Top 10 Most Racist Countries in the World

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Racism is an extreme form of xenophobia. Contrary to the popular belief race is not just restricted on geographical difference and describing the genetically different human phenotype, though it was a 19th century definition of race of which  Africans had to face the worst . In 21st century race has come to encompass the vast differences on the ground of language, ethnicity, culture, history, religion and societal affiliation.

According to the more pacifist humanitarian theorists , world is woven with a mix of fabric that gives it its  colorful contour, each weave is different from the other and even if one was to become undone the international fabric will fall into utter disarray. Pretty much explains the contemporary world situation marred by innumerable civil strife and terrorist activities.

Racism on the other hand drives the wedge deeper into these differences and that’s one reason the lines marking one group from another will never be blurred or cease to exist.  What really drives racism is the misplaced belief that members of a certain race share some common characteristics which results in that group being superior or inferior, desirable or detestable

10) India

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Should I or should I not? But prior to pointing a finger at Rwandan crisis, American and European hate crimes one needs to have a thorough look at one’s own bloodied records. In the wake of terms like Marathi Manoos, Bihari xenophobia and the incessant Hindu- Muslim division, add to it the slit throat north- south superiority competition, it becomes inevitable.

No matter how much we brag about the incredible India being secular and racially tolerant. The underbelly is encrusted with racist horror stories. Thus, be it the Delhi and Gujrat riots or segregation of north east  Indians not to mention the shiv sena havoc on fellow INDIANS from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, typecasts about Africans and Europeans thus making India a racially intolerant country.

9) Pakistan

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Close at heels is the neighboring country Pakistan. Being a Muslim majority country the only internal rivalry that seems to infest it is that of Shia and Sunni Muslims. However it goes deeper than that. There are constitutional safeguards to ensure that no incident of racial discrimination is tolerated. But it’s easier said than done. The government of Pakistan has taken no productive steps to curb it.

Forced conversion and marriage deceit, extreme intolerance towards blasphemy are some facets of racialism in Pakistan. While Americans are still tolerated, people of other countries have to face the worst of it. For years gathering support through anti-India stance has been the main tactic of political parties in Pakistan. However, witnessing two democratic terms the situation might tilt towards a good change.

8) Russia

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Racism in Russia is often targeted towards those people who are deemed as not being ethnically Russians. Fanatic racists are extremely anti- Caucasians, Africans, Chinese and Jews.  Migrants from these particular races often face racial stereotyping and consequent discrimination which sometimes culminate into hate crimes and gross human rights violation, the apex of which is the rebel war in Chechnya and Dagestan

Even though it is the duty of Russian government to safeguard the right of these minorities and combat this social stigma but it only seems to fail at it oftener than normal. It is also infamous for violating its international obligations under the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination.

7) Israel

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Two groups that face the wrath of racial discrimination in Israel are the Israeli Arabs and Palestinians .It stems from the history of the state, back in the post-world war 2 years, when the whole world was unanimously empathizing with the Jews, a state was carved for them.  The Palestinians who were the native residents became refugees in their homeland before being unsympathetically driven out of, what now was the news state of Israel.

While the Israel’s ‘law of return’ which calls for every Jew to be a part of the state. It discriminates against the Palestinians; who were born there in first place. They were brutally cut-off from their own land by the Israelis. A few months back renowned scientist Stephen Hawking supported the academic boycott of Israel.


6) Germany

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Those who think anti-Semitic feelings died along with the Fuhrer, the contemporary German neo-Nazi ideas could come as a rude shock. These groups think along the very lines of Hitler himself, of a United Germany with its glory restored. Midst the constant lash backs from the government and United Nations, these groups have taken to underground activities.  The National Democratic Party of Germany has been accused of tacitly propagating Neo-Nazi or Neo-Fascist leanings while many organization face legal issues and some like Volkssozialistische Bewegung Deutschlands/Partei der Arbeit, Action Front of National Socialists/National Activists, Free German Workers’ Party, and the Nationalist Front are all indefinitely banned.

