • Ronald Kimmons

    A more quantitative and objective approach of determining which countries are the most racist shows that this is not accurate at all.

    The racism that exists in the United States is greatly exaggerated throughout the world because even the smallest incident here gets reported profusely everywhere.

    “…the racial tinges are inextricably infused in the American culture and continues to occur in employment, housing, government welfare programs , education and lending.”

    So a black man with a job and good credit can’t get a home loan in the US? Really?
    And a black girl graduating from high school with straight A’s won’t get any scholarships or preferential treatment from universities and can’t get government loans like I did? And government agencies deny aid to black families?


    I know racism is still very real in my country. I don’t deny that. However, if you think that the US is the most racist country in the world, either you have no real experience of the US or you have no real experience of the rest of the world. (Seriously, did you just rank the US above countries in which ethnic massacres are commonplace? Really?)

  • Tammy

    Australians are not racists, it’s the people from other nationality backgrounds that are racists here. I know because I am Australian born and breed from ethnic parents and all the racism is done by other cultures. I won’t mention who is the worst top 3 nationalities who cause most of the bull shit here, because I will be the one that seems racists.

  • donewithstupidity

    This list left out some places but more or less accurate. The fact that race is still an issue makes me want to quit life altogether, but than again this shit is only temporary.

  • WolfA

    Australia should really be Number one. Their racism is actually almost accepted by most “White” Australians. Though they hide it very well. In my former office of an employment. I can guarantee you there would not be a day where someone openly says something racist. I was the only one of colour there. In an office of 22 People I was the ONLY one of colour the rest were Australian and South African. Although most of the time the racist remarks were aimed at Black people. There were a few cracks at Chinese, Italians, Middle Easterners, French.. What I find hard to accept was that everyone went along with it as if it were normal?. Here in Australia racism to my experience so far (6 years and counting) it is almost culturally accepted. I remember this part specifically about working there. My boss who’s an Australian called me over to have a look at a “funny” email he had sent to a good client in PNG. Now what he said after that was “Those dumb black bastards won’t even know I am teasing them.. Hahaha”. I handed my resignation in later that day.

  • Claudio Frollo

    I mostly agree with the list but Germany is actually one of the least racist European countries, unless you think we are still in the 1940′s.
    USA can be very racist, the media surely is and some of the population would make Hitler proud, but there are also many people there who seem quite open to other cultures and races.
    UK is getting worse each year, I’ve met real rednecks there like 12 years ago(proud of it)but this latter years is showing its ugly face(that British media actually hides, except Top Gear) with the mass immigration the country has experienced.
    You miss some blatantly racist countries such as Italy and Spain, but its more cultural, surely Australia and Japan deserve top but you forgot a big contender South Africa.
    I can’t seem to fathom a country free of racism in today’s world, but surely some do manage it well where it strikes.
    Albeit there is racism everywhere there is ignorance, fear and insecurity those countries are also due to their self proclaimed superiority(in their minds).

  • Adnan Ghumman

    I dont agree with this list bcoz india should have been no 1 and pakistan no 2

  • 4thaugust1932

    If you meet anybody from India ask him “What Is Your Caste?” If he answers it, then you’re doomed. Because he has already injected Cancer into YOUR Country. Caste is like Cancer. It cannot be Cured. It has to be Cut-Off.

  • afjido

    so wrg

  • sumitkroy

    Its think these are fabricated maded up ” fancy emanating from the writers dreams.. What are the origin of your research.. not a link to any reputed source. It might be a self liberation process for your to express yourself .. But specially for topics like this do a basic elementary research before your trash such demented and ridiculous articles to people who have much to do rather then read such arctiles from demented people

  • Ole Einar Bjørndalen

    You forgot South Korea…

  • Rudi

    I think the writers biass may be in evidence here. From having spent much time living in India I can say that it is one of the most ignorant and racist countries in the entire world just in terms of people’s general attitudes rather than hate crimes. Same goes for China, and most of Africa. Britain (And Europe generally) by contrast still has a lot of racism, but is probably one of the least racist in the world. When racism does occur it is highlighted by the media and generally outed as being repulsive. In India however, racism is written into law – You cannot buy a house if you are not ethnically Indian – It will only get worse under Modhi.

  • Sean Smiley Hudspith

    In case no one else noticed, a white man, calling another white man “Yankee” is about as racist as a black man calling a black man “Niger”, the word “Yankee” actually comes from the Dutch settlers in America referring to those who spoke English as “John” and in case any of you feel the need to point out that I am likely white, I am in fact a Wop, so yes, I have been subjected to it also, but frankly could not care less, for Christs sake either do something about it, or shut up, because no one else in the world cares about some strangers disillusions of injustice, Capire?

  • ali
    Read this link and it will tell you a different story. Pakistan is the only muslim country which is among least racist. However, India still among top ten and rank second. And by the way you forgot to mention hindu caste system while describing India. I hope you will be more objective next time and will keep aside the Indo Pak rivalary.