Top 10 Reasons why people hate Jews

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In history of Jews, they were hated more than they were loved. They are still being hated. People have started to wonder that there is something wrong with the Jews itself and nothing wrong with the people who hate them. This is because hating Jews is, you can say, a trend that has been followed since we have known about the world. Hating them is not just of the level where you hate and forget; instead, it is a higher level of hatred where you hate and exclude them. Over a period of 1700 years, Jews have faced over 80 expulsions from different countries of England. But what could possibly be so bad about them? Why do people hate them so much? Many historians debate over this question and the answers they come up with are mentioned here:

10. Over-smart:

People believe that Jews consider themselves better than all others. But what I think is that every one of us thinks that we are far better than the others; and this is because we love ourselves more than others. So, Jews must not be guilty to feel that way. Also, there are no writings about they think themselves as superior. In fact, Muslims think that they are superior to Jews and have declared Jews as pigs or apes in some of their writings. But this does not make them superior or make the Jews inferior. This, in fact, contradicts the assumption of Jews taking themselves as better than others.

9. Higher Moral:

Jews are hated for having higher moral and high values. When someone does something of moral responsibility, it reminds others for doing the same and people just do not like this. People never want to be reminded about their moral duties and moral values; and so they hate those who take a moral stand and do something for a moral cause. This is true that Jews took a moral stand during the Torah. They were chosen by God to do so and this is a higher moral standard; which comes with a blessing as well as a burden. But this is not the actual reason of hating the Jews; though, it can be one of the excuses people have to hate them.

8. Scapegoat:

People often use them to place the blame for everything. Jews were used by people like Hitler to put all the blame of everything. Jews had a certain reputation but Hitler even worsened it by blaming them for everything. The Nazi movement was all about targeting the Jews and enduring hatred towards them. Hitler convinced one and all that the root of all the problems are Jews, they are the real problem; not only for their country, but for the whole world. The solution to this was suggested by Hitler to leave Jews in isolation. People agree to this eagerly as they found someone to blame for all their problems and they eagerly agreed to the solution without second thoughts.

7. Stateless:

This is said by taking a reference from an editorial published in Jerusalem Post which mentioned this: Herzl once said that Jews were a stateless nation amidst the nation-states. They said so because earlier, Jews never had a perfect place or state made only for them. They were considered as ‘parasites’ in other states. They were considered as ‘capitalists’ who lived in other states and tried to take away from them. Jews were, back then, called ‘rootless’ because of lack of state. But, later, Israel gave Jews their right, their cultural freedom, and nondiscrimination in politics. This erased the mock of being ‘parasitic capitalists’ or ‘rootless cosmopolitans’ (as per the anti-Semitism). Even then, anti-Semitism did not shut; they said and tortured them by considering them as revolutionary socialists and ethnic chauvinists instead of parasites.

6. Different:

This is another reason that people will come up with when you ask them about hating the Jews. They often say that “Jews are Different”. They say that Jews eat different kind of food, in a different manner, dress differently with different type of clothes, speak different language and even talk in a different way. But isn’t every one of us different. A Christian would dress in a white gown at the wedding, whereas a Hindu would dress in a red saari, while a Muslim would wear a green kurti. Also, a Christian would eat a cake, a Hindu would eat sweets. All of us dress and eat differently than others. Everyone has their own unique custom and culture; this does not mean that we should hate them.

5. Satan:

The root and main cause of the hatred towards Jews and the main reason for the antisemitism is Satan. Satan did not want his head under a sword and better found a target head to protect his own. Satan always comes to steal, to destroy and kill. Satan and the dark powers are behind every action of the antisemitism. Many kings, political leaders and religious leaders were their willing partners in this which made them reach every common man on earth and convince them to hate Jews. But the reason why Satan did this to Jews is partially because Jews were loved by God and all Satan wants is to destroy and crush every plan and purpose of God.

4. Killed Jesus:

Being the Chosen ones is not simple. If you have something great, you pay a great price for it. That is true in case of Jews. People often say that Jews plotted the plan for killing Jesus and made arrangements at Rome for having him crucified. But the real truth is not this. In the Bible, God said that no one can take His life from Him, that only He Himself has the power of taking His life down and take it again. So it is not the Jews or Romans who killed Him but the sins of humanity which killed Him. The Sin killed the God, your sin and my sin; nor the Jews, neither the Romans. So, one should not hate Jews for this reason. But since people are unaware of this, they seem to hate the Jews.

3. Chosen ones:

It has been heard a lot of times that Jews are the CHOSEN people of the GOD. I could not agree more. The Jews are from the bloodline of Isaac as they are offspring of Abraham. And everyone is aware of Abraham being the chosen one. Bible has many evidences stating that God promised Abraham a better place to stay, respectful name, a great nation, and blessed him. It also states that the God promised to bless everyone who blessed him and his race, whereas curse those who cursed him. As Abraham is the Chosen one, so his offspring, that is, the Jews are the chosen ones. And people hate them simply because they do not have the privilege of being one of the Chosen ones. People simply hate them out of Jealousy.

2. Rumors:

People hate Jews because they take the rumors about them seriously. People do not try to find out what is right or wrong and simply believe what the rumors say. And, there a lot of rumors about Jews spread all over the world over the period of time. And let me tell you, none of those rumors have been proved correct and all of them are false claims. Jews are being lied about, a lot. Most of those lies are spread by those anti-Semites. Those rumors have been spread and used for political reason and to benefit one with the votes. Some examples of those untrue rumors are: Jews killed Lord Jesus, they were the cause of plague, they were responsible of spreading AIDS to non-Jews, they want to control everything in the world and already control the banks, media as well as government, (one of the most funniest) they drink blood of non-Jewish people for festival and holiday celebrations. Jews Killed Lord Jesus is not a complete lie though, but it is equally true that Romans also killed Him; and I never came across a group of people hating the Romans. It is always the Jews who are being hated for this; not only that, but Jews were hated even before the Lord was crucified.

1. Rich:

The most common reason the people hate Jews is because they are very rich and wealthy. It is supposed to believe that Jews possess a lot more wealth than others. It is human nature to hate all those who are better than them. This is partially true that the percentage of rich Jews is higher than that of poor. This is may be because God actually is favoring them as they are the Chosen ones. Hating Jews out of jealousy can be one of the reasons; jealousy of having property and money which is less than others. This reason would have been a valid one if all the Jews were rich, but that is not the case. But that is not completely true. In fact, there are many parts of the world Jews are very poor as compared to others, yet they are being hated. Poor Jews are hated as equally as the rich Jews. So money is not the only reason to hate them, but it is just a partial reason of why they are being hated so much.

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  • Thomas Zell

    “Also, there are no writings about they think themselves as superior.” I’m pretty sure that whoever wrote this is not “over-smart”.