5) Japan

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Japan albeit boast being a racially tolerant country has no effective restrictions on xenophobic actions, and foreign nationals to speak of. Moreover, foreign nationals are known to have sometimes restricted from certain services and activities. Back in the year 2005, a United Nations report expressed deep concerns about racism in the country and that government recognition of the depth of the problem was not satisfactory. The report identified three groups at the bottom of the pyramidal racial hierarchy structure:  Japanese American, Brazilian Japanese and the descendants of ‘poor’ third world countries. The refugee acceptance record of japan is highly disappointing as well.

4) Rwanda

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Rwanda and genocide are most often used in the same sentence due to the ghastly months of April and June, 1994, an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed in the time span of mere 100 days. Most of the people who were brutally murdered belonged to Tutsi ethnicity while the perpetrators of the crime belonged to the Hutu tribe
Rwanda had witnessed Ethnic brutalities in past but this particular event left even the native Rwandans lurching. Tension between the two continues to exist. It’s similar to a hearth waiting for a spark and people continue to sit on an issue on the verge of going off.


3) Australia

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Almost one half of all Australians were either born overseas or had a parent born in another country and one in five people confessed to have faced some form of racial discrimination. In the year 2009 there was a surge in number of hate crimes targeting specifically Indians. There were more than a 100 reported assault incidents reported by the Indian students out of which 23 had unmistakable racial undertones. Not to mention the Cronulla riots of 2005 which is a beachfront suburb, there were a series of racially driven mob confrontations. Though, the situation has improved comparably in 2013.


2) United Kingdom

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Did you know how Joker got his scars? He had different theories to justify ‘em but what the epic villain sported in the movie was a ‘Glasgow smile’ also known as ‘Cheshire grin’. Back in the 60’s hooligan firms were intolerant towards foreigners especially Americans which were mockingly called the Yankees. The most common crime was to give an alien the Cheshire Grin.

One need not forget the ghosts of apartheid which are still prevalent. In the year 2004, 87,000 people from black or minority community accepted to have experienced a racially motivated crime. While 92.000 white people also fell victim to racial typecasts.


1) United States of America

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Racial and ethnic discrimination has become a major issue and embarrassment for United States of America within the International fora.  African Americans, Asian Americans and Latin Americans also European Americans are still disregarded by those who think of themselves as native Americans ( far from the fact that the Red Indians were the original Natives of what we now know as modern America).

Even though America maintains a tolerant outlook  under an African-American leader, ground reality is far from being a homogeneous society, the racial tinges are inextricably infused in the American culture and continues to occur in employment, housing, government welfare programs , education and lending.


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  • abs

    to be honest i dont think the uk should be there because the uk isn’t rasict like other countries that you missed out

  • comic book guy

    my list.

    10. Japan

    9. North Korea

    8. Malaysia

    7. Saudi Arabia

    6. USA

    5. Central African Republic

    4. Burma

    3. China

    2. Israel

    1. India,

    • human

      i don’t know about other countries, but India must be number one. We fight in the name of cast, religion, region, and language.

    • proud to b Indian

      what if i told u that we are taking about racism not secularism

      and what if i told u that India have 2 thousands language and various kinds of religion

      and what if i told u that India is the country having maximum population of Muslim with negligible racism between them about Shia and Sunni

      and what if i told u India is the only country providing reservation on the basis of religion & population about more than 50% on every sector !!

  • cameron

    What a ridiculous list. I guarantee you the most racist countries are those most isolated and with the least amount of immigration/ethnic mixing. Just because there are racial tensions in the UK and the USA doesn’t make them the most racist, it simply is something that can occur when you have people of different backgrounds lumped together in a big melting pot, and these are two very mixed countries. I live in the UK and there is no way that it’s the second most racist country in the world, if it were true London would be in chaos!