  • Mahatma Ghandi

    This is propagand. In fact,jews hate others right now more then others hate jews…Less then 1%of the planet population is jewish but they have hugh influence over the banking System THATS WHY PEOPLE HATE JEWS,because of the things like fiancial crisis and such not these emo reasons that u have here.:)) If u believe in God then u believe in the beauty of the God not in propaganda and i can give u facts. Here what i found out just doing a good search with google “Are the Jews the chosen people?”
    A lifetime of study of this issue, including writing (with Rabbi Joseph Telushkin) a book on anti-Semitism (“Why the Jews? The Reason for Anti-Semitism”) Yelp, Dennis Prager is giving us Christians what he considers to be a non-chauvinistic, non-racist, absolutely rational, but certainly NOT bizarre analysis as to why only Jews have God’s heart.
    He goes on — “Without the Jews, there would be no Christianity (a fact acknowledged by the great majority of Christians)”
    In fact, his analysis is exactly backward, for without the Son of God, i.e. God, there would be NO JEWS… a fact to which NO JEW would agree with” but no JEWS will speak of=))U see,on some topics we can talk mate. And i can give u tons of example. here are some arguments to your questions. I dont agree with all the ideas from here but i do agree with some of those ideas and most of those are facts. Biggest families of bankers have jewish roots,thats the main reason people hate jews. AND NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE JEWS,BUT BECAUSE THEY ARE BANKERS.If u check history u will find out that if u make a top 10 most powerfull families of bankers right now,7-8 of them have jewish roots. How come since the jews are less then 1%of Earth population?Btw,there are some jews that are discriminated by the Israeli goverment right now as we speak.The minorities in Israel have less rights,money and respect in the society right now then most of the jews. Why dont u add those in your top 10? I dont hate jews,i dont hate anyone.Keep your tradition or whatever…fine, you dont believe as we do in Jesus,u can call yourself ‘choosen one’all day long budy,im fine with that…As long u dont consider me your slave just because you are a choosen one. If u are a choosen one,let the God punish me,dont control me with your banking system. And to speak facts,people mostly hate the jews BECAUSE OF banking system..You know that there IS ONU RESOULTION VOTED WITH 176VOTES FOR AND ONLY1 VOTE AGAINST (Israel) that that is not applied RIGHT NOW? imagine a ONU resolution with 176votes FOR AND ONLY 1against releated to a state like Congo,much bigger when it comes to population or size. You think that this would not apply immediately? FACTS!! RIGHT NOW,israel have more rights then a normal state. Im a christian,but look what i found “In Islam it is strictly prohibited to take interest; the Quran strictly prohibits lending money on Interest. “O you who have believed, do not consume usury, doubled and multiplied, but fear Allah that you may be successful” (3:130) “and Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest” (2:275).” And i like this. Its true,u can check it yourself. Also,muslim and christans dogma have nothing against each other. Muslim say that Jesus was a great profet,just like Mohomed.They are not sayin that one is better then another. Also, both christian and muslim dogma says that killing some1 is the biggest sin of all,also,diversity is the most beautiful thing from this world,so its room enough for christian,muslim,jews or whatever in this world.

    • Jaime Gandarilla

      so, because they have money and you don’t?

      • Chrissy Hal

        What a fucking ignorant answer
        They STEAL money
        We should cut all aid for Jews since they are funding terrorist -drug dealers (FSA) in Syria

        • Jaime Gandarilla

          Saying every individual in a group does something pretty much ends the conversation.

          • Chrissy Hal

            Oh yes teaching your kids to tell that you are a Holohoax survivor grandchild and shit does make the group a threat, they are like those Islamic terrorists I have seen Joos obsessed with the idea of Holohoax, they keep bringing up Holohoax as if to make us ashame or something -_- beside religion itself is a THREAT to science and development , we need to stop kids from believing in Sky Wizards or they will be threat like these Jihadi or Anti-gentiles XD

          • Kimaal

            Holohoax? DUUDE You need to open up a history book.

          • jimmy smith

            Wait, but didn’t you JUST say “They have money and you don’t?” You used the same exact word “they” that Chrissy Hal used, and you generalized every single Jew to be rich just as Chrissy Hal generalized every single Jew to steal.

            So infact, complaining that someone said that every individual in a group does something but then you doing that EXACT same thing is ACTUALLY the thing that pretty much ends the conversation.

          • Jaime Gandarilla

            no sweetie, it’s called rhetorics

          • Dead Romeo

            Jamie cant defend the satanic zionist jews so he starts giving English lessons. 11. Jews are persistent in being stupid.

    • Chrissy Hal

      I don’t believe in God, but Jews are dangerous

  • DaveM

    What an absolute 24 karat bucket load of bullshit! This assembly of jumbled disinformation reads like a community college assignment in global affairs for children being prepped and herded down the path of social mediocrity.

    Adult humans hate for thousands of reasons, hatred often seeds from being taken advantage of or intimidation, we also hate simply because we don’t like the way somebody looks, speaks or behaves; This will never change while testosterone is still allowed to flow freely and human beings with strong convictions are able to internally slay the global PC movement designed to castrate and bleed out the souls of each and every non-conformists.

    Bully’s will most often pick on weaker targets, victims will most often seek
    revenge, some victims make a life long career of controlling those they hate – the majority of political liberal bureaucrats belong to this faction of passive haters. Hate is a big circle indigenous to our species.

    Every human who hates another will only glean enlightenment when we ask “is my hatred justified”.
    Others cannot rule if my hatred is right or wrong; The individual “hater” owes it to his or herself to research and simply deal with hate, nourish it, or let it go. I can also hate for no good reason at all other than entertainment value or because “I can” so fuck off!

  • Alex

    This is not why people hate Jews.

    • David

      This is exactly why ignorant uneducated morons hate jews. Know your bible and you will see satan behind this hatred of innocent jews. The KKK doesn’t know any jews, yet they and satan despise them, the unseen spiritual realm has everything to do with the whole situation.

      • Lasse Nystrøm

        Dude, your avatar is a struck through LGBT flag. Whom exactly are you calling “ignorant uneducated morons”?

        • David

          Are you a supporter of gay bigotry?
          The homos are discriminating, harassing, and tormenting innocent people who don’t agree with their gestapo scare tactics. I don’t force my religious views on America and boycott businesses if they don’t agree with me should I do what they do? NO!

          • Lasse Nystrøm

            No further questions.

          • davids a fag


          • david is a jew homo

            In what way are gay people using “gestapo” tactics? By boycotting? That’s the American way, fat boy. Learn to think more critically about your beliefs because you come off as a lonely, ignorant redness with closeted homosexual self loathing. Good luck

          • Chrissy Hal

            He is against LGBT and everyone knows what they are
            Surprising that there was no anti-gay law in russia

          • Chrissy Hal

            And Jews are evil

      • Kostas Ntalianis

        this is what people hate juice

      • Kimaal

        Innocent? How many Innocent Palestinians have Israel Killed?
        They’re the ones reviving the Holocaust, not Hitler.

        I don’t hate Jews. I don’t hate Israel. I think there are some Jews who condemn the killing of Palestinians. I hate Israeli Government.

        • Jack Danial

          OH so ISIL is killing their own kind is OK? All you terrorist kill and think its OK. But Israel defends its self TELLS people to leave that they are going to BOMB HAMAS and HAMAS hides in with the people and they die. Sounds a little backwards. WHY DON’T YOU DUMB TERRORIST SEE YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF. Stop sending rockets into Israel. STOP IT YOUR TERRORIST BUDDY’S… LOOK WHAT YOUR PEOPLE DO TOO YOUR OWN PEOPLE>

          • truce

            actuly when palestinians country is occupied by israel they have the right to fight back by any mean nececery

          • Thomas Watson

            Israelis have ‘expropriated ” Palestinian land for decades now . They
            bulldozed the Palestinian homes , kick off the people
            mowed down their groves , then move Jewish
            settlers in . Try having this done to you sometime
            and see how you like it .

            Even though Christian America gives Israel
            billions of dollars of their hard earned tax money
            left wing Jews fund and run leftist groups like the ACLU
            which go after Christian Nativity plays, Christian
            Christmas plays, prayer , Crosses and other
            Christian symbols. Over 85% of
            Americans believe in some kind of Christian
            faith or celebrate Christmas . Talk about
            arrogance . We help them and they stomp
            on us . Unbelievable .

      • Cyrus Creed

        1-The ignorant here is you!
        Next time check other people’s point of views before posting such nonsence!
        2-YOU ARE H-U-M-A-N neither YOU or anyone else is above the rest.

        3-That EGOCENTRIC attitude of yours is just adding more timber to the fire.

      • njersey5389

        Know your Bible. The Jewish religious leaders were jealous of Jesus and plotted to have him killed. They knew he was the Son of God and they denied him. They sinned against the Holy Spirit, and there is no forgiveness for them.

  • ormoz

    All of this writing is based on this unproved assumption that jews are totally innocent and there is something wrong in haters, hating jews. it totally ignores the fact that 99 percent of the world all over history could not be just wrong, selfish, jealous, … while the remaining 1 percent are all nice

  • Richard Clayton Fox

    The fifth grader who wrote this needs to talk to someone besides a rabbi to get their information.

  • Gabe

    The fact of the matter is the way you’re all acting in the comments system is appalling How do you have any right to blame people and treat them like dirt if they’ve done nothing wrong, and by your own logic you decided because there where one or two jews who didn’t follow their scripture then surely you should treat all white, Black, Asian, Middle eastern people the same, every group has a few bad apples so grow up and stop looking to blame people.

  • Mantis

    I never hated anyone, but as I’ve grown older I’ve become more weary of Jews, because the few I’ve had contact me have given me reason to mistrust them.
    One thing I absolutely saw in every Jew I met was arrogance. That is the main reason why people don’t like them. The sad part is most of them are brought up like that, that they are “chosen”, “special”, “higher beings” or whatever their mothers tell them at home, and think they have the right to treat others like animals.
    The part about high morals had me laughing. Maybe some of them truly care about maintaining high morals but most I’ve met don’t. Quite the contrary, actually.
    They’ve built a reputation over the years of getting ahead by all means possible, unencumbered by morals or principles, unless you call getting ahead a high principle, that is.. Most people don’t get it that Jews basically only serve themselves, they haven’t the vaguest most hidden feeling of patriotism towards any country they “occupy”, which again can lead others to call them “parasites”.
    As far as this crap goes about God protecting them wherever they go and all that, it’s of no comfort to me, if this God protects a people who have caused the death of millions of innocent Palestinians he is no God of mine, and I doubt anyone else’s.
    If Jewish people are indeed more intelligent and talented, when compared to their overall population in the world, it’s only because they’ve never had a land of their own and have been forced to adapt continuously to various new environments in order to survive. It’s called “natural selection”.
    But it’s not true that they, and only they, are able to thrive. Look at the Germans, broken down by 2 wars, had to start from scratch, again the strongest country in Europe. Not because of “God”, because of hard work and patriotism.

    • njersey5389

      Millions of innocent Palestinians? Millions? You do realized that the Jews are also Palestinians. And these Muslim Palestinians would kill you, your family and themselves just as soon as look at you. Moron.

      • Dead Romeo

        If thats the case all jews would be dead by now, instead of Palestine getting invaded. Stupid people, where is your judgement.
        Go watch your cartoons.

        • Jack Brown

          jews are hated because they know how to survive and quite possibly are genetically superior. look at me for example :)

          • hayder

            That is exactly what he mentioned,”SUPERIOR” you think you’re superior and everyone else is inferior to them, or you!!

          • proud to be a red

            @disqus_Mo7qitkIqS:disqus ohh shut up you ugly jewish cunt, go and lick your smelly walls, like you all pigs do.

          • Hollis Bush

            Not one Jew is superior to a gentile if all came from Adam. Should I remind you the tribe of Judah is not a religion there is nothing special about us compared to any other culture. The house of Judah never had a democracy, they never talked about gay rights like the people do today, the land of Israel is complete lawlessness. In Amos 9:7 God relates us to the tribe of Cush, when president Obama went to Israel the people over there called him a Cushi basically nigger. There is no honor in neither Israel nor Palsetine.

        • Jack Brown

          lets see ur pic :) uh oh made an enemy

      • Hollis Bush

        No they aren’t. Most Palestinians today are Persians they came from the East not Germany, and those Persians mixed with Arabs to produce what is today Palestine. Jews are descendants from Tamar a woman who was a Canaanite from the lineage of Ham who today and has always represented African people. Sephardic, and Ethiopic Jews have a longer ancestry to Israel and the Palestinians than the Ashkenazi Jews who are doing the genocide to the Palestinians to build a temple to a God. These Jews are called Talmudic Jews because they are the only people who revere the Talmud more than the Torah.
        The Ashkenazi Rabbis always called Tamar the grandmother of the Jews a filthy whore and made up mythologies behind her that can’t be found anywhere in neither Ethiopic Jews or Christian scriptures although she was a prostitute. The Talmud expounds on the fact that she was a prostitute and says she slept with a donkey. Who can say that about my grandmother?

        • njersey5389

          I just want it to stop. We are all brothers and this hatred breaks my heart. Both sides are wrong. I was raised a Jew, but never could understand Hebrew or the Talmud. I read the entire Bible now. All Scripture is inspired by God.

    • hazel

      The Jew doesn’t believe in an afterlife. He believes in getting everything he can here and now using any means necessary. End of story.

      • bubba aaronson

        those jews are smarter than you for sure…aren’t they….

        • hazel

          I’m an Atheist. So you can deduce what you like. it doesn’t bother me one way or the other. I’ve lived with ignorance like yours and adapted.,

        • Hollis Bush

          A man who flaunts his intelligence shows his stupidity. A mans wit shows his insecurity.

  • Alastair McGowan

    I might ask why do people seem to hate what they cannot put their finger on – those who hate Jews are those who believe a myth about what Jewish people are. I do not know any Jewish people. I do not know what Jewish people are like, I doubt hat anybody really knows what the ‘Jewish problem’ is. Because it does not exist. I have no idea what the problem is. I do not have any dislike for Jews because I don’t know what ‘they are’, therefore I do not know what the problem is. But for many people this situation is itself a reason for concern and hatred. The ‘bogeyman’, the Other, the uncertainty, is what some people fear and hate most. That is what this problem is. A bogeyman.

  • voxullus

    I don’t really think you can claim that Jews have a “higher moral” as you put it. In fact, as so far you can actually put ethics (not morality!) down to a race, lets say a state, I feel that the Jews are not living up to expectations in that department. An odd resemblance with the OT that describes similar behavior.
    It would be unwise to attribute morality of the Jewish people with generic and cultural inheritance seeing as it isn’t all that good. But even without that baggage, I do not really care for them.

    • jimmy smith

      Exactly. And I’m pretty sure that some “master race” with “higher morals” wouldn’t commit every war crime and violation of the hague convention possible but then try to use their ancestor’s holocaust sufferings to justify it while those ancestors turn over in their graves. I’m talking about the terrorist state of Israel.

  • LivingOnAKnifeEdge

    It might be fair to say that people hate the Jews because the Jews react to everything as being negative against the Jews.
    You can’t utter a single word without cowering for fear of being called Anti-Semitic.
    If the Jews stopped moaning about things and stop trying to make everyone do things for the benefit of the Jews then they’d probably be liked a bit more.
    The trouble is Jews feel they are owed something by the rest of the world.
    If you are a Jew, you’re in, if you’re not, you’re out.
    Jews know exactly why they are hated but do nothing to stop that sentiment….nothing at all. They are like the little whining kid at school that you are told not to bully but really want to because they are such whiners.

    • David

      I hope when you die God throws you back in time to a jewish concentration camp so you can suffer and experience first hand what a Jewish person went through.

      • Kimaal

        And have you no idea what Palestinians are going through?

        • Real Life or Fanta Sea?

          What are they going through? The Palestinians voted for a terrorist government who fire rockets everyday. Instead of spending the budget on tunnels and missiles. They could build infrastructure, schools and an economy. The answer given to this is because they are blockaded and are fighting for there freedom. This supposed jail they put on them self by suicide bombing themselves in Israel buses and stores killing 100′s. Lets not forget Egypt also blockades them. Who wouldn’t when your government is a terrorist cell who are allies with ISIS and the likes. Stop firing rockets and suicide bombing and live well. They have all the opportunity to focus on bettering them self as a nation but no, lets try to bomb Israel to a parking lot.
          Finally a nation where they are not considered parasites but there still being used as scapegoats. The holocaust was a genocide killing 6 million + Jews and others they made out be scapegoats and despised. Gaza has their freedom if they choose to have one but they are shooting them self in the foot in every decision they make.

      • Cyrus Creed

        Israel is in illegal territory!


      • Cyrus Creed



  • Hans Aresch

    Brilliant! The following comment of mine received 22 upvotes before it was removed:
    Most people don’t actually hate Jews, but the Jewish perception of
    being hated is quite telling. When it comes to certain topics, otherwise
    intelligent and rational Jewish people instantly turn into raving
    lunatics. They’re a bit like that alcoholic friend whom you tell: “Look,
    man, I love you from the bottom of my heart. But you have got to drink
    less. Please.” — And the guy goes: “I KNEW YOU HATE ME! I KNEW IT!”

    That being said, the top issue wasn’t even mentioned here and that is quite
    telling in itself. The single most unsettling thing about Jews is that
    they conduct and support, materially or at least morally, the apartheid
    state of Israel. Israel has refused any serious peace talks, instead
    treating the Palestians like shit.

    THAT is why we think you Jews have to change your ways. And that does NOT mean we “hate” you. It means we are worried what will happen the moment the United States can’t or won’t protect you any longer.
    Why exactly was it removed? Too much sensible truth. That’s what the war- and hatemongers are really afraid of: Not hatred, but reasoned response.

  • KumoBob

    My experience has shown me they don’t know how to forgive or even let it go when proven they were wrong about their accusations. I’d rather be happy, move on, and free of all those negative feelings so many their is some difference.

    • Cyrus Creed

      Agreed Kumo ‘-’ your right, better to forgive and leave this nonsence in oblivion.

  • LoveForAll

    Generalization is what i first thought of when i first read this article. You would know better if you were a worthy journalist to not commit one of the most common logical fallacies in any essay.

    Apart from that, to answer why they are “hated”… First of all, I must not generalize that i hate “all” Jews. I am a Muslim and I have met a few Jewish people who were respectful and delightful to speak with in Austria and Germany. However, I would like to note that my dislike is towards Zionists who believe that they have the right to a land solely based on religion. As such, those I mean are the ones who have taken their belief that they have the right to steal a land just because they are Jews and have a “right to claim it”. And that was straight after WWII where they claimed that they have been tortured and have faced massacres. You’d believe that the Jews would actually have sympathy to not inflict pain on others based on their own experiences. However, to this day they continue to defend their killings and raping of Palestine on the basis that it was “their land”. Let me argue this point, most of people did not stay in the same land they are living in where their ancestors have lived thousands of years ago. So, what makes it their land anyway? Why would I form and live in a land where i SELECTIVELY mash up people from different cultures and backgrounds just because they’re Jews? Not only that, but you could research on the Muslim AND Christian Palestinians who complain about segregation from the Jews. Why is that they’re belief that “black people” are not “real Jews”? Research on their racism. Research on what those black Jew and non-Jew immigrants who landed in “Israel” only to be faced with the utmost racism from those Jews.

    After you clear yourself of the propaganda from media outlets (owned by Jews of course), you would realize that: NO we don’t hate a group of people because of their money, NO not because they’re “different”. We’re all different. I’m a Muslim and I have friends from different religions and countries. I come from a very tolerant ISLAMIC country where people from different races are welcome. Muslims. Christians, Sikh, Hindus, etc.. we all live in peace with each other. Why say I don’t mention Jews. Well, maybe because of the fact that Jews DO NOT want to blend in with society. And that is a fact that you could notice it across many countries. Jews seek to live separating themselves from other people because they believe they’re “better” than other people. Maybe, perhaps, that’s why people don’t like them. We weren’t raised to hate Jews. I was raised to love people as we believe there are good people from everywhere. However, when we see that some people from a certain religion are forming an ARMY to attack other people and terrorizing them to move away from their homes and murdering their families; sorry, but I will hate on them. I will hate on those people who use their religion in acts of ignorance and driven by HATE to kill other people because of what? Because of land. I will hate on people who justify their killings. You will never be able to justify murders simply because you have endured enough, or even worse your ancestors did. Heres my message to the Jews: learn how to love. Because one day the world will not stand by your side clouded by the false media that justifies your murders. One day, soon enough, you will realize that you’re not “special” cause your Jews. You must learn that there are other people in this world who have families, friends, loved ones just like you do. One day you Jews, especially Zionists, will realize that building a country based on religion (Judaism) by killing other people for 70 years is even worse than the Holocaust. You can’t kill people in Palestine by justifying that its what happened to you 70 years ago makes you rightful for that.

    Finally, Id like you to watch this video:

    Much love to all.

  • David

    The above entire atricle is 100% fact. I already knew this before I read it.

    • Lasse Nystrøm

      Be honest, you’re not actually a Jew, are you? You’re probably a troll merely pretending to be a Jew in order to smear Jewish people.

      • David

        Do not curse a Jew, lest you become cursed. God’s promise to Abraham.

        • Lasse Nystrøm

          Answer the question: Are you actually a Jew or not?

          • Brian Martin

            Now you’re just stereotyping. I’m Jewish, and I write God with an “o.”

          • Lasse Nystrøm

            “stereotyping”? Nah, it’s a mere fact that most (especially religiously observant) Jewish people write “G’d”, not “God”. That’s not what the concept of “stereotyping” is. You got that wrong.

          • Brian Martin

            So? Who cares if some write the word differently?

  • indio7777

    While only 3% of the population, the Jews control over 25% of the nation’s wealth and this percentage rises every year. They are the only racial group totally organized to work for political domination over America.

    Look up 100 quotes by famous men including Mark Twain on why Jews are ‘bad’. they control everything.

  • schindler

    Fuck jews … all they bring to humanity is evil … if I face one of them I’ll kick his ass .. those fuck’n pigs
    They used the sympathy of people to become over powered … they are totally killers and idiots
    It’s a human nature in all of them u can’t change them … Hitler was fuck’n right

    • David

      Change your views on innocent Jews, before you join hitler in Hell for all eternity.

      • Kimaal

        Oh wait, they’re the ones going to Hell!

        No. Actually only God has the right to decide who will enter Paradise, but you’re NOT God. So shut up.

    • Jack Danial

      you are an idiot. Know any Jews or watch to much youtube kkk videos?

    • Ahmed Salem

      everything jews do is against mankind that’s can’t be chosen by God some logic to see the image clear. just now the jews are killing civilians in Palestinian to add new records that only breaked by them!

  • Jew Whisperer

    Todays “jews” are predominately Ashkenazim, descendants of pagan converts to Babylonian Talmud mysticism in 740 A.D. Khazaria due to “jewish” geopolitical pressure. They never were blood Israel, nor blood Judah. Edomites infiltrated jewry as did Canaanites way before Christs time during the Babylonian captivity, it is they that wrote the most vehemently racist, hateful collection of writings in all of creation, the satanic Babylonian Talmud along with its Kabbalah mysticism that is straight from the bowels of hell itself. They were the Pharisees, the money changers whom Christ called the “synagogue of Satan”, Herod the Edomite was their king, they conducted everything “jewish” then as they do today, these Edomites, these sons of Cain. In the case of Cain, Christ called them “ye serpents, ye generation of vipers” and it is literal. Satan fathered Cain, fornication and carnal knowledge was the Adamic’s creed first sin. Genesis 3:15 records God’s rebuke to Satan for his leading role in the fall of mankind.

    “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

    enmity is mutual hatred
    seed is offspring

    That verse means what it says and says what it means.

    My hatred for the so called “jew” is instilled by God himself, it is SATANIC not to hate the usurperous “jew”, they are Satan’s children, the tares, their religion denounces Christ and is an antichrist cult with the darkest of Babylonian mysticism at its core. Their “god” is Satan, they are not “god’s chosen”, their father is the devil. The salient among them blood Esau and blood Cain. You either love light and hate darkness or love darkness and hate light. Today they are allies against Jacob/Israel as they have been since biblical O.T. times, and will be utterly obliterated. These are known among the learned as Zionist/Masons who are Edom/Cain. The Lord God himself declares their destruction. (if you don’t believe scripture I can’t help your skewed beliefs, I take scripture literally)

    “And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.” Obadiah 1:18

    “Yea, every pot in Jerusalem and in Judah shall be holiness unto the LORD of hosts: and all they that sacrifice shall come and take of them, and seethe therein: and in that day there shall be no more the Canaanite in the house of the LORD of hosts.” Zechariah 14:21

    Jacob/Israel has been removed from the holy land for nearly 3000 years, Palestinians have claimed it as their homeland since the Assyrian diaspora. Those calling themselves “jews” there now, since the Zionist state created in 1948, have their ancestral homeland 800 miles further north, ancient Khazaria. Jacob/Israel went awhoring after heathen gods and adopted heathen ways starting with king Jeroboam. The result? God’s rejection and banishment, the Assyrian diaspora. (2 Kings 17:18) The captured of Israel went into Assyrian captivity and was relocated throughout the known Assyrian kingdom, those that fled north went through the pass of Israel located in the Caucus Mountains where Caucasians get their name. HELLO, we are “God’s Chosen” whom Christ clearly stated that he was sent for in Mathew 15:24, not the blasphemous fake “jews” of Rev 2:9 and 3:9 slated for destruction. The enmity bewtixt us had its root since Cain, the first murderer, slew Abel, and further enmity established between Esau and Jacob who warred while yet in their mother’s womb. Jacob received all the blessings, both spiritual and material, Jacob is Israel, not Esau. Esau has tried, as the house of Esau(Edom) today tries, to get back what they believe is their birthright. Nor is the house of Cain heir to the promise whom allied with Esau and whose two houses mingled, even with Judah itself is their a Cain lineage through Shelah(Satan’s desperate attempt to further corrupt the lineage of the Messiah to come). Some of blood Judah are also of Cain.

    Mistake not my hatred for the enemies of God towards all of those claiming to be “jews”. Ashkenazim are sons of Japheth, Turk/Mongol as a blood heritage. Edom/Cain hides among them. Ashkenazim are viewed as mere useful pawns and “lesser brethren” by the head of the serpent, Esau/Cain. Although many Ashkenazim are practitioners of the antichrist cult that is Satanic Babylonian Talmudism, they do not expose their Esau/Cain leadership (as do Christians with their Zionist “Judeo-Christian” nonsense), and all too often take advantage of their “jewishness”, their cries of “anti-semitism” not withstanding. They can certainly be saved and be heir to the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ if they receive the salvation plan and renounce the abomination they were a part of, as many have indeed done. They suffered greatly through the holocaust, at the hands of Zionists, the very same salient jewry (Esau/Cain) who authored the Babylonian Talmud exalting Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which stated the holocaust as a goal nearly a half century before it happened. Zionists and Hitler were allied in a common goal. Zionists financed Hitler. Zionists enabled the holocaust. They wanted a Zionist state established to further their NWO which promotes them, the salient “jew”, as kings over the earth. The term “NAZI” arose from the “Haavara” agreement, the “NA” from Hitler’s National Socialism and the “ZI” from Zionism, all documented. (commemorative medallion below marked the occasion, the holocaust happened thereafter). You want to know where the “NAZI’s” are today? Look to the apartheid 1948 man-state calling itself “Israel” with the occultic hexagram as a national symbol. Abominations of abominations and the seat of the soon to arrive Antichrist itself.

    Why do I hate Esau/Cain? It is because of who they are, and it is not a hatred of misunderstanding but one of understanding, they are the destroyer of nations. These so called “jews” of Rev 2:9 and 3:9.

    Who am I?

    I am behind communism

    I am behind radical feminism

    I am behind homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”

    I am behind multiculturalism

    I am behind anti-Christianity

    I am behind a one world government

    I am the “divider and conquerer”

    I am the race baiter and the slave trader

    I am censorship

    I am anti-gun

    I am open borders

    I am eminent domain

    I am against English as the official language of the government

    I am a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation

    I am the reason your daughter has low self esteem and desperately dresses like a whore

    I am the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.

    I am usury, fractional reserve lending, world currency and fiat money


    I am the MSM, Hollywood, tabloid journalism and pornography

    I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty and imprisons the innocent

    I am the nation’s high end drug dealer

    I am the re-writer of history to my advantage

    I am the military industrial complex

    I am an unregulated nuclear state

    I am an international terrorist

    I am the WTC ’93, OKC ’95, 911, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty incident

    I am “war by way of deception”

    I am the aggressor, yet always the victim

    I am the eternal radical

    I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green

    I will defraud your country without conscience or consequence

    I legislate from the bench, not from the Constitution

    I contrive to make the simplest notion complicated

    I succeed when you fail

    I have killed more innocents than any others

    I am your last, your current and your next war

    I shape the schools curriculum, I decide what is taught or omitted

    I have spies in universities professors that want tenure toe our line

    I am the owner of the Nazi holocaust

    I own your ballot boxes and voting machines

    I control those that sit on the electorial college

    I am the decider of who is elected in your government

    I am the one that steals your secrets, then sell them to your enemy

    I am the one that dresses your women in garbage bags and calls it haute coutour(sic)

    I am the one that fills your museum with excretement and declares it’s art

    I am the one that arranges sex tours for your enjoyment of Thai children

    I am the one that kidnaps women for sex slavery

    I am the one that steals immigrants documents to turn them into slaves

    I am the one that murders Arabs for their internal organs

    I am the one that claims I am God’s favorite

    I am the one that builds the separation wall to divide families

    I am the one that squats illegally on another peoples’ family heritage

    I am the one that uproots olive trees and fruit groves

    I am the one that spreads chemicals on your most fertile land

    I am the one that diverts your life giving water for my decorative fountains

    I am the crybaby that has 300 nuclear warheads & am fearful of Iran

    I’m the one that refuses to allow medical treatment to the wounded

    I am the one that shoots peaceful demonstrators

    I am the one that developed tear gas that causes abortion

    I am the one that ignores humanity’s law

    I am a racist, a deceiver, filled with envy and spite

    But you must never say so, or we’ll call you anti-semite

    That is who I am.

    I hope you are a little more educated on the matter. What do we have to do with the children of Belial? We only share one thing, enmity. That exists eternally, that is God instilled.

  • Jaime Gandarilla

    Uhm, jews are smarter and more moral?
    I find ALL religions more disgusting than Antisemitism

    • David

      When you pass away from this earth and awake eternally seperated from God the creator you will have no one to blame but youself for rejecting him and his free offer of forgivness.

      • Jaime Gandarilla

        What guarantees this?
        Why do you believe so blindly?
        Have you ever gotten proof?
        What if it’s Murslims the one’s with the real God?
        What if it’s buddists?

        You believe a derivative myth book from the Bronze-age; NOTHING else in the planet justifies your theory

        • David

          Many supernatural prayers of mine have been clearly answered, it’s beyond blind faith at this point. I asked God himself who are you how do I worship you in truth it’s JESUS.
          Of all religions in the world only Jesus came back from the dead, only Jesus said “I am the way the truth no why no one comes to the Father but by me”
          That book you call myth has and still continues to fortell the future, it’s full of promises that come true if you follow the instructions.

          • Lasse Nystrøm

            A Jew who believes in Jesus? Yeah right, you’re just an antisemitic troll pretending to be a Jew. Pity you’re so clumsy.

          • Jaime Gandarilla

            Are you telling me Jesus helped YOU over AIDS children in Africa?
            We call that pathological egocentrism

          • Kimaal

            So you’re calling yourself a Prophet?
            You asked God who He was?
            Strange, isn’t it???
            And He replied, “Jesus”?

            I still can’t believe Jesus is the son of God (NO OFFENCE).

            I still prefer Islam. They don’t worship they’re Prophet Muhammad, and neither do they associate him with God.

          • Suman Chakraborty

            Muslims worship black stone god in kabab. And that god comes with moon cycles. Muslims also do idol worship of the book, they kiss the book etc. Muslims believe their god stays inside black box, otherwise why pray only in that direction, if God is omnipresent? Women’s rights violators, can never satisfy their women and always hides them from other men. Cowards.

  • AR

    Such an unbelievably childish propaganda. Really can’t believe someone could be so naive. And the thing about ‘morality’…oh my..oh my..!!

  • Ahmed Salem

    Muslim never declared that Jews are apes or pigs, it is mentioned in the holy Quran that some Jews were punished by Allah -God- for not complying with the order of God (not to fish in Saturday) and it is mentioned as an example to alarm people and to obey to Allah’s commands and orders.

    Why people hate Jews? it is mentioned in Quran that Jews coupled with corruption usury, urged communities to stay away from religion, regardless of what religion but to have communities without ethics, notes that they have a role in the establishment of secret organizations, which controls the decision-making centers of political, financial, media and of course, remain behind the scenes.

    World is collapsing ethically, and morally and even financially!

    • Jack Danial

      Muhammad is a pig. GO TELL YOUR PEACEFUL BROTHERS to die on their own. Killing their own kind innocent kids and women. What cowards are they. There is no peace in Islam and you know it is written that Muhammad is a coward Child molester who cares nothing for any Muslim and the koran is written to cause death not life.

      • Ahmed Salem

        killer, thief, worship money, hated = jew

        • Jack Danial

          The Koran is only good for Jew toilet paper

          • truce

            if you read quran you will see that quran and torah are more than 70 prcent the same

          • James Kilpatrick

            Wow I have read lots of the quran. I had to put it down cause of all the hate this, kill that, fear me stuff. I haven’t read the torah yet. But if they are 70 percent the same then, I don’t want anything to do with any of those people. They can just fight over the desert until the world ends.

      • Arfan Sethi

        Astagfirullah.I hope Allah swt forgive you what you said, because you are from ignorant people.

        • Jack Danial

          Allah told me your mother is a whore and your daddy is a pork eating fruit cake. Allah said you should jump off a short bridge. KaBOOM – you kill your own people for Allah – The Koran is only good for Jew toilet paper

          • Cyrus Creed

            ‘-’ the Bible the Torah the Koran are 3 holybooks that have sertain common pasts, their true words are to live peacefully with the rest of the world, not to murder other people.
            Its not the peoples fault that their tirant liders turn them into mindless drones to kill other people, plus we are no dif since we also did a crusade in the midle ages and showed them true fear.

            I guess in the end we are all dif and at the same time we are all the same ‘-’ i’m sorry if i sound 2 naive or arrogant as i type this but wasn’t the objective of the creation of religion unity among races with out discrimination about their beliefs?

            in the end its not religion that kills but the hands of people that were corrupted by evil corrupt people.

            Im christian and altho i stormed a while ago about what that jewish young fella posted i believe we are all equal ‘-’

      • Dead Romeo

        This is another reason why the world hate satanic, zionist jews, because they spread corruption through the land.

        Jews suck penises of new born babies. Babies die from herpes virus and brain damage, etc.

        Prophet Muhammad pbuh “married” Aisha. A moral and legally accepted relation. And Prophet Muhammad pbuh was a great man in character.

        - Child brides as young as 8 were common, not exceptions, among the Byzantine emperors and nobility.
        - The minimum age for marriage in the US-State of
        Delaware in year 1880 was 7.

  • Your’ Truelly

    AIPaC Lobby… Making Palestinians refugees in their own land…. Just saying . Master’s Degree in International Studies ;)

    • Jack Danial

      oh shutup _ you dont have any degree, in crap studies. Go watch your youtube videos and drink you mountain dew like the lazy chimp you are.

  • Adolfo Swarz

    No offense, but that of the chosen people, yourselves, are shown as racist, intolerant, besides believing themselves superior to the rest of the world, as you call it, or goyms Gentiles. Besides hatred towards you is very evident, handle all media, lie, generate hatred, handle banking world, generated the majorities of wars, such as the famous slaughter of bromberg made ​​for you Jews to blame Poles, created communism and took 120 million with its Zionist ideology of the left. Submitted to the German people in the state of Weiman, the exploded in factories, threw the twin towers( Larry Silverstein), the AMIA in Argentian an inside job, call beasts form of human to non-Jews, and you wonder why the hate? these is very short stay.

  • Zach McDonald

    Chaitanya Khanna… nice fake name, Mordecai Shillerstein. This post REEKS of JIDF.

  • Andrew Rothwell

    The first time I ever sat at a haggadah as a non jew I distinctly remember with great disgust about 5 Jews saying that they “truly believed they were better then others and are gods chosen people” and when the 8 year old kid said why do people hate Jews, the adult responded “because we are smarter then them” then he keep calling me Cohen (last name cronin -> irish) refusing to believe i couldnt be a Jew. he looked at me with sadness as if I was a lost soul. Probably will never like a Jew again after this experience.

  • Laura

    God is not real, Jesus wasn’t real… There are no “chosen ones”. The world was created by the Big Bang, not by one man you have called “god”. The sooner everyone gets this into their head the sooner all of the wars and hatred will stop.

    • Jack Danial

      Prove it….

    • James Kilpatrick

      Now how on Earth do you know that? Science has not been able to prove or disprove God. You’re taking an educated guess just like religious people.

      The wars and hatred would continue. Rescource wars, water wars, etc etc etc

  • Kostas Ntalianis

    jews or juice?? i think the article refers to people hating juice…

  • Realist

    I don’t Hate em, but DO NOT EVER trust em. Mostly because they tip worse than any other grouping of people (even worse than generally poorer classes) and Jews have no empathy for non-Jews, but expect it from the rest of the world. They have a lot of opportunity and ability to help others, but instead of loving and contributing to the growth of humanity they will only lookout for other Jews…. I call that a PARASITE. F*** that go back to Israel with your MAN-MADE violence and ignorant arrogance. They are spiteful to others and create tension in areas where they are not even a majority. They don’t care about the country that they live in they only care about self benefit.

  • TheBusterMan

    Don’t care what religion anyone is,lets get rid of all religions once and for all.That would cure 70% of the world’s problems.Then get rid of racism and all share the world together.Religion,shit it! Peace out.

  • The Solution

    So much hate, why not make peace?

    • Kimaal

      Tell the Jews to make peace

  • John G

    quite simply are all crackers. Imagine for one moment there is alien life out there and sophisticated enough to be watching over us. What would those extra terrestrials think of a world where the main cause of bloodshed among one species is who has the biggest god, or most believable prophet. Every single religious nut on this wee speck of dust are wasting half their lives praying to invisible deities in the hope they will get salvation. Live your life for goodness sake, when you die you are back to being carbon none of you are going to sit up top with any ‘big man’.

  • Diskus

    Hitler spared some Jews, so the world can know why he wanted to kill them all.

    • jimmy smith

      Damnit why couldn’t he have just finished the job? The world would be so much of a better place now if all Jews were eradicated.

    • Kimaal

      … Cracked me up. Good one.

    • Kimaal

      And quite possibly true.

  • Jack Danial

    I am a white male non-Jewish Christian – I love Jewish people – I have no hate towards someone who wants to practice their religion in peace. Unlike Muslims they want to kill all non Muslims. for what? because muhammad said to. Muhammad is a a pig. I still do not get why anyone hates Jewish people. If you say you are a christian and you hate Jews. then you are no christian. Jesus was a Jew – King of the Jews. even though not self proclaimed he was a Jew. born from a Jew. Your hate is just bitter hate of evil. Leave the Jews alone and join them for they are not trying to kill you.

    • Kimaal

      Really??? Leave the Jews alone and join them for they are not trying to kill you.? tHEY’RE trying to KILL Muslims, so shut the hell up!

      • Suman Chakraborty

        Name one race Muslims didnt do genocide? Persians, Indians, Europeans, Africans???? Next will be Americans. Wherever Muslims go, you know what follows…

  • DZ420

    Jews are hated because they have a parasitic culture and they oppress other peoples, e.g. federal reserve, Gaza, communism, etc.

  • Krivanto Vishwam Aryam

    I am a Hindu and I love Jews…can never hate such courageous people….but yes, there is one thing which I hate like aything…and that thing is islam and muslims….those are actual parasites, destined to be annihilated at the hands of Hindus and Jews…so, i am all for Hindu/Jew unity friendship…

  • ion

    jews are good because of them the medicine advanced,they been used as cobais in camps, so they are good at something they shared the same human anatomy with the rest of the world so thumbs up for them.

  • jimmy smith

    I’m pretty sure that some master race with “higher morals” wouldn’t commit every war crime and violation of the hague convention possible but then try to use their ancestor’s holocaust sufferings to justify it while those ancestors turn over in their graves. I’m talking about the terrorist state of Israel.

  • Paul H

    Sometimes I feel Hitler was right.

  • Amir

    If I was some loser who’d desperately seek attention via print or online media, I’d hire a cheap blogger from India (who usually charge $1.00 per article) to write similar type of article like Mr.Chaitanya Khanna wrote in here. What a waste of Internet space and a lifetime!

    • Paul H

      You are goddamn right! But this is a hot topic these days. He is just trying to have his share of the PIE lol

      • Amir

        Paul, your HOLE seems to accomodate my and Suman’s PIE quite easily ;)

    • Suman Chakraborty

      I would have used a pakistani, but unfortunately they cant type english, they only do suicide bombing.

      • Amir

        ….and poor Suman is one of those suicider’s bomb victims, broadcasting LIVE from the part of heaven which is dedicated to those Indians who will post stupid stuff ONLY because the word “INDIAN” was mentioned somewhere. Another genetically desperate attention-seeker just like the author of this article!

  • Arhan

    Being a Hindu and having met my Jewish friends here, I think Jews are a far more upright people than those Idiot Muslims and Christians…At least Jews don’t go around spreading their faith unlike those islamic and christian bastards.
    Also the killing of Palestinians is fully correct and is the result of Palestinians’ own useless work! The women and children being killed in Palestine are the poor ones who are being put forward by the evil Hamas!!

  • truce

    i don’t think that jews are hated
    this is actualy a lie and i think that jews themselve made this
    they like to show that they have been under crualty , genocide, and they are hated

  • Thomas Watson

    Do you know godless secular Jews produce 90% of all the pornography
    in this Country ? They run and fund groups like the ADL and the ACLU
    which relentlessly attack our Christian values, and symbols in the
    public square .
    If they don’t want a backlash , then they should try being tolerant
    and fair towards others .

  • AOakley

    From what I understand “Jew” is short for “Judean”. The majority of people we know as “Jews” today are not Judeans, they are Ashkenazi, of the Kazar Empire that invaded Jerusalem in 740 A.D., & converted to Judaism.

  • Ken Bush

    so why does people hate jews ? can anybody give a legitimate reason?

  • blamethevictim

    This is the duuuuumbest thing that I’ve ever spent 23 seconds skimming. I picture the author wearing a doctor-prescribed helmet at all times.
    I really wish we could figure out why the Jews are so damn insufferable though.

  • Amilcar Cabral

    People hate the jews because the jews are thieves and killers. The great majority of Israeli jews who live in Israel support the mass murder of the palestine people. And the jews who live in USA are thieves, they are stealing all the wealth that belongs to white americans, blacks, latinos asians, american indians and other non-jew race

  • Jurg Pohl

    Perhaps just reading this explains why Jews are so hated.

  • intel007

    David is correct…. These are Gods chosen people and if you believe in their King, you are also chosen. In the lasts days God will change the Jews heart and they will recognize Christ as the Messiah. Read Gods word and your eyes will be opened. If you don’t believe Gods word, you will believe anything. God awarded all that land thru Abraham. Palestine has never been a state, country but a territory. Research who the Palestine’s really are. Ever heard of Ishmael? Research will show the truth and not here say. If you hate on Israel, you will be dealing with their God. Only idiots spew vermin. Or (LIV) Low information Voters….

  • Tarcisio Góes

    In a few words, hate is always terrible and foolish. I don’t and can’t hate anyone, but what I think it is very stupid about the Jews is to say that any people are “chosen” by god. No good god would choose anyone or any people. There are good and bad people in any race of groups, and God would probably favor good over bad. But never Jews or Italians, or Chinese, Americans, This is very stupid and certainly misinterpreted somehow in the bible.

  • Stranger

    In 1938, Hitler suggested to the U.S, and U,K to take the Jews in their countries instead of him killing them, they refused to take them. Even America back at that time didn’t won’t them. Moreover, they sat together, U.S and U,K and gave them a land that it doesn’t belong to any of them in 1946. Displaced hundreds of Palestinians to settle the European Jewish, killing innocent people, invading parts of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Destroying any country do not recognize Israel as existed nation or country among the Arab nation.

  • wdqd

    a jew wrote this , for sure . and this can show you how a jew can overprice his self

  • Fuck Google

    It used to be that when somebody hated the jews, they were an anti semite. Now it seems an anti semite is anybody the jews hate.

    Their astonishing self pity and hypocrisy is why I hate jews. Don’t get me wrong – I hate all religious people because I just can’t abide the level of mindless stupidity required to be religious. But far more than Christians and Muslims, I hate the jews.

    Just how long are the jews gonna surf on that holocaust thing? For a start, I’m doubtful of the severity and particularly the numbers quoted. Six million? hmmm Sounds a bit far fetched to me, yet exactly what I’d expect from sneaky jews trying to illicit sympathy. On one hand, I’m doubtful. On the other, I just don’t give a shit. There have been over 80 jewish expulsions from European countries in the last 1700 years ( Like the old Yiddish saying quoted from the same source, “If one person calls you a donkey, ignore him. If two people call you a donkey, buy a saddle”. I’m sure it’s not for nothing that jews are so universally loathed. In these comments a jew apologist called Jack Danial (perhaps that should be Jack Denial?) defends the actions of Israel against the Palestinians by saying Israel “defends its self” and “TELLS people to leave that they are going to BOMB HAMAS”. Yeah well… two points… 1) If some grubs move into his backyard and warn him that they plan to kill him, is that ok? And 2) If it is, he still seems to overlook the fact that Hitler gave the jews plenty of opportunities to leave Germany. So either way, his argument is flawed. But, like most jewish arguments, his are based on emotional appeal rather than logic. Unlike most jewish arguments, at least he didn’t threaten to sue anyone with a different opinion lol.

    I’ve twice in my life witnessed couples I knew break up because the guys wouldn’t convert to judasim and the girls parents wouldn’t allow their daughters to marry non-jews. Or “goyem” as the racist jews called them. I laugh at how the irony of jews calling others racist is lost on them.

    The fact is, jews are every bit as racist as everybody else. The difference is that they feel entitled to be and deny that right to everybody else. Their usury laws are a case in point regarding their racism.

    As long as the jews keep expropriating other peoples land and killing innocent Palestinian children and sucking billions of dollars from the US and other economies and making demands of others whilst refusing to make any concessions and demanding pity for the holocaust and insisting on building tax payer funded “remembrance shrines” to the poor dead jews whilst refusing to acknowledge that FAR more Russians, Poles, etc were killed than jews and insisting that anybody who doesn’t like them is guilty of a “hate crime” whilst they themselves are free to hate whomever they like and generally just being jews, they will continue to be hated by all.
    Truth be told, I just don’t understand why jews and Arabs are fighting. They’re all the same people originally as far as I can tell. They certainly look and sound the same. They just maybe lived on opposite sides of the sand dune. Maybe the difference is that over time, the jews just got sneakier and more racist.

    Be honest people. Hitler had the right idea.

  • Jessica Carr

    I know nothing about Jews and I was just trying to do some research and came upon this ridiculous article! Surely it must have been written by a Jew and though I had know thoughts either way before reading it, I think I know now why everyone hates Jews! They’re so freaking coincided! I have NEVER read an article about anything that was so psychopatic! They know all, they do all and are fulfilling so prophecy! It doesn’t get much sicker than that! Whoever wrote this is doing a great disservice to the Jews and futher perpetuating anti-semitic ideals!…

  • K-IX

    God I hope you fuckin ignorant generalizing asshats with your close minded skewed perceptions choke on a dick and have to be resuscitated and saved by a Jewish person. That is all. Have a lovely day.

  • Bozzy Lewis

    They possess many attributes that people simply despise…..nasty, arrogant, opinionated, controversial, aggressive, cheap, money-obsessed, stubborn, to name a few ! They are definitely a distinct “tribe” and not the blameless victims of anti-Semitism, as portrayed in this country or Europe. While I certainly do not advocate terrorizing or harming them in any way and do believe the holocaust was real and one of the most evil events in human history, I prefer to avoid them; whenever possible.

  • dontcare

    hey people! you do realize that this article is to make you love jews .in this article every time the writer try to make jews innocents and make us guilty , well look for facts people , look what they are doing to palastein , killing children women destroying schools , hospitals….

  • imwithjuicy

    Im Asian American and I don’t hate Jews. I actually don’t interact with Jews much but the few times that I have, hasn’t been a pleasant experience.

  • imwithjuicy

    When I was in college, I had a Jewish college professor (Economics) who would always talk about the holocaust between lectures. Sometimes he would randomly ask students to see if they knew facts about the holocaust like how many people died, how they were executed, etc. If they didn’t know, he would chastise them for not knowing important history. One time he was asking me questions, and I asked him how many people were killed in the Cambodian genocide, or the Armenian genocide. Of course he didn’t know but to him only the Jewish holocaust was important.

  • Moldovar

    95% of the colonizers in the parasitic illegal state-let calling itself israel are not even Semites, they are Askenazi or Edomite, or if you want to put it another way, counterfeit jews.

    If the jews want to return home, then they should pack their bags, leave Palestine to the Semitic Arabs and wander, rootless through the world as you have done since time immemorial as parasitic capitalists living off others peoples work.

  • Brian

    Jews…smart, innovative, and hated. To me they are a people to be respected and mistrusted and have proven themselves deserving of both. First I would like to say that who ever made this list is biased based on religion and has no idea what a Jew is. Jews are the descendants of the tribe of Judah….meaning that Abraham was not a Jew because he was Judah’s great grandfather. The Hebrews were God’s chosen people….which means all the descendants of Jacob the son of Isaac the son of Abraham. Jacob was Israel….ever heard of the lost tribes of Israel? They have descendants too but they cannot be identified today. So I will argue that the Jews are not the only benefactors of the so called blessing of being God’s chosen. Now why do people hate the Jews? Well thats probably different from one person to the next. I personally don’t hate them but I do have issues with them. The Jews alienate themselves by separating themselves from the rest of society… Jewish schools, neighborhoods, buisinesses, charities, a Jewish State. This is interpreted as arrogant and it is… what. Thats human nature. I’m an American and I believe its the greatest nation on earth. Israel boasts to be the only democracy in the Middle East and it is so long as your Jewish. If you are not a Jew you cannot vote. Why can only Jews vote or run for office in Israel? Cause they are superior of course. Make no mistake. The Jews will lie and sneak or trample anyone to get ahead in this world. That makes them no different than most. It makes them human. People hate them because the excell at it.

  • Guest

    All the people here who think that Israel is killing innocents for fun – you are all very wrong. I served in the IDF. I know what tight rules of engagement we have. Do not shoot until a real life threatening situation is upon you. Anyway, to go back to the beginning of the conflict with the Arabs well not the beginning, that goes way back, but to the year of 1948, the two states solution. The Jewish people happily agreed to it, but the Arab world – no so called ” Palestinians” existed then, but alot of Arab tribes that came to the land of Israel so to stop the Zionists movement from succeeding of making a Jewish homeland (as they weren’t exactly liked anywhere else as still proven to be the case in this page of comments) – the Arab world did not agree to let the Jews have there state, and alongside it an Arab state – they started a war, which God didn’t let them win. With all the odds against us, we fought and triumphed. Yes I am religious. From the most ancient religion of all monotheism. The first – and witch Christian and Muslim religions are based upon. FYI God swore to us that he will never abandon us, Christians – are you suggesting that he just went and changed his mind. Did he not know that we will sin. Yes, we have sined, alot. But he knew that it will happen. And so you can see in the prophecies – the ones in the “old” testament, that he promised that we will be back here, in the land of Israel. And so we are. It isn’t over yet. As we still do sin and not all jews are religious. Ib any case, the Arabs had there chance for a state, but got greedy and ended up with nothing. So now there trying to kill us with guerilla warfare, and cowardly shooting rockets from schools and hospitals. And don’t forget suicide bombers. Ow yeah so if i die in the name of allah i get 72 virgins. Great. To bad you d*** will be detached in the explosion… On a more serious note, Jihad is the real evil in this world. Not Israel or the jews. I do feel sorry for the normal arab people who where unfortunately born in Gaza and suffer under the ruthless terror of Hamas. I wish them all to find courage and hopefully actually find a leader who cares about them. I’m a proud jew living in the proud state of Israel. Wish all you haters find peace, in this world or the next. I don’t think i am better than you, but I have more responsibility. Anyone can become Jewish if they really want to. But it isn’t easy at all. Just look at this page – “jews control all the banks the media etc.” ha? Really? Get a grip. So, even if the statistics are in the favor jews being richer, how about hard work and brilliance of those individuals. If you have the drive – go for it and invent/invest in things. It’s the only way to get rich. Or maybe the lottery… Bye the way, what would you do if rockets where shot at your cities?

    • Moldovar



  • Milind Sagar Vashist

    They haven’t learned anything from the holocaust. These people don’t really behave like they have faced it. Don’t worry the wrath of god willonce again do the same.

    “But now I will send for many fishermen,” declares the LORD, “and they will catch them. After that I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them down on every mountain and hill and from the crevices of the rocks. Her 16:16

    This is what happened in the holocaust because they got Jesus killed by romans.

  • Jillian B

    I don’t hate Jews, but as a few people have said here, I am extremely leery of them and try to stay away from them. My mistrust comes from having married into a Jewish family. My ex-husband, however, was not a practicing Jew – however his large family was. I witnessed the most incredible disrespect among the relatives and friends. Constant fights (especially over money), the superiority they felt over others that were non-jews and worst of all – the dishonesty they displayed to others in getting the ‘best deal’ they could. Also, they stopped at nothing to get ahead – again, especially, to make money. It was just mind boggling! My Father was extremely unhappy that I married a Jew – as he, himself, had terrible experiences with them when growing up